How To Keep The Ultimate Journal (Commonplace Book)

By Leo Gura - November 13, 2017 | 11 Comments

Learn how I keep my commonplace book

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Aditya says:

Did you improvise this? The video is as amazing as all the other videos.

Ram says:

Thanks a lot for this video!! I am confused as hell using several note taking methods and this really helped me just like all your other videos. Thanks again !!

Laurent says:

Thanks Leo great video, very encouraging. (my only restriction on OneNotes is that I have the latest version and you do not really control your saved files as it goes on the cloud via sync and I don’t like that as a principle for private documents..maybe Microsoft will improve this one day but not sure…)

Lin says:

Must learn it this week!

Thank YOU Leo!

Smalley says:

Thank you so much Leo!

Yea, you are awesome. Your program and info are great!

Please keep up the great work!!!

Lauren says:

I first heard about Onenote from my best friend. I used it a couple of times and that is it.

Now Leo showed us the cooliest tools and tricks!!!! I am super excited.

I really want to thank Leo for his generosity.

I will make a donation to this fantastic learning website this year. I have used it so much and I really benefit from all of the teaching.

I listen to this website whenever I have time to get recharged mentally, refocus on the priority, listen to the cause and purpose one more time, listen to the Holloween edition three more times. It is one of my go-to places to get recommitted to my life’s priority and goals and objectives.

Thank you Leo. Please keep up the good work!

Lauren says:

I just made my $50 donation to the website!

I really appreciate the great work here and I hope the best are yet to come in the future.

I’m so lucky to find this website. I have listened to it from the beginning and had grown professionally and personally.

Thank you!

Thomas says:

great episode! just installed onenote on laptop, so fucking exited to get going with it. just the thing i needed to get organized. legendary stuff Leo!

Sinz says:

Leo, did you buy that laptop for the sole purpose of making your commonplace book? I mean is it just your laptop and you’re writing your notes as well or it’s ONLY the system for your commonplace book and you use other computers for everything else.

How do backup your commonplace book? are you relying on the cloud or…

Theresa says:

This is utterly amazing! Both the concept of the Commonplace Book (which I had never heard of) and the ability to do it on-line with OneNote. Thank you for creating this video.

Chad says:

This is exactly what I need. A powerful tool for focus.

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