Contemplation - The Most Important Tool For Sages

By Leo Gura - March 13, 2017 | 15 Comments

The most important question a sage can ask

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Axel says:

What is what is?

Thabane says:

wanted to start contemplating bt didn’t know how.thank your for sharing Leo

Naseem says:

What’s the outcome of contemplation

is it simply to build my awareness or gain an answer?

Also Am i allowed to contemplate “how to ” questions

For example – how to be happy or how to be rich etc

Thanks Leo !

Laurie says:

Thank you so much Leo!
I must allocate time on thinking!

Great video!

Smith says:

Contemplation as the technique is so great insight!!!!
Thank you Leo!
Sit down and ponder! From ground zero! Yes sir!
Thank you
Please keep up the great work here

Don says:

Leo has touched a deep useful life technique. I have years of work on policy work. But sometimes I ask myself a basic question on what is policy and how to solve a particular problem I might caught myself surprise that I can’t even answer visit question from my work!
I need to sit down and contemplating each day ideally. I want my mind to generate ideas, true ideas!

Keep asking and probing!

Lee says:

I love pondering at sunset!

Even just Sit and idling thinking can be a good start

Leo encourage to ponder more large domain type of questions other than yourself.

Use a journal to “contemplate” is great for some!

L says:

Leo emphasize the transformation type of pondering

Pondering during the action!

Hanna says:

Insight that penetrates the illusions and superficial stuff
That’s what serious pondering is for

Ask the mind the right question is a successful beginning already

joseph says:

Leooo! Jesus loves you

Chiara Russo says:

Leo, thanks a lot for sharing all your hard work and amazing videos for free, each week.


Sharon says:

Hi Leo,

I have been listening to your podcast channel for a while now since the beginning of 2016 and I thought I should write to thank you for all your devotion and all the effort that goes into researching and making these wonderful podcasts. I can imagine its quite time consuming and needs a lot of focus.

I personally feel a great sense of growth and development and I am more thoughtful of my actions and how they impact on my life and to those around me.

Keep on Keeping on!

From Kenya,
Many thanks!


Karthiksuryavamsiv says:

Hey leo please provide subtitles or transcripts man…

Eerik says:

Hey Leo
Really nice video.

Have you read a book called “The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World”? It talks about brain hemispheres, mainly the different viewpoints of the world. I suspect you haven’t and I think you would like it. It goes really well together with what you talk in general, only from a different angle. But the combination of those views is richened in the process.

After reading that I think you might reconsider your view on art not reaching the Being level of things

Daily Perdomo says:

Thanks for being such a beautiful human being and sharing all this valuable content . I’m 20 years old, my life has massively shifted since I found you looking for motivation at Youtube. You are changing lives and I am one of those. I’ve been wanting to write this , and a lot more to you, it feels necessary. I would love to have you as a friend.

I hope your current 2020 March retreat is going amazing, Im almost sure it is.


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