The Power Of Not-Knowing

By Leo Gura - June 28, 2022 | 6 Comments

How to apply the counter-intuitive principle of not-knowing

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Max Gron says:

Not-knowing is a powerful thing, I admit that I don’t know, and I don’t know the knowledge involved in this. I just know some of the teachings. But dangerousness I know isn’t going to be peachy, it’s certainly no walk in the park. If you go where it’s very dark you’re going to get punched in the dark, that’s mainly if you go there by yourself. It’s no simple thing knowing these things, it’s dangerous being unenlightened. If this was the dark ages you would’ve been at risk of getting cut with a sword or burned with a torch. Knowledge itself is a dangerous thing.

forreal says:

people with a forum about self actualization, with a section about conscious politics, who dont know the difference between marxism and anarchism are sure to make youtube content about not knowing – someday.
you just have to wait while the cheese waits in the trap. lol, conscious politics.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Although I looked up conscious politics sometime in the past, I don’t know about it, I even know at best 0.5% of it and most of what I know about it is twisted around and wrong. The reality within my religion for example is that I don’t know more than 45% of it, the problem isn’t external, that people are doing it as Leo said, it’s holding a system misunderstanding it when you don’t know about it or even don’t know what the problem is. I even don’t know what Leo’s saying and I admit I don’t know, but there’s this little invention called ignorance, you don’t know, you think you know and you only know 1% of it, and a lot of what you know about it is wrong. In not knowing what schizophrenia and its system of psyche is do you see how that can create problems in the society I interact with?

Max Raoy Gron says:

On behalf of everyone listening to Leo in above video, how are you going to stop your own bullshit? How? You’re so stuck into changing to the wrong beliefs and paradigms, or stuck in your beliefs, or just misinterpreting the correct beliefs, that I think (I don’t know this for certain) you’re stuck in your own bullshit, Leo’s stuck in his own philosophical truths, so how is he going to teach a bullshit artist that they’re thinking and talking bullshit? I don’t see how you can wake anyone up from bullshit, using a rude awakening. Even if my religion was true, how am I going to get out of my bullshit twisted interpretation of it? I’m stuck in that one paradigm, I simply don’t know, I only know half its diet, most of its dress code, almost all its morals, so how am I going to get out of my own bullshit? That’s how we stay ignorant.

Max Raoy Gron says:

That you’re God isn’t a fact, it’s not unknown whether you’re God, or what logic’s used to explain that you’re God, when calling yourself God gets you attacked, it’s unknowable, you can’t know that your body, soul, devil, or that you’re the perceiver is God, you don’t know what God is, so have humility for real and stop thinking you’re God, you don’t know that.

Max Raoy Gron says:

This is what I think: I think Leo’s omniscient in everything to do with life, if that’s the case I should know there’s no God, and I should know to be a perfectionist, and know that reality is at a sciency, sense-data level, and Leo should know to get that little lump off his head, it’s a disgusting imperfection, that automatically means I’m attractive to women because I know I’m a perfect specimen with a perfect fact and chest and muscles and to do everything the best everything should be demanded to be perfect. Maybe I don’t know that, maybe I should know deeper than that, maybe I should, through direct experience of solipsism, know that I should be a solipsist, maybe from direct experience of science I should know I was telling the truth, religion’s not at the level of direct experience, so, I don’t know, maybe I should be hardcore atheist and debate and argue over Christopher Hitchens, I don’t know about Leo’s teachings, or that they’re accurate or not, my direct experience tells me that my beliefs were right the first time, so I don’t know, maybe I should look up Leo’s videos that I know without the mystery, and I should believe anything I want, after all, Leo said reality is my imagination, that means reality is what I think, so I should indulge in believing any crap I want, because it’s my imagination anyway and I should just believe it, based on direct experience, because my mind created that.

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