The Power Of Letting Go

By Leo Gura - August 27, 2019 | 35 Comments

How to overcome clinginess, attachment, and OCD

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Joel says:

Leo, as a Yankee fan I tried to let go of my self-bias hatred of the Boston Red Sox. It worked for about 5 seconds but then returned with a vengeance. But I found a solution: I let go of my need to let go of the self-bias. Go Yankees!!!

Max Gron says:

You haven’t let go of anything, you’re attached to it, if you do the sport you love, let it go, stop clinging to the Yankees. I’m no longer wanting or bothered by individuality, individuality is an attachment that so many cling to, I let go of forced individuality. And I let go of my religion.

Cris says:

This is wisdom. The simplest and deepest wisdom of life and maybe the recipe to happiness.

Since life has no meaning, the only thing left for you to do is enjoying it. You can only enjoy life by detaching from it, from the illusion, because the illusion will only cause you more and more suffering.

I used to look at the elder randomly in a park or something…they do have this detachment they don’t care about their appearance nor about being ridiculous or people laughing at them or whatever… somehow life brings you to this point when you become simple and humble and just accept everything since you don’t have any other option anyway….

As you said the sooner the better. You’re training for life by detaching at a young age, that will protect you from loads of suffering and broken illusions and all sorts of plans dreams and attachments that will only bring you bitterness and disappointment.

Look at Osho, he was so detached from everything. It was like he was living in a glass balloon. As he said – don’t buy into the samsara (the illusion, the show of life) because the only reality you can trust is that within you.
There’s so much drama because of this samsara and you can see it in the everyday stupid traffic or whatever…it’s kinda funny, or as Chaplin said – from close the life is a drama, from afar it’s a comedy

The more you detach the clearer your vision and perception of reality, of the dynamic of life and all. People are too myopic because of their attachment and they waste their life chasing illusions and destroying themselves in the process only to realize at the end it was all a waste. I might say they’re stupid as hell but well….I let it go

Joel says:

Cris,beautifully expressed. I think detachment is the key concept and raises some interesting questions. Does detachment become an automatic response, or does one have to work at it? Can passionate involvement and detachment exist simultaneously? Can one detach from detachment, or does that lead one to an infinite loop?

Cris says:

detachment becomes a natural need that comes from within you, once you realize everything on the outside fails and crumbles. there’s nothing that stays because it’s just an illusion

mahmoud says:

you see i’ve been doing this for months now and i have seen a great change, i start to find everything meaningless, after i let go of the past i don’t even know if the past even existed, nothing makes sense, i was chasing success but now i do not know what success is, why was i considering things good and bad? i mean what makes things bad, maybe everything that my ego consider as bad is what threatens its survival, but why survive after all, this passing life is so short compared to the absolute, already 20 years of life that passed in the blink of an eye and i can’t know if i lived the past or not, maybe i just need to let that go

Joey says:

Jesus loves you man

Michael says:

Hi Leo,

I really, really, really hope you will reply to this.

Firstly, I am glad for the content you’ve been putting out consistently over the years. You’re doing really good for community, believe me.

I’ve been having a single issue and I’ve tried many things to solve it, but it’s absolutely persistent. I hope you may have a solution for it.

Whenever I sit down to study or learn something I have flashbacks of past events where I feel as if I’ve been wronged and in that moment I get waves of rage about the past. I start talking to myself referring to the incident, as if I’m talking to the person who angered me and angrily replying to him. This causes me to lose concentration from what I am doing. This has been happening for 8 years now though it has lessened.

I’ve tried many things to eliminate this issue, but to no satisfactory level at all.

I feel stuck by this issue. I want to move unhindered ahead in my life, free of mental weight.

What can I do? Sincerely hoping for you to reply.



Brian says:

Oh no – not my special hat! I have to let that go?

Barbara fordham says:

just cannot get the meditation to work. I want to rid myself of a bad habit.

Nao Malta says:

Tall boy short girl climbing to reach him or him leaning towards me I am the shortest girl and he is the tallest boy only hated being short because I was scared of not reaching him physically, emotionally

Harry says:

jealous boy react to see his her cheek kissed by her idol And stop them getting more close to her than him he is always cute when he is jealous

Michael says:

I want Hanabi to lose her virginity to Takao because he took her first kiss and he only loves her as a girlfriend so if another boy kissed her lips I am sorry for him.

