How Openmindedness Works

By Leo Gura - April 27, 2020 | 15 Comments

Exercises to open your mind

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Jim Feiling says:

“as right as i am” id rather be happy and safe

Joel says:

I am going to be open minded about the possibility that Donald Trump is actually a brilliant intellectual who will successfully lead us out of the pandemic. And now I am going to be open minded about the possibility that I am not terribly smart.

Nandhini says:

I consider myself a total newbie in spirituality, only read a few books from Leo’s book list and did not watch all video’s yet, but the 5 to 10 most recent video’s make more sense to me than the earlier ones…

Did he change something in the way he teaches or did I happen to pick the right books? Love your work, Leo!

Takao says:

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Scarlett says:

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Yuuto says:

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Sven says:

When you say Anti Vaxxers are closed minded people, aren t you yourself closing your mind to the possibility that there could be some truth to their stance on the issue? Or do you mean to say that simply adopting a rigid belief on vaccination, on either side of the argument without looking too much into it, is an act of closed mindedness?

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