By Leo Gura - September 26, 2016 | 100 Comments

The magic pill to enlightenment & God

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Leo Gura says:

NOTICE: Do not post comments here asking about where to obtain 5-meo. All such comments will be ignored or deleted.

michael says:

Thank you Leo

Roz says:

I thought that the Buddha, after experimenting with firstly hedonism and then the ascetics rejected the extremes of both and declared that ‘the middle path’ was the best way to reach enlightenment.

Adrian says:

i always check youtube for you videos. They get released there without a delay. having said that….interesting video. let me be the first to pile on with the following…”so, Leo, where do you order your 5MEODMT from, IF you were to be of the mindset to order such things?”…..

Hasan says:

Look forward to see how your journey unfolds over the next year! It’s truly inspiring to see how fast you’re growing Leo!

cindy says:

Have you tried transcendental meditation? It guides you to having these experiences naturally, to the point that you are in that god state all the time, while living your life, a.k.a. enlightened.

Brett Miller says:

Hi Cindy. Of course in the spirit of friendly inquiry, I must ask what about Entheogens are outside the sphere of what is, as you put it, “natural?”

Put another way, can you point to any chemical compound in all of existent and non-existant reality that is not a part of “God” or Absolute reality?

Just a reminder to keep turning toward and opening up no matter what practice you rely on to elevate your senses to the point of realization.

Saksin says:

Do you have experience with 5-MeO-DMT? If not, how can you compare its effects with those of TM? I know a number of people who are long-term practitioners of TM, and regarding none of them do I have even a hint that they “are in that god state all the time”, if “god state” is to mean anything other than the ordinary human waking state. I say this without any ax to grind on 5-MeO-DMT’s behalf, I have not tried it.

Junito says:

Would you recomend taking care of some things in the back of our minds in our egoistic world that would help us feel accomplished and ready to face death before taking the substance?

Leo Gura says:

Aren’t you doing that already?

It’s hard to give advice either way because although the risk of a bad trip is technically greater if you’re undeveloped, the risk of doing nothing is even greater in the undeveloped. At least with a bad trip you’ll grow. Most people will watch this video and do nothing about it and miss out on the most important thing in life.

That’s the cost of undevelopedness.

Carlos says:

Hi Bro

I’ve taken the substance, it’s been already a month, I went througha deep crisis and depression afterwards, the process itself has been brutal.

I got my highs and lows in this rollercoaster

I was so depressed today trying to make sense of everything

Looking everywhere reading this made ma day

Thank you bro

Jay says:

So basically you say that the first time you should experiment with a lower dose that is not a break through dose. And then try multiple times by increasing by bits.

So are you implying that the first time you won’t reach the experience? What will you experience instead?

How many times did it take you?

Can the increase in heartbeat cause bad consequences and how does the experience get ugly if it does? It is not clear other than the metaphor of pushing the gas and the brake.


Leo Gura says:

First time I did 20mg and I hardly experienced anything other than panic which lasted 5-10 minutes and then passed and I came back down to baseline. Hardly and “spiritual” or consciousness effects.

But I also didn’t absorb all 20mg properly the first time. So that’s probably why. Effectively it was like 10mg or less.

Sub-breakthrough doses will give you an altered state of consciousness. Imagine like meditation x1000. That’s a sub-breakthrough dose. A breakthrough dose is so out of this world you cannot even imagine it in your wildest dreams. It’s simply impossible in your present understanding of reality.

If you are unable to surrender to the breakthrough experience, yes, it can get VERY ugly. Which is why I recommend surrendering

I’ve done it 3 times.

Jay says:

Hi Leo,

Thanks for the reply. I can relate to the experience of panick and surrender, actually I had two distinct experiences one happened during a Vipassana camp and one after another 7 day different thing. In both cases I had the vivid realization that holy shit I’m going to die, in one case I felt my body was dissolving in the other case I was walking on a street and heard a voice clearly saying that if I kept going I was going to die and was feeling like my whole world closing in on me. I never suffered from panick attacks but those experiences gave me an idea of what a panick attack feels like. In both cases though as my heartbeat increased I simply either stopped the meditation or in the second case I turned and walked back. And slowly I calmed down. I always thought that if I could have stabilized it and went ahead I could have ‘broken through’. Do you seen any similarity? Actually I don’t see WHO can make the conscious choice to surrender or not. I think you just need to swallow the pill and see what happens. There’s no YOU who can choose to get rid of you. It can only unfold so to speak no?