Riley says:

I want takao spy on a popular male idol flirt with Hanabi by copying Takao Say he acts like this but is only disrespecting him to ruin his chances of being with her.
Takao acts like the idol in front of Hanabi she laughs and male idol is jealous of it

Conor says:

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RacemadnessbutifracemakehimgiveupherWakattaSinceI’minittowinHewon’tstopif I

Ayase says:

IsayhetoldmehisloveformehonestlydidfairfightnotricksIdon’tforgiveherfor mocking
kindergardenHechangedScarybeforenowkindIwishtomeethimtobefriendssooner He
sawmesuchahappysmileheneversawthenIfherealizedsoonerIfhewasnicerImaybebyhersideCoolChildishIdon’tthinkofyouasmyfriendforawhilenowIknewyouwerelate Did

Yuuto says:

sawheraskifhedoesn’thavecompassionforgirls?GlaredatmeOkforhertobemadatme I

Nao Maita says:

Ha chosen to work with Yuuto Takao for upcoming test, she begins to fall in love with him and they both start dating. overcome everything and find true love at the age of 12? Hanabi the first protagonist along with Yui and is part of a three-girl clique with Yui and Marin. She’s very child-like from her appearance to her behaviour, with her two signature pigtails and innocent charm makes her oblivious to boys’ actions in class unless very obvious. She gets close to Yuuto during a music session when their homeroom teacher requiredthem to partner with the classmate they are sitting beside which happened to be him. Initially oblivious towards his feelings for her, she finally develops feelings for him when they share their first kiss. She has one-sided rivalry with Cocoa, who most popular girl in class and wants to be Yuuto’s girlfriend as she believes them to be a perfect couple Yuuto is Hanabi’s boyfriend is very affectionate of her the most popular boy school matched with his good looks and mature appearance that makes almost all the girls, especially Cocoa fawn him. He develops feelings for Hanabi early in the story and kisses her on the rooftop. They start going out become first actual couple

Nao Malta says:

Cocoa Hanabi’s love rival for Yuuto She does everything to become his girlfriend, including dishonest ungainly means. In front of people she acts sweet innocent, but acts mean to make Hanabi lose her self-esteem and confidence. Hanabi’s childhood friend has come back from Tokyo He also wants to be her boyfriend. Hanabi ends up paired with Yuuto Takao. But when they see their teacher with another teacher kissing they accidentally kiss! Yuuto asked Hanabi to go out with him new student: Hanabi’s childhood friend who has just came back from Tokyo, who starts having a crush for Hanabi despite seeming to be a bully Hanabi Ayumu go shopping to get a present for Yuuto’s birthday, after which Hanabi will go on a date with Yuuto and give him his present. Ayumu purposefully makes her late for the date, and tries to tell her that he likes her but is interrupted by Yuuto. Due to a misunderstanding, Hanabi ends up thinking that Ayumu hates her, which depresses her, because she had grown to want to be his friend He said not forever

Nao Maita says:

Ayumu tries to take Hanabi away from Yuuto They wind up in a race Cocoa who wants to be Yuuto’s girlfriend decides to help Ayumu win Can Hanabi and Yuuto discover the truth? Meanwhile, Cocoa plans to sabotage the relationship between Hanabi and Yuuto again by borrowing the boys’ camera to make group picture of herself with Yuuto, which fails.Hanabi and Yuuto are left to go on a date at the summer festival. Even with Eikou and his pranksters and the other girls keeping the couple apart (which turned out to be Cocoa’s plan to separate them), Hanabi and Yuuto manage have a good time at their date and see the fireworks together. After the fireworks Yuuto managed to take the courage and say Hanabi’s name through a recording toy rabbit, much to her joy and each other’s embarrassment.
Hanabi’s brother is going to be coming. At first, she is looking forward to introducing him to Yuuto, but she starts to think that he might not approve of her dating at such a young age, and is torn about whether or not to tell him. On Parent’s Day, Hanabi feels guilty about not introducing Yuuto to her brother properly. After talking with Yuuto about it, they pinky-promise to like each other forever. Cinderella and Yuuto as the prince. This leads everyone to say that Yui and Yuuto are perfect together because of their height difference. Hanabi starts worrying about how much shorter she is than Yuuto, but she decides it doesn’t matter after Yuuto confirms his love for her

Nao Maita says:

