Body Awareness

By Leo Gura - September 17, 2018 | 7 Comments

How to relax your body using consciousness

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Daniel says:

Leo!!!! Walking back from the train station and just realized how important everything is! What the FUCK AM I DOING HERE!!? WHY AM I HERE!!!!!!???? I LOVE EVERYONE!!! Life is soooooooo magical

Patrick says:

A very practical and useful video, thanks. You said you had a lot of content to release; the past few months have been the best yet.

Since I found this resource, I have:

Watched every video to date
Working through the book list (by category, on emotional mastery)
Quit smoking, fast food, and drinking
Started journaling, meditating, stopped criticizing

to name a few.

Writing this to show you are promoting real change. Thanks.

sarah says:

In this last couple of years I was a huge fan of you. I enjoy weekend listening to you and nourish my brain with your beautiful thoughts. until today!
My boy friend always giggling about your videos telling me you using mushroom or what ever it is and I always deny it.
It does actually make me feel bad thinking someone who I respect and love his beautiful world to death, using shrooms to get high and practice relaxing.
I didn’t like it, It changed my whole view to you. I was so excited about my plan buying your “Life purpose” course next month and I thought it will be a life changing course, well it might be, until you feel good and close to the course teacher.
I think I wont be that real fan of you any more. And it make me feel watching people talking on videos are so unreal since it is just a talk and actually they might have a very bad quality life themselves.
I am sure your mom is proud of you being so smart but I am not sure that’s what she came to United states for.

Lanzarotie says:


You need to grow up and have open mind
think about the video again
be mature in your thinking

sneha says:

leo you have beautiful eyes man.

Josie says:

Loved the video! But during the relaxation exercise when you instructed to “feel the tension in your body,” I couldn’t feel any tension. Maybe I’m so out-of-touch with my body that I don’t know what tension feels like? Or do you find that some days you just have no tension? Anyway, the relaxation exercise felt good. I’ll keep practicing!

Abert says:

hi Leo,
This one is really powerful. Thanks a lot for all the free stuff you given especially the ones related to perfectionism, flow, the guided meditation. Really you have done a great job towards personal development of many people. Recently I was able to overcome my extreme shyness and introversion (habit of staying too much inside the head).

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