Can you also comment on the difference with Psilohuasca? I’m a bit confused about the substances. Thanks

Leo Gura says:

Ego is ego. It don’t like to die no matter the method: 5-meo, meditation, or a terrorist attack.

Psilohuasca has a lot of potential for nonduality work. But you gotta be careful with it because it requires sticking to a special restricted diet, or you could kill yourself. And it’s gonna last for at least 4 hours, so that’s gonna be a serious trip. Not recommended for beginners.

Jay says:

Hi Leo,

I shared with you two episodes where meditation or walking could be interrupted. And so I did, stopping the process that was happening. With the drug, there is no such choice to interrupt the trip. The resistance to those two happenings is predictive of a resistance and therefore bad trip on the drug? Or do you believe each attempt is a story of its own?

Also do you think this resistance can be worked around with a slower and more gentle process whereby the ego lessens his grip over time and the process unfolds ‘naturally’, even over the course of a lifetime or with the timeline it’s meant to happen. It seems that lately you are not a proponent of this idea and sound a bit more ‘forceful’ in your approach.

Finally, are there potential lasting mental health consequences that can impair a person’s ability to fulfill his daily duties following a 5-meo trip gone bad? And do you think someone with zero experience with any other drug could go straight into 5-meo?


Leo Gura says:

Sounds like you’re overthinking WAY too much.

Start taking action. Life is a trail-and-error process. You don’t need all the answers up front. Either face your fears head on through action, or stay away from psychedelics altogether.

Jonda says:

I was wondering why my experience was torture. This video had me confused for a moment until I read your comment. I took acid once but it was a small dose because I was scared, long story short a fight broke out around me at the same time it kicked in and I was freaked out and went home. I had to cover all the mirrors even over my fireplace because I was seeing myself differently, I looked like an elf.. Weirdest thing ever, but now I think maybe I just didnt take enough.

Leo Gura says:

Your experience was torture because you resisted it, and didn’t want to face the radical things such an experience was trying to show you.

It’s sorta like you invited Stephen Hawking to your dinner party, and then got upset that he spent the whole night lecturing you about physics. If you don’t want to get a physics lecture, don’t invite him!

The whole point is that psychedelics are supposed to alter your reality and notions of self.

Oliver Larsen says:

I am so so so glad that this is the new direction that you are taking Actualized.org Leo, well done. I am incredibly excited for you and for everyone that follows you. Having someone with your power and reputation giving exposing the positive side psychedelics is exactly what humanity needs.

I thought you were going to tell us about Meduna’s Mixture (Carbogen). Have you heard of it? Its a mixture of CO2 and O2 that tricks your brainstem into thinking that you are suffocating but really you aren’t. Looking at the trip reports, I’m pretty sure it produces that experience that you talk about with baptisms etc. Pretty interesting to read up on but it isn’t very well known. It was developed by Ladislas Meduna the psychotherapist. Congratulations and thank you again!

Leo Gura says:

I have not heard of that. Sounds scary.

Darren says:

These last two videos have really inspired me to begin self actualizing, meditating and self inquiring again.

I just want to know for the people in a similar position to me noobs or those of us who have maybe started this journey with Leo but perhaps became disillusioned, distracted, never really fully committed to it or haven’t yet successfully acquired the discipline of developing good habits.

Where should we go from here?

What would you recommend?

I’ve seen your response to @Junito but I think it would be beneficial to me and others if you went a little further and perhaps suggested a way to work up to taking 5-meO within the self actualize paradigm.

Or do you think its better to just dive in and move forward from there?

Oliver Larsen says:

I was so eager to hear what your substance was so I did some research. The chemoreceptors in your brainstem sense too much CO2 in the blood so they think you are suffocating, triggering a suffocating response, but because both O2 and CO2 content in Carbogen are higher than what is in natural air, you aren’t suffocating. you are getting the oxygen you need. There are studies done on it. There is even a video on youtube of a guys wife trying it. The trip reports sound similar to that of 5-MeO. If search Carbogen there are some great articles on it. Look at Erowid for a good description.

Aron says:


Where can i procure this substance? I am from the subcontinent and I don’t want to rely on unauthorized dealers to procure this. Is there any authentic website where you can place your order or something like that? Kindly do shed some thoughts on how this can be done.