He is the boyfriend of Hanabi Ayase who is very affectionate of her and he is the most popular boy in school due to his good looks and mature appearance that makes almost all the girls, especially Cocoa Hamana, fawn over him. He develops feelings for Hanabi early in the story and kisses her on the rooftop. They start going out Yuuto is a handsome young boy with dark black hair, indigo eyes and a kind smile. Yuuto is described to be a smart and athletic guy. Hanabi is Yuuto’s girlfriend who is very affectionate of her that she develops feelings for her early in the story and kisses her on the rooftop. They start going out and become Class 6-2’s first actual couple and he got jealous of Ayumu Tsutsumi Yuuto has unknown grandmother Yuuto takao is one of the most phenomenal person I’ve ever seen among other anime male characters, aside from the mysterious sheer will to be with hanabi forever leaves me questioning how would he able to maintain that kind of relationship forever, although he already explained why he like hanabi because of her puppy bubbly personality still doesn’t give enough answers to satisfy the mystery behind his true intentions. hanabi still has a childlike personality which is normal, but takao being the same grade as her already has this ‘strong sense’ of maturity. how would he not bore himself to caring a little girl personality

Nao Malta says:

and she is in the sixth grade of primary school, one day she meets a boy named Takao Yuoto on the roof and falls in love with him and confesses to him and they are dating, the only problem is that they are only 12 years old, Hanabi has some friends and they will be happy with her a primary school student, in the sixth grade of primary school 6/2 he is 12 years old, he did not mention anything about his family or how he lives and lives, his goal is to protect Hanabi and help everyone, and he is dating a girl named Hanabi, his friends are Hiyama Kazuma and Yuei Ui, and all girls like him. has a brave and gentle personality, sometimes nervous and gentle, he loves to help everyone, especially friends, he always defends Hanabi and protects and loves her a lot, he is very smart and he does not like problems, and he is fun and he jealous a lot to those he loves and he loves studying, and he behaves in a peaceful manner, He has beautiful, shiny, fine, dark blue hair, beautiful dark blue eyes with a little black, he wears a white shirt with a blue jacket and comfortable black trousers, he is tall and has a white complexion to brown. I liked his character because he is brave, smart, and honest, and he can defend himself and others and these are qualities that I love very much, his presence added very beautiful touches to the anime and his style was wonderful in my view, his appearance was beautiful but not so much because the anime drawing was a little bad, and another negative is that I did not know Much about him did not mention much information

Nao Maita says:

life-changing events Due to the mischievous demeanor of her male classmates, Ayase does not think highly of the opposite sex. However, her perspective begins to change after she is paired with the kind-hearted Takao Yuuto for a class assignment and unexpectedly shared their first kisses with each other on school rooftop She started off as a girl who dislike boys. Cocoa originally tried to prevent her from getting closer to Yuuto because of her unrequited feelings for him. Later on, Yuuto took an interest in Hanabi and the two accidentally kissed on the school’s rooftop, leading the class to become shocked and the two becoming a couple Yuuto is Hanabi’s boyfriend and is very affectionate of her. Being very popular and handsome at school, though Hanabi only sees him a normal person. In the beginning, he took an interest in Hanabi after they witness their teacher’s kiss and always teases her. Hanabi Ayase is one of the two main female protagonists of the series and is Yuuto’s main love interest. In the beginning, Hanabi didn’t like Yuuto due to him teasing her. However, unknown to Hanabi, a year prior to the main events of the series, Yuuto began to secretly harbour romantic feelings for her, viewing her to be an interesting and different girl. However, he can be shy and thus kept his true feelings a secret and also disguised them by playfully teasing Hanabi to hide his true feelings for her. While everyone in their class viewed him to be an amazing and talented, Hanabi didn’t share their views and instead saw Yuuto as a normal person. However, their relationship soon began to change when they were partnered together for an upcoming music test. While practicing on the school, they witnessed their teacher and her boyfriend sharing a kiss and in the process shared their very first kiss with each other.

