How To Contemplate Using A Journal

By Leo Gura - August 6, 2018 | 6 Comments

How to use a journal to generate your own insights about reality

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Daniel says:

Hey Leo,

Is deep contemplation difficult for stage Red, Blue and Orange in Spiral Dynamics and aren’t certain techniques suited for different levels of personal development? If you’re in these stages, isn’t it best to progress forward through them and start to contemplate in stage Green, or Yellow. I know contemplation isn’t going to hurt anyone in the lower stages, but is it way more difficult for people in these stages to actually reflect because of their human psyche

I think it helps to make it to a short poem

Like concept not object

Patrick says:

Guilty of listening to much and not adopting the practices. Thanks for the kick in the ass.

Max Gron says:

On the other hand I tried countless of these practices, one new practice is nootropics and now I’m taking Vinpocetine when it comes in the mail and that medicine from my local doctor. In this way it will keep me more focused on my meditation/contemplation. My life’s changed dramatically from so much from Leo, proof of this is what I know: nootropics improve memory function, with cognition, and represses stroke, and also helps you to relax and relieves stress, also my own thinking is that I should be selfish, and have no justice, nobility, pity, sympathy or empathy, and I should support kings, and I should be my own kind of scientist questioning all I can until there’s nothing left to question.

Max Gron says:

All this psychology is spiritual mumbo jumbo, supposing I follow this what will I become? Exactly. One who does hard-boiled, life-attacking processes to beat myself down to change my life, and normally a man who invents these things gets kicked in the arse!
I don’t like war, I’m not fighting anything, religions tend to be at war with a belief. Out of homeostasis? What kind of a belief is a cult? Cults do these mentally abusive things. On the contrary I found absolute truth and it works, I’m not deluding myself, therefore if I’m thinking I won’t drop a mug then I won’t, it’s absolutely true, I don’t even need to observe it, I just have to think of absolute truth and it happens, and as for the truth, that would have to mean my direct experience, thinking for myself, and not bringing up the past or the future, that itself works.
And one more thing, just sitting there meditating doing nothing just does nothing except clearing my thoughts and helping to relax, just be, instead of doing anything, which can be done for 10 minutes.

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