Enlightenment Experience Explanation

By Leo Gura - January 29, 2018 | 9 Comments

Explanation of my awakening experience video & the stages of awakening.

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clem says:

Hey Leo,
First of all let me commend you for openly sharing the experiences of your enlightenment research. It takes a lot of courage to stand naked in your truth in the public square. Judgement is expected from the on-lookers who see you in a spectrum ranging from insane, deluded, lunatic..to..enlightened genius. Like art, the beauty, meaning, and understanding, is found in the eyes of the beholder.
The greatest challenge facing anyone who has had an enlightenment experience is to communicate that which is beyond the articulation of thoughts and words in a way that doesn’t sound crazy. We are all working together and contributing to the knowing of what is real by finding the ways to define what is not real. Language is the glue that we use to hold this conceptual world together. Our shared experiences change the way we see things giving us the power and creative confidence to change the things within ourselves that are blocking our happiness.
Leo, your efforts to help us ‘find the words’ are viewed as very helpful for those of us who are living through similar “enlightenment” experiences. Your videos are a valuable contribution to understanding how we can make sense of touching “infinite consciousness.” It is through this process of integration, conceptualization, and communication that we share our stories, find union, and heal.
Be well, clem

Xain says:

It’s very easy to fake an experience like it. A youtube video isn’t proof of anything.

Let’s be scientific about this, all that happened was some “alleged” alteration of senses. None of that proves anything about reality, existence, or the universe. He’s full of himself.

bing says:

Thank you!

Riley says:

You’re doing a great job Leo. Your videos offer profound insight and inspire me to stay on track. Keep it up

Sylvia says:

Well, whatever people say, you are very brave for posting that “enligthenment experience” video. And courage is my favorite human quality.
That beautiful pure smile on your face was expressing truth more than any of the words you’ll ever say.
When coming down from a trip, I always wonder.. “why? why can’t it just be like that all the time?” I think it is because the general vibration of the world and common humanity is so low and egoic, when the drugs wear off the brain rejoins the “soup” of egoic insanity.
The only example I know of “full embodied enlightenment” was Jesus. And as the story goes his mother was supernaturally inseminated by “enlightenment” itself, so go figure. For the rest of us I don’t think it’s possible or meant to be, atleast not yet.
Bravo for the bravery Leo. Keep trippin (wink) and good luck.

Fonte says:

Hey my dude,

The only reason you are missing enlightment, is because you are thinking it’s something other than the Here and Now.

Stop deluding yourself into stages of enlightment or stages of awakening. Everyone is already awake, just depends if they realize it or not. Everything is just happening. This is only one Here and Now. You can be perfectly moral in this Here and Now as that theoretical enlightened master you talk about, or you can be an addict and filled with neurosis in the Here and Now. It’s all just Here and Now. Neither person in your examples had control of any of it to begin with. Neither has control of what thoughts are entering their mind. Didn’t you say the same thing in your video “I have no control over what is happening.” So spot on! Do you realize the contradiction here? If not, read it again. See?

THIS is it, my friend. There is nothing else but THIS. Didn’t you say that in your enlightment video? THIS is all there is, THIS is all there ever was. But instead of deluding yourself into think THIS is just all “consciousness” or the “TRUTH” or “the infinite” or something else you probably read in some book, rest in the unknowing of THIS, relax into it. I mean, maybe is just consciousness and maybe everything else infinite love and that’s cool, but isn’t love another human concept as well? Maybe, maybe not…. IT’S OK to NOT know. THIS is all we have, and even though words can’t explain it, that’s still OK and it’s still so beautiful. See?


emilia says:

Thank you Leo for every vide you create . I find hope in them.

Max Gron says:

It’s not very weird and interesting but enlightenment experience is a useful thing until someone points out that you misinterpret it to mean you no longer need to do the work. There’s a lot of stupid people who misuse their enlightenment experience to mean they can know what they want. It’s not a lousy thing to use enlightenment to know your true nature, but I didn’t think anyone thinks enlightenment is misused to mean they think they’re perfect. I’m enlightened meaning I can use that to solve problems, wow, silliness over enlightening yourself, I think the only thing it transforms is you thinking you’re the body or believing in matter, to thinking there’s no matter. I think people should sow their wild oats over this humble concept.

Max Gron says:

Sow one’s wild oats was the wrong choice of words, I was meant to say people should use enlightenment to increase their knowledge of themselves.

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