The 9 Stages Of Ego Development - Part 3

By Leo Gura - September 15, 2020 | 8 Comments

Presenting Susanne Cook-Greuter’s developmental psychology research


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Nandhini says:

Yep, weeping at the sight of a fork… it’s real! In my case, I was totally impressed by a piece of aluminum foil for at least 2 hours. Tears ran from my eyes! I still feel “woolly” just thinking about it

Joel says:

So—ultimately Leo’s videos are meaningless. There is only one thing that is meaningful: Alexander Malofeev’s classical piano videos on YouTube. He comes from infinity.

KAREN says:

At the unitive stage the only comment that comes to mind is-
No comment!


Become a professional musician as a hobby side project. It will reconnect you to humanity and you can infuse your heart and intellect into the process while dropping both. Then you’d be fully self actualised and filled out.

What kind of music would Trump play and then Trump it!!! Vegan Pizza on ME!

Oola says:

A Harvard researcher has done extensive research on those unitive individuals. Although he doesn’t say it overtly, his work reveals that no matter how “advanced” the realization of truth is, ultimately it’s just a new set of beliefs. It can FEEL like it is the ultimate truth, but as you note, when seen from different “reality” perspectives, all have legitimacy. Those who have gone through several of these interpretations of reality finally get that none of them are the ultimate. Extrapolated from Donald Hoffman’s work, it is very unlikely that anyone can actually understand what is really going on. Everything we perceive is like an icon on a computer screen, covering abundantly more complex than we have the ability to grok.

BTW, I stumbled on your work from the pursuit of the transcendent and have to say as a senior citizen I was impressed that your early pursuit of “self-improvement” led to enlightenment. Very unusual. (see Tony Robbins and Oprah). P.S. Leo, are you a vegan now? Since stomping on a spider is the same as slitting the throat of a child.

Random College Kid says:

Well, I personally think the point Leo is saying that things are objectively meaningless, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to have no purpose or decisions on what is right or wrong just because those are subjective decisions. it’s just the idea that there is no man in the sky who tells you what is objectively right or wrong, so you have the choice to decide on what is defined as good for you. If you think stomping on a spider is subjectively meaningless compared to slitting a child’s throat, cool. If you want to be a vegan and think by your subjective point, that’s cool. If your subjective understanding is you want to be a meat eater, but you emotionally feel that you have to get it from ethically farmed places, cool. I mean, the point of morality is that we wouldn’t even have a need for things to be right or wrong without our emotions. Just because objectively, there is no right or wrong, doesn’t mean we’re robots who don’t care. We’re human, and we have certain emotional opinions about things. It’s just the point of enlightenment is to decide it for ourselves without getting to dependent on external sources of this or that.

Random College Kid says:

I’m sorry if this is not your intention, but you seem to be sarcastically suggesting that you are right because you’re older, and he’s wrong because he’s younger. Sounds like nonsensical conformist stuff to me. Why should I follow you because you’re older, as much as why should I immediately follow people if they’re younger? This is not about age, it is about the content of what people say. Also, Leo said he began this journey when he was young, he didn’t say it was finished by the time when he was young. You sound like you’re trying to make him act like he thinks he was a completely enlightened person at a young age, when he literally just said he was beginning this stuff.

Just forget the age of people you listen to, as much as their race, gender, sexuality or whatever, and if you mention stuff like that, it doesn’t really matter in the end. I admit younger people do have a bias against older people, but older people have a bias against older people too. Also, you might not know, but Leo is middle aged now. Not quite a senior citizen, but a lot of time has passed since he was a teen. I mean, maybe he looks healthy enough to be in his late twenties or something, but you might think he is younger than you think.

Random College Kid says:

Personally, I don’t get why Leo’s pantheism is seen as narcissistic cult leader. When he says he’s God, he also says that everyone is God. The plants are God. The animals are God. Even the objects around you. We’re God and we’re made of God-stuff. Technically, that means everyone is equal when you put it that way, yes? As in, yes I’m a prophet of bringing more consciousness and goodness to the world, but technically everyone is supposed to be. It’s not this exclusionary title made for one person or a few people at the top of the hierarchy.

Then why does God have to be a title when we can simply call ourselves equal as human beings or living beings? Well, because in a way this elevates all of us in a way that everyone is worthy of love, and that everyone deserves to be treated in the most divine way possible. If that involves soft love, good, and if it involves needed tough love, yes, but it’s done out of the intention of love than the need to punish. You do not have to hate someone to punish them. It could simply be done for “their own good.” Loving is not the same as people pleasing, but people do not get that. Imagine if a parent said yes to a child wanting to eat sugary chocolate, candy and junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yet people think if people are meant to learn to love everyone, of which I do not claim to have yet be able to do, it means you never get to say or go against their interests.

This is in contrast to how organized religion makes it to be that the moment you’re born, you’re born sinful, depraved, barbaric and ‘dirty’. Wow, imagine the idea if we stop thinking of ourselves and everyone as lowly “dirty” human beings, but precious people being given the gift of life by the divine. Imagine how much better you treat everyone, and that doesn’t necessarily mean letting people follow their base materialistic desires, when in the long term, that just causes additional suffering towards them.

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