Genefer says:


I’m curious as to how your life is after the experience? Do you feel a sense of peace and understanding from that “ah-ha” moment? Are you uplifted or are you depressed to be back in your ego? Frankly, you seem tired and not your usual bubbly self.

Also, is there a way to ensure that the drug you’re getting is authentic 5 MeO? I’d love to avoid accidentally snorting some random look-alike.

Leo Gura says:

No, I’m not depressed. The effects of Absolute Infinity cannot be even imagined by you. It’s totally out of your worldview unless you’ve experienced it.

http /testkitplus.com/product/lsd-test-kit

Alan Travers says:

Hi Leo
I did read a trip report of some one who snorted 12mg and had an amazing enlightenment experience, he tried 15mg the next morning and felt pure ecstasy like he was on heroin even though he had never tried it.

He didn’t experience any enlightening sensations though and infact got rid of the drug during it as he started panicking that he was going to get addicted. His ego was still at play even though he took a higher dose which kind of argues that there is a slight tolerance factor.

Could this be that he just took the next dose too soon after the first?

Also I live in the uk, are you saying the only way I can acquire this substance is to go to Mexico!? What about website that sell it for ‘research’ purposes?

Leo Gura says:

Take those trip reports with a grain of salt. Many of them are written by ignorant fools.

5-meo is not physically addictive. But in the hands of a fool, anything can be addictive. People get addicted to porn, coffee, soda, internet, shopping, and depression for God’s sake!

Jordi says:

Hi Leo,

I you’ve been asked…

Could you give me a lead to actually reach 5 MeO?


Jake says:

With regards to the experience you had on this drug, do you think everyone will experience this at their time of death?

Leo Gura says:

No, most likely you will die and not have a clue about anything.

Life is your chance to awaken. Death is the end for your little ego. If you don’t get it by then, then you’ve really screwed up.

Jay says:

Hi Leo,

how can he ‘screw up’ if he and his life are just a cartoon or fiction. Whatever happens that plane of reality should have no bearing whatsoever on the ISness of the whole. You also mentioned how Absolute Infinity needs to include all the possibilities. So all the so ‘screw-ups’, all forms, all the unawareness, underdevelopness… etc. According to this, there’s no way to go wrong. All is well. All is already. Who can screw this up…no?

Jake says:

It may be egoic of me, but… So the only way to experience “god” is to be on 5MeO, not actually dying a conscious death?

Kev says:

No. The “I” in everyone is the only I. So he is correct. Death returns you to a unique source experience, most likely

WingWizard says:

Don’t you think it’s a bit too far to claim the nature of reality based on a substance that changed your subjectivity?

Leo Gura says:

Try it and see.

You couldn’t possibly understand now. You’re like a microbe trying to understand the NASA space shuttle. You haven’t got a chance (no offense, just your lack of consciousness).

WingWizard says:

I am hardly offended. I have been a big proponent of the conventional wisdom you shared with your viewers. But such strong claims on the nature of reality based on unguarded intuitions should be preposterous. One in his drug induced delusion could come to his own conclusion that Yahweh is the ultimate being and we all are going to hell for not following the required code of ethics. That should become objective reality now?

I would have said that I don’t throw around the term consciousness as if I had monopoly over it, but again I would have to hear that that’s my ego talking and not me.

Leo Gura says:

Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap… but no action.

Put your nose where your mouth is

Thomas says:

fantastic video Leo. You are a fucking hero
Martin W Ball Ph.D. ever heard of him? Came across a great resource from him, you guys can check out this link, he wrote this amazing piece about 5-MeO, he is a champion of it.

Thomas says:

oops can’t post the link, his book is called : Being Human
check it out

Idan says:

Hi Leo,

First of all, after taking action for half a year now i can say for sure that your content changed my life and for that I am grateful .

Secondly, how many years of meditation and consciousness work would you recommend doing before trying 5Meo, or even psilocybin mushrooms? Or maybe there is another factor, not just time?

Leo Gura says:

None. Just do it and get on with life. Personal development is a messy business. You are not fragile. You will no break nearly as easily as you fear.