Nao Malta says:

Ayumu Tsutsumi is Hanabi’s childhood friend who harbours unrequited romantic feelings for her. Hanabi and Ayumu are childhood friends, having known each other since kindergarten. However, at some point they were separated when Ayumu’s family moved to Tokyo. Eventually, they are reunited when Ayumu moves back and begins to attend the same school as Hanabi and becomes her new classmate. Hanabi remembers him well as he was known as the Emperor due to his cool demeanour, causing her to be afraid to approach him. However, despite his attitude and although he claims otherwise, Ayumu harbours romantic feelings for Hanabi, but is stubborn and shy to admit how he really feels. Ayumu disguises his feelings, making Hanabi believe he doesn’t like her and refuses to be her friend. However, while he does well from hiding his true feelings for her, everyone is well aware of Ayumu’s true feelings for Hanabi.Ayumu truly cares for Hanabi as he scolded Eikou and his friends for accusing her of stealing a CD for PE class and tried to protect her when she nearly tripped. He wishes to be with Hanabi and is jealous of her relationship with Yuuto, leading him to do wrongful actions to have her for himself. Although he knows it’s wrong, Ayumu once tried to sabotage Hanabi and Yuuto’s relationship by deliberately not reminding Hanabi of the time, casuing her to miss her date with Yuuto and make him worry. Eventually, Ayumu properly confessed his feelings for Hanabi. While Hanabi was shocked, she didn’t return his feelings and wanted to properly reply to his confession and turn him down. However, much to Hanabi’s surprise, Yuuto and Ayumu decided to compete against each other in an upcoming school race leading the winner to be with Hanabi. love rival with Yuuto Takao even though Hanabi wasn’t aware of the sinister tricks she made up to break her relationship with Takao. Orignally, Hanabi kept her relationship with Yuuto a secret from her brother, afraid he would disapprove. She is aware of some of the tricks that Cocoa puts together to ruin her relationship with Takao, but she does not seem to be angry with her, if not a little sad, so we can intuit that she is not a spiteful person. Her happy, clumsy and energetic character make Takao describe her as “a puppy”

Kazuma says:

He knows Midori is a girl because of unexpected incident between them at the begin of series. He loves Midori very much and is willing to do every thing for her to keep her smiling. He acts as her protector and is willing to put his own feelings and happiness aside if it means to help Midori and make her happy. He is even usually seen helping her get closer to Tsukasa because he thinks that will make her smile. In the end, Midori confesses her love to Kazuma and they begin dating; he proposes to her after graduation. Years later, they are married and have a daughter named Akane. He seduced Midori, lied to her to make her have sex with him, for entertainment and as a bet with friends; when she found him out he told her she shouldn’t have trusted him so easily but that she’d be able to brag about getting to have sex with someone so far out of her league. He actually falls in love with Midori, but because of his dark past, he cannot show his feelings directly. In order to protect Midori, and also to bring her happiness. He constantly sexually harasses her when they are alone. Tsukasa also gets very jealous whenever Midori is with Kazuma smiling brightly. They eventually reconcile when Midori discovers his dark past and date for a while. Near the end, they break up. Tsukasa later marries and has a son named Kakeru.

Midori says:

who came to the island she lives on for a holiday. He teaches her to play soccer and she falls in love with the sport. Inspired by Tsukasa, Midori continues to play soccer in hopes that they would meet again someday. When they do meet again, Tsukasa loses her trust by doing something unforgivable. He seduces her on the first date, even going so far as to claim that they’ll marry someday, in order to convince her to give him her virginity which she’d been saving for her future husband. The next day she finds him demanding payment from his teammates for having won the bet, laughing about how easy it is to get a “country girl” to have sex, and speculating that he’d do it with her a few more times before leaving; when he discovers that she heard all of this, he arrogantly tells her that she’s at fault for being too trusting, and that she should be proud to have had sex with a future soccer star like himself. Determined to defeat Tsukasa on the soccer field, and bring him down for what he’d done, Midori disguises herself as a boy and enrolls in an all-boys high school that rivals Tsukasa’s and joins their team. Unfortunately for her, a boy in her dorm finds out her real gender almost immediately.

If you treat Adrien as the Archie, you get a straight(-ish) example. Marinette is the Betty: friendly, girly, wears sensible clothes, and part of Adrien’s civilian life. Ladybug is the Veronica: Reserved, an Action Girl of the highest order, wears a skintight bodysuit and belongs to Cat Noir’s superhero life. Cat definitely favors Ladybug.If you treat Marinette as the Archie, you get a somewhat more complicated version of the trope. Adrien has some Betty traits (Marinette loves him for his kindness, he wears sensible clothes, and he’s part of her civilian life), and some Veronica traits (a literal model and very reserved and aloof in his interactions with her). Cat Noir, contrariwise, is part of Ladybug’s superhero life and wears a leather catsuit (Veronica), but is friendly and devoted to Ladybug (Betty).As of season two, both Marinette and Adrien are in a proper version of this trope: Marinette is the sweetheart Betty to Kagami’s ice queen Veronica for Adrien’s Archie, while Adrien is the popular and reserved Veronica to Luka’s calm and patient Betty for Marinette’s Archie.

