My Deepest Awakening Yet

By Leo Gura - February 27, 2018 | 13 Comments

How my personal journey culminated in realizing the source and origin of reality.

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Yann says:

It’s amazing. But is it motivating for us in our set ? At first I find absolute infinity depressing. Could you elaborate a bit on how it makes you happy on your daily life ?

Lisa says:

Wow Leo, it’s quite apparent how deeply you felt this awakening and how excited you are about this! I’m glad you shared this with us all. I can understand in probably my limited way the idea of the infinite and we are it and it is us all. I have had a couple of experiences where I literally felt myself as part of everything that I see within my field of vision. My experience dulled and drifted and my seeking continues.

Is there a great sense of relief that you no longer have to seek? I can only imagine the freedom from that need. I guess I am still seeking until I can realize what you have.

Great video, I’ve never seen you smile so much than you have in this one and it is so nice to see!

Leo Gura says:

It’s tricky. There is a sort of end to seeking, but also the understanding that there is yet more to discover and embody. So by no means am I done.

Martin says:

Leo, if you are everything I simply don’t exist. But I am here writing this message so maybe I am everything and you don’t exist. According to non-duality we both exist and don’t exist simultaneously. Damn, I have strong glimpses but still so fucking attached to rational thinking. Any hint?

electone says:

I had a big problem with advaita answer to the question “Why?” which basically comes down to “Just because IT can”. And now you sad it too ) Damn, Leo!
And I’ve seen the Hawaii videos, dont hate me but I was laughing through it because of your frustrations and expectations and I just NEW that something like this is coming in a shortest time . Its always about the “higher high”, which we identify as the Truth. I am so troubled by this.
Been also thinking a lot about helicopters ))
i love your nakedness and out of all the mystical experiences ahead of you I really, really hope that you will have a child one day. Its such a party-breaking delish! You”ll see!
Thanks punk!

Yann says:

You’re right, the answer “because it can” to the question “why” is apparently THE answer. Yet it should not prevent It (or us) to make a SELECTION of the outcome.

outlandish says:

Thank you for sharing, and it’s good to see you hold steadfast to your calling.

It’s interesting to hear that your 5-MeO-DMT experience resulted in opening the chakras in your head. All of my 5-MeO-DMT experiences have been centred around heart-chakra openings, so I’ve been unsure if the heart chakra thing is a specific property of 5-MeO-DMT, or if it’s just been my own trajectory with it. My hope was that it is more broad than just heart-chakra, so this is exciting information.

Viktoriya says:

Love this comment

Ebbot says:

Hey Leo. Is it not inevitable that you are diluting yourself?

senji says:

What’s the point of all this damn enlightenment when you’re still trapped in your lousy ego? what’s the point when you’re still here in this hell? Life is a hell. That’s the truth. Why go through all this torment and hard work just to drop the veil and see beyond when you can’t free yourself from hell?

There’s no heaven nor hell nor punishment and evil is inevitable as you say so basically I can go out and kill people and have sex and do drugs and steal and do whatever the hell I want since it’s all inevitable. after I’m done I’ll die and that was it. hehe so easy right? no matter if you’re a good person very spiritual or you’re evil you’re still suffering since you’re trapped in the same shit. Why bother really?

Why do we need to evolve and why does humanity need to evolve since it’s all pointless? everything is inevitable ) Why the hell would I consciously choose to come in this reality/dimension however you wanna call it just to suffer? since evolving is pointless and evil is part of consciousness why is suffering necessary? because it’s inevitable?! )) it’s all nonsense.

The only way to find peace is to exit the damn game, the matrix, by killing your ego/suicide. As long as you’re here you’re a mouse trapped in a cage no matter what you know or don’t know, it doesn’t improve your hell in any way. It doesn’t really matter what you’ve experienced or what insights you have gained since you’re still here.

What the hell are you still doing here Leo? You’re just another lil mouse trapped in the same cage as the rest of humanity is.

ray says:

interesting. I’d be curious to know what Leo’s response is….

Jan says:

You look happy, Leo. And relieved. Makes me happy too (-;

Paul says:

The reason your experience was so intense was because you took it rectally. Like when you hear about people overdosing while butt hugging alcohol. I dunno Leo? Buttchugging phycodelic drugs? Wouldn’t being enlightened be something that simply is? Not dependent on a substance?

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