The Power Of Asking Questions

By Leo Gura - May 15, 2019 | 6 Comments

How to use questions to generate answers that will transform your life.

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Mayur says:

Since I was a kid a question used to come up in my mind when I used to wake up from sleep – ” Who am I , and what is this life ?”

Mo says:

A question Im a little bit afraid to ask When do you come to Europe and when can I take you for a date you will never forget?

Outlandish says:

Here are the Questions Leo mentions in this talk:

What do I really want?
What is most important for me in life?
What is the purpose of my life?
What is my highest vision for myself?
What is the next level of my life purpose?
How do I be more creative?
How do I be a visionary?
How to I keep myself from backsliding?
Why do I backslide at all?
Why do I have ego backlashes?
What new product or service could change the world?
What does the world really need right now?
What causes me to get in a rut?
What motivates me?
What excites me?
What would I do if I had no fear or limitation?
How am I dishonest with myself?
What am I avoiding in my life?
What ideological positions or beliefs do I cling to?
What am I unwilling to let go of in life?
Why aren’t I able to surrender?
Why is my mind so active all the time?
Why do I have emotions?
What is the purpose of my emotions?
Why are people selfish?
Why does religion exist?
Why are there so many different kinds of religion?
Why do people disagree about non-duality?
Where is humanity headed in the future?
What is my role in humanity’s future?
What is my role in society?
Why do I judge, criticize and complain?
What’s the function of judging, criticizing and complaining?
How am I failing to take responsibility for my life?
What does it mean to be more conscious?
What are some examples of ____ ? (fill in blank with any kind of abstract term)
How is my worldview holding me back?
What is my worldview?
Why do I love x? (fill in x with whatever you want)
What is the next stage of evolution for my business/career?
What is the next stage of my business or career?
What do I truly believe I need to have in order to be happy?
Why do I meditate?
Why do I want this relationship?
What is the most powerful question that I could ask?
What important questions are not being asked in this situation?
How do I become successful? (18:44)
What makes people so effective?
How am I unique?
How am I not being true to my uniqueness?
How do I become a better leader/artist/parent/person/x?
What am I like when I’m at my best?
What am I like when I’m at my worst?
In what ways am I a devil?
How are x and y the same? How are x and y different?
What are some totally new ways I could live my life?
Why am I resisting x?
Why am I afraid of x?
What would be my ideal job?
What will I regret most on my deathbed?
How am I being inauthentic and why?
What am I most proud of my life, and how can I do more of that?
What robs me of energy and passion?
How could I use my mind in better ways?
Why are there so many deluded people in the world?
How can I make sure that I don’t end up like them?
What is the lesson here?
What are the top 5 ideas from this book?
What causes me stress?
What is stress anyways?
What do I admire about that person? 
What lessons could I learn from that person? (include negative examples)
What would a permanent fix for this be?
What is the root of this __ problem?
What opportunities am I overlooking?
If I could get the answer to any question, what question would I ask? (29:30)
What makes me feel creative?
When am I at my most creative?
What would be a more authentic way of doing this? What would be a more authentic way of doing my job/flirting with women/relating to my children/?
What would be a better way of doing this?
How does this look from another persons point of view?
What top 3 things would transform my life?
What makes me come alive?
Why does this trigger me?
How can I be more aligned with god?
Why am I struggling with __?
Where can I find the answers?
How am I being selfish?
How can I make my psychedelic experiences stick in everyday life?
What’s holding mankind back?
What’s the big picture here?
What are the most common traps here? (eg. enlightenment/meditation/starting business/dating/having children?)
If this thing that I’m doing fails, what will be the most likely causes?
What am I really good at?
How is my thinking about this limited?
Who could give me good advice on this topic?
What if my core assumptions are wrong about this situation?
What are my core assumptions?
How could I change my core assumptions?
What could I change if I had more confidence in myself?
How am I being reactive and defensive?
What am I really trying to say here?
How am I creating this problem?
How could I make this task more enjoyable?
How am I being closed-minded?
What are the most powerful self-help techniques?
How can I become financially independent?
What should be the next chapter in my life? (35:15)

Outlandish says:

Oops sorry for the lack of carriage returns, somehow they appeared in the preview but not after submit…

marina says:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

Joy says:

Hey Leo, you said when you ask a questions like, “Why do I like x?” your mind won’t just fabricate a justification. Why do you think so?

I’m thinking of an experiment where the experimenter gave participants a seemingly unintentional hint to solve a puzzle. This hint often sparked participants to figure out the puzzle. When participant were asked, “How did you figure out the puzzle?” very few participant credited the hint that the experimenter gave them, and instead gave some other justification – but participants truly believed that the justification they gave was the reason they figured out the puzzle.

So I’m wondering…
How can you tell the difference between the true reason you like something and a convenient justification that makes you look/feel good?

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