Nathan Bryne says:

has a slim build and is much plainer quiet, domestic very supportive personality soft-spoken and gentle simple, Hot-Blooded Japanese ideal girl domestic and submissive but not pushover ever-doting caring, sweeter and openly in love with him caring, sweeter openly in love with him Optimistic female Determinator. always optimistic no matter what may happen to them. irrepressibly sweet-natured and optimistic, whatever comes their way. awkward, indecisive, but fundamentally kind-hearted bashful polite

Akane Ryouga date 42 Ranma chased Human man disguised as a real pig in Dojo
He saw Pig sleep in Akane’s bed with her sleeping again He’s jealous I’m sorry So
another boy who turns into a real pig slept with Akane So He already took virginit
of being the first man to sleep close to her and on the same bed in her bedroom!

Max Gron says:

I get it, it’s funny. This letting go stuff means nothing to a man who lets go of letting go, it’s daft stuff when some people don’t need to let go. The mindlessness of sport shows a belief that’s not really so truly good. Reality is the same hectic days where I want to go to sleep, no one with a pampered lifestyle ever understands the teachings. It’s all monkey chatter and no consciousness when it should be of value, it should be extraordinary if they like money, and being happy with everyday lives will never climb to the top of the hierarchy. All I see is sympathy to spirituality and being blind and materialistic. I can’t even explain the orange in spiral dynamics and not even using it with success videos. They don’t want things to be magical, they want shit that has inferior value to taking action, them doing lip service. All there is is belief, there’s no questioning Leo because they think he’s a trusted maker of culture, he’s made no such thing, I’m involved in low consciousness stuff but I’m not doing stupid shit, I should listen to a video on time management, that’ll show that I take this ridiculous school seriously.

He’s the only boy I’d love as my real boyfriend,best friend Black spiky short hair &
long tail tied He’s handsome,cool,brave,cute,awkward,playful yet serious,hilarious
Jealous in interesting,humorous,Adorable,perverted,humiliating yet desirable way!
I love this manga it’s the greatest gender bend story of a asian boy being real girl
I loved the sound effect when Akane poured hot water on him before she kicked a
before they stepped on him as hard as they could after hearing him say PERVERT!

Funniest:His first kiss was stolen by a MAN IN PUBLIC ON ICE AS PEOPLE STARED
His Physical Attacks to push men away from Akane who he claims to not care of 1
Kuno’s last wish tatue of his date with PIGTAILED GIRL(RANMA AS A REAL GIRL)

Max Gron says:

There’s this deprivation of my entertainment, people want to stop things from being entertaining, or even from being funny, why should I let that go? I have the craving for something good, like a puttanesca, I’m hungry and really want to go to North Adelaide to eat something, it’s human nature not to let things go. Also my pessimism, you know when someone makes you upset, when you really want to get at a guy, all you have to do is give in to your anger. Instead of letting go I’m giving in. If you want to kill someone, you’re angry and want to wring their necks, give it in, and when you want to eat something, give it in. Giving in is far superior to letting go.

Max Gron says:

Instead of giving in, I’m letting go. I’m letting go of my desire to not want to eat something, that Asian restaurant in the town square I want to not go there and be lazy, I’m letting that go, I’m also letting go of not going shopping, I crave not doing the shopping, but I have to go shopping, also I’m letting go of on-the-go foods like cheese and crackers, and Sirena mini-meals, I’m even going to let go of not being busy, or not going out. It’s not so much that this is the best, or superior, of doing the superior things I’ll just let it go.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Of all the things to let go of, I’m not neurotic about them. I felt the need to smoke, I was craving so much for a cigarette, and I let it go, the not eating cheese and crackers was permanent, I’ll let go of forgetting about it, and will remember to buy them,because I was attached to forgetting about it, what’s in my subconscious, I’ll let it go, it feels good to eat cheese and crackers again, it doesn’t even have to be a food detachment, my need to stay awake, to be busy, I’ll let that go, and will let go of my need to get back at my father or to get mad at staff, I decided to let them go.

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