James Burns says:

Leo, I’m really interested in what I can do to develop a photographic/eidetic memory as a life skill. Can it be developed, and if so what can I do to get it? I have the same drive that you do: to understand the world. I think that it would become a lot easier and I would get a lot more done with that skill. If you have any suggestions or opinions, then I would love to hear them.

Leo Gura says:

You’re thinking little-picture. Think big-picture instead. You don’t really care about photographic memory. What will really make a difference in your life is increasing the quality of your consciousness.

Rochelle says:

Hi Leo,

I follow your videos with intrigue. Quick BG: I’ve held a meditation practice since I was young and everything I visualise comes to fruition (bad and good). I used to be very self righteous and closed minded before I started my personal development journey in my teens. (I’m now 26). The two things I have struggled to let go of is the fear of permanent brain damage and other health debilitations over time from using chemical substances (So I refrain from taking “hard drugs”). Secondly is the fear of not being able to connect with other humans due to becoming too heavily introspective. We have organs to procreate right, so this surely needs to still be a focus for the human race to continue? Or not?

So my questions are:

1. How would you deal with the fear of brain damage from using chemical substances, which ultimately defeats the purpose of unlocking pure consciousness?
2. When does connecting with other humans come back into the “Self Actualised” picture? If at all? If it does, how does it work? If love is purely unconditional does this mean monogamy and the traditional view of a “family” will become redundant?

Love your work, aside from the ‘How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You’. Wouldn’t mind seeing a remake of that with all your recent developments.


Leo Gura says:

1) Psychedelics don’t cause brain damage. That’s a silly dogma society has fed you. You can do mushrooms every week for 50 years and your brain will be perfectly healthy. Only in extremely rare cases do people have physical problems, no different than any food allergy or medication allergy that’s possible for people.

2) You can connect with all the people you want. Just don’t neglect your own development.

Ramona says:

Why teachers like Sadhguru, Tolle, Mooji, Byron Katie, Rupert Spira, Gangaji and others don’t invite us to try psychedelics? Is it a conspiracy of the enlightened ones or are they just sadistic and want to see us smashing our heads against the walls of the traditional path towards awakening?
What about the people, like my grandfather, who never heard about ego, enlightenment, psychedelics? They are just not fortunate enough to see the truth or…?
I don’t know. Just some questions.

Leo Gura says:

Mostly because they don’t know. I would bet that none of those masters has ever tried 5-meo.

But also, they are generally right that psychedelics will not make you enlightened. That is true. Except 5-meo is very different matter. And even with 5-meo, like I said, it will not enlighten you instantly. You also still have to do work. So it’s just a different method.

Yes, your grandfather is fucked, and so is most of humanity, and probably even you. Because you’re just not serious enough about it and you’re not taking enough action.

Kev says:

Leo, you’re spreading egotistical untruth now. Your ego is at its peak, where it “thinks” and pretends it knows what it’s talking about. Time to turn off the channel.

Ramona says:

Thank you. Yeah, you are right. I am not serious enough.

Ramona says:

I used to ask the same question to religious people: what about the people who have never heard about the bible, about Jesus and christianity? They are doomed to rot in hell, aren’t they?
In my experience, there is nothing here but infinity. Ego is infinity in a contracted state of consciousness. If infinity wants to experience this world as my unconscious grandfather, it’s just how it is supposed to be: per-fect. And if I judge him for his unconsciousness, I understood nothing and I open the road for separation. Everything is made in love. Otherwise, if I go with your perspective, infinity plays a cruel and unfair game. This is not my erxperience. Au contraire, it’s pure love. Once again, you are right about me, though.

Nothingness says:

I won’t go into details here, but in what Leo says there is quite a lot of truth. In this particular angle of things, though synchronicities and life flow play a fundamental role.
If you don’t let go and keep feeding doubts, life simply won’t give you such a unique chance.
Awakening can’t be missed. And it can be devastating beyond any limit.
If it’s meant to be, once the mind is ripe (which is pretty much the whole secret), opportunities will arise for it to be.

Kev says:

For sure. The most truth I’ve ever run across in this life. However, I don’t like it when he tells his followers their grandfather is fucked.

Nothingness says:

I don’t know much about what Leo says. I just came across a couple of videos of his. When I wrote that there’s quite a lot of truth in what he says, I specifically referred to this 5-meo-dmt video and his written comments here above.

WingWizard says:

Hey Leo, how about making a video on revenge?

Perpetual Don says:

It’s a bold move on your part to speak out publicly on psychedelic drugs! They still tend to be misunderstood, mistrusted, and stigmatized. Some of your followers here will have a hard time accepting this direction, but it is exciting to see you share this information. Psychedelics are powerful tools that have the potential to transform humanity, if used skillfully and safely. Thanks for speaking about this!

Long time psychedelic user here, who has benefitted enormously from careful use of these compounds over the years. By coincedence, I acquired 5-MeO-DMT just a day before you posted this, and preparing myself for the trip.

meyouheweyouthey says:

Hi Leo, loved your attempt to describe your nondual experience

You forgot to mention very important nuance of this waking up adventure. When you start to wake up you become aware that you have done it innumerable times before. It is nothing new for YOU. You are coming back home yet again.

YOU are in endless circle of waking up and forgetting yourself.

You are sharing those experiences to ‘others’ but please remember there is only YOU.

We have been talking to ourselves forever Don’t be to excited It happens to us all the time. We are ‘born’, we live our lives desperately looking to become whole again, and then we wake up We are very very very excited for a while, but then we realize that there is nothing to be excited about We can’t escape from ourselves. We always come back home We always wake up But then we ‘die’ and forget again, and this go on forever Ha ha ha! We wake up and then we fall asleep again and again and again and again…. Each time we start from scratch. Each time we wake up we believe we have finally nailed it WE are infinity. We have created infinite trap for ourselves Ha ha ha ha ha!

WE. WHOLE. ‘One day decided’ to split in half And we did Doing that we forgot about our wholeness. And now one half eats the other for its imaginary survival! We are inflicting pain and killing ourselves in innumerable ways forever! Ha ha ha ha ha! WE can’t escape, because there is no where to escape! WE ARE ALL THERE IS! Shah mat my love

Warm hugs to you Leo. LOVE YOU know what it means now

Kev says:

Like, an infinite loop lol

Unfolder says:

Well put! I totally recognize the decision to split. In order to experience itself, the All has to (imaginarily) split itself. And that’s where the game starts. Like two mirrors facing eachother, the One beholds itself….

Unfolder says:

An attempt:

The Light casts a shadow on itself
Now a self-reflecting mirror
Life beholds its own projection
Always keeping mind in mind

The One stares itself right in the eye
A beginning of the Endless
Spawning of polarities
So leaving solitude behind

The Self starts a game of drawing lines
It’s the first manifestation
Simple fractals complicating
An existence to behold

The Source longs to realize itself
It’s the first manifestation
“I AM” always resonating
as the Universe unfolds

Isak says:

Hello Leo, thanks for the wonderful, amazing video.

I did my first 5meo 2 days ago, with vaporized toad venom, and your video is what I decided to rewatch the night before the session. When I told my guide that all psychedelics I have tried seem to take much much more than the normal dose for most people, she offered me the choice to do 1 dose, 50 mg, or 1 dose and a half, 75 mg. I did a dose and half, 75 mg vaporized. And felt almost nothing.

Leo Gura says:

That’s very odd. That much should have blown you away.

Seems like you have some kind of genetic natural tolerance, which is quite unusual.

Neo says:

75mg of what though? chalk powder. Most of this stuff is put together by people in back street operations and it’s not without risk.

George says:

Leo, highly interesting and I’m going to go ahead with taking 5-MeO-DMT. My concern is not to be in a room with sharp corners. I live in a large house which also has a lot of balconies. Is there a real danger of throwing myself off one of them or banging my head against a sharp corner? The only safe rooms are those with balconies. This is a real issue as I believe my ego could really put up a big fight

Also, you posted a link for a testing kit. Would this completely resolve the issue of whether the 5-MeO-DMT I buy is good quality or not?

Thanks in advance for any advice. I am a serious about this and about my path.

Na zdravi..

Leo Gura says:

That depends on you.

For me, that would not be a problem on 5-meo. Just lock the doors and you should be fine.

Nothing will guarantee you anything. But the test kit is a reasonably reliable way to tell if you got the real deal if you got the substance from a reliable source in the first place.

George says:

Thanks Leo, I appreciate your reply.

Another quick question – is there any reason why this video (5-meo-dmt) isn’t available on the audio downloads? I’ve been through the list a few times and can’t find it. Though your latest video low-quality-vs-high-quality-consciousness is on there. Thanks again.

Leo Gura says:

It was a bug. Fixed it.

George says:

Thank you.

Also to mention when I post a comment, a 404 error page comes up (after I’ve clicked Submit). The comment is still posted but this is something I thought you’d like to know about.

Plus after ticking the ‘Notify me of replies to my comment via email’ box below – replies actually don’t come through via email.

Neither of these are issues from my side, just thought you’d like to know.


Emily says:

Hi Leo,

From my experience with DMT (and I have no idea whether it was MeO-DMT, MeS-DMT, or just plain DMT – I just took whatever I could find at the time), I have had several different experiences (visions) with some variation of the same conclusion: that we are not our bodies. “We” are pure energy. And I put “we” in quotation marks because “we” is an Ego thing. I’m just curious if that’s just me or if that is kind of a universal understanding when you’ve reached a certain level of consciousness. I’m certain I have more work to do toward enlightenment (isn’t that the point? that we keep on going and going and going…etc? because enlightenment isn’t the end? there is no end?) Now I’m just thought vomiting.. Anyway, what I wanted to know is what were your visions? Many people I’ve talked to who’ve done it have vastly different experiences from mine, but we all converge on the idea that there’s so much more out there that we can’t experience unless we allow ourselves to leave our bodies. Is that kind of along the lines of what you experienced?

I will try snorting it next time. I think you’re right and that’s the better option.


Ben says:

What I find concerning is that some people may not be ready and/or may have underlying mental issues and may completely lose their mind experimenting with such substances

Mleina says:

I live in Brazil and have been taking Ayahuasca for the past 2 years.

As you said in your video, the hardest part is to separate ego from divine.

But once you are able to allow God to enter you, the Love you feel is indescribable! It’s the most wonderful experience in the world (and I’ve had to kids!!!)

Bottom line is, all those pills, plants, etc, being 5-meo, Ayahuasca, mushrooms, Ibogaina, are the technologies the planet desperately needs!!! People need to wake up and realize what really matter!!! It’s not to have another phone or car, but to love and be loved in the most pure way possible!

Thank you so much for bringing this subject to the world to see!!!!

Cody says:

Hey Leo,
I have been preparing for DMT for months now, through meditation and working on breaking down my ego.
I have experience with psychedelics and one of the things holding me back from trying DMT is my horrible experience with Salvia. Do you know anything about this substance and if so, is it comparable to DMT? When I used Salvia I completely lost touch of reality and thought I was becoming the furniture I was sitting on. My surroundings became very foreign to me and I had even forgotten that I had smoked Salvia. I also experienced panic that the effects were permanent.
I know that I am not in the mental state to try Salvia again, does this mean I should not try DMT?
Thanks, keep up the good work.

unfolder says:

Hey Cody,

I can relate here. My Salvia experiences are by far the weirdest of my life. It’s a totally different experience than all other classical psychedelics, including DMT. In my experience, the similarity between DMT and Salvia is in the mind-blowing power to replace the reality you’re in. But with Salvia, everything can lose its meaning, and you seem to be sucked into the physical, material existence more and more, to such a degree that you actually merge with your surroundings. Becoming furniture, feeling extreme gravity, membranes pulling you down, feeling like a cell in a huge structure, realizing that you are this heavy endless membrane that has folded in on itself so many times that it has forgotten that it’s totally alone. For eternity. Like waking up from the matrix, to a more ‘real’ place. To me, DMT is much more ethereal, subtle, moving more towards higher states of consciousness in which you detach from your body and enter heavenly realms and encounter light beings and such. I’m talking about NN-DMT here. I have no experience with 5-MEO yet, but apparently there you skip all the mythical stories and realize you are god immediately. I hope this helps

KathyGermany says:

Set and setting… My friends recommended DMT to me but I feel…ehm…still too excited and litte bit of worrying so I wont try until I feel absolutely sure. I recommend not to take ANYthing of what you dont feel sure and safe about. With nineteen I tried acid with my buddhist friends and before I always felt curious and sure about it and the experiences were wonderful. You don’t have to make all experiences yourself! If you are connected to a teacher you might include his experience just mentally… In Amsterdam I was in SantoDaime Church where we made a ceremony with Ayahuasca… It wasn’t bad but I think I was too young for it and don’t remember much. My boyfriend that times felt having a return to birth and his mother and said it was healing for him.
It is essential for any experience equal sex or drugs:
1. Set and setting – just do with people you trust in a setting you feel comfortable.
2. Trust your feelings – if you feel any resistance or attention – you might not be ready.

Marlen says:

Wow, freaking awesome man , such a taboo topic for most. Another tool in the toolbox to use on the journey. Took me back to ” The Island” by A.H. Never come across the 5-Meo prefix before even when reading about the brains natural production, guess there’s some research to do.
Many Thanks

Sergiu says:

How can seeing myself as an elf can enlighten me? I think altering your brain with psychedelics has nothing to do with enlightenment. It’s insane thinking that you’ve discovered the great TRUTH by temporarily altering your chemicals in the brain. Drunks could say they have found nirvana, too. It’s crazy.

Leo Gura says:

It will certainly seem that way from your perspective, because you have no idea yet how consciousness works and what reality really is.

Only one way to find out

Saksin says:

Do you have experience with 5-MeO-DMT? If not, how can you compare its effects to those of TM? I know a number of people who are long-term practitioners of TM, yet for none of them do I have even a hint that they “are in that god state all the time”, if “god state” is to mean anything other than the ordinary human waking state. I say this without having any ax to grind on behalf of 5-MeO-DMT, which I have not tried.

Saksin says:

Sorry, that comment of mine was meant to be in reply to cindy, of September 26.

Jose says:

Thanks so much Leo for the video. Excellent synthesis! You have no idea the interest that I have to follow you on this journey.

I have followed you for years and you are creating with all your content a very credible, solid and empirical model to achieve enlightenment. I really feel that you are in the right direction with the 5-MeO and I’m very sure that your theory of achieving a permanent state is going to work for you. What a great experience you have ahead, I can’t wait to hear the results!

All the best,


Yann says:

Very interesting the way you decribe infinity. Really a paradigm shift, it’s not the state of mind we have. As you say, we usually think : ok there is possibly an infinite space, an infinite time, but somehow we can’t help thinking, in the back of our mind, that we are the epicentre of all this. But actual, absolute infinity of everything is a completely different state of affairs, as you point out. And as simple ego, very difficult to comprehend.

Bill says:

Hello Leo! Great work my friend.

Could you provide a reputable source for 5 meo-dmt?

I appreciate your time and look forward to more of your work.

-Bill Helton

Floris says:

HOOOOLLLYYYY CRAAPPP. Holy fucking crap, holy fucking balls. Couldn’t do it at the end, couldn’t die completely, must have stayed in doubt about dying completely and not quiet ready to release everything completely for like 10 minutes, but could see where this thing was going: Dying COMPLETELY and becoming god. I stayed at this line for the duration of the peak, not quiet sure to take the leap. Holy fucking christ. Ohh man, it would be nice if this thing could go a bit smoother than really honestly dying right. I’m probably going to snort this fucking retarted stuff next week again and the thought will then arise after 5 minutes ‘ohhh man, I don’t want to die, this isn’t what I want AT ALL’ again. You know there is no-one to die, no-one to be scared, but even though that is true, it’s not easy at all lol.
Have you found the courage to take this stuff again leo? Not sure if I’m willing to let go completely the next time, maybe I should just take more? FUCK that is going to be scary. LOL

Leo Gura says:

That’s pretty much it. The price for true ecstasy is your self.

Because God is just self-less-ness. To become infinite requires you stop being finite.

Floris says:

Okay, so basically I took the around the same amount of 5 meo, and also basically the same thing happened. Didn’t let go all the way, when things started to become .. well you know.. Ego tries finding something to hold on -even it’s obvious it’s all just empty belief- to whatever, it doesn’t care what it holds on to.
The heartbeat rises very very high when on the brink of being absorbed/going, and then the ego seems to be enough believed in the thought “if surrendering fully, wouldn’t the heartbeat go so fast that physical dead might follow?” to not go all the way and to say “okay let’s just take this intensity down a notch, let’s settle a bit to blahblahblah”.
Do you think actual physical dead might follow due to the heart-rate going too high?

Floris says:

Hello, I’d like an respons because used this again, but this time armed with an heart-rate monitor app.
Snorted this stuff and waited until it started again. When it started working (like reality exploding on experience), opened the app and checked the heart-rate, first thing noticed ‘this ain’t good’. The app showed the weirdest unstable line, which didn’t look very healthy haha. Although the rating kept suggesting something in between 70 to 145, but it’s hard to tell. Frankly I kept feeling like the heart was going like 200 but the app kept saying like 120 or something, which was weird, but I realized that the feeling of heart going 200bpm could be caused by time seeming to run 3times as fast. One moment the heart-rate on the app didn’t show any heart rate anymore and I thought I died (experience was completely silent then too) ‘fuck’ said a thought, although it COULD also be caused by not having placed the finger properly on the scannerthing.
There is not so much fear for surrendering anymore, but if there’s a chance for actual physical dead than it wouldn’t be okay to surrender fully. Already did some research but couldn’t find that this stuff is actually causes people to die (except when mixed with other drugs. Any thoughts?

damoon says:

I haven’t actually watched this video yet , but apparantly you have changed your way toward enlightenment , I’ve been watching your videos for two years now , I started using drugs by the time and by drugs I mean weed but excessive use of it . and just this April I took a trip by taking LSD and it was amazing. I think there’s no tuning back from using these substances . Look at yourself , these are considered the most effective and probably the most dangerous of all drugs and you’re taking them n your so called research . there’s no turning back . unfortunately these drugs are very very hard to get in where I live . I mean people don’t even what LSD is .
YOU ARE my guide through this stuff and I know you’re taking it seriously to get to the bottom of this.

Tobias says:

Hey Leo!

The last 6 years ive been doing alot of self-actualizing and been trough alot of psychadelics my mind was a fucking machine and nothing seemed impossible for me. I thought no one could break me and i felt like i had a super power. My social skills was sky high and i was extremely aware of everything that happened to me Except 1 thing that happened, i was also extremely happy. But 1 year ago i met this girl that just fucked me up (i was selling some psychadelics beside the relationship so i wasnt that aware of what she was doing at that point) and i ended up och the hospital total confused, big life crisis and had a psychosis. She wanted to revenge on someone i used to date. Now 1 year later i dont know what to do with myself and life anymore ive been studying self development since then and found you about 6 month ago. I totally agree with everything you are teaching and i understands you to 100%. The only thing i want in life is to become as conscious as i was before. i am really scared i cant become like that anymore. I dont know if i dare to take psychadelics but i most certain want to. I just dont want to end up with another psychosis! my reputation is now down to the ground and my energy level have reached rock bottom, no one respect me anymore. i am scared, stressed, worried everyday and depressed. My life went from total awesomeness to a total disaster. i try to do everything i did before. Meditation, beeing in nature, eating healthy, work out, educate and socialize but its seems like a far to long way to go. If even possible. now i have a weakness out there. no fun. im start to lose hope. What do you think about this? Is this a restart on my conscious trip? What can i do? Help?!

Great blessings, Tobias

barbara says:

no you should not!
the drugs are not you, they are external and they can only react with what is already there.
you should learn from what happened when you fell.
you fell because you were unaware of the person abusing you. maybe because the drugs were like a pink filter in your mind.
and because of the drugs you fell deeper than you would have fallen without.
if you take them with fright now- who knows what might happen!

how you felt then, was you reacting with the drug – the drug can only be a key to something already inside of you – i hope you have learned enough of it so you can find a way to the good feeling that is already inside of you – you just have to take the longer path up the hill now, not the rocket.

barbara says:

oh sorry, didn’t know leo was talking about frog poison – well could be an answer – the question is what kind of frog poison you will choose – if i was you i would go for kambo more than for 5dmo, with your story.

Meena says:

Hi Leo-
Deeply intrigued and inspired by your
videos. Especially the “most far out” ones such as this one.
I resonate with Taoism quite a bit and it sounds like with your understanding of non-duality, you might as well on some level. So.. does attempting to achieve
enlightenment cancel any thing out? As far as
the art of non doing.. non achieving… what are your
thoughts? And another thing.. in your last video where you
described your experience in great detail- you mention an overwhelming
sense of love- pouring into your throat etc.
I’ve recently read “Proof of Heaven” bun Eben Alexander and listened to “Divine Love” by Wayne Dyer. The core of your message is in both of
these. I guess what I’m asking is you have noticed in yourself
a stronger desire to act with love in your ego driven “normal”


Gary Ehlenberger says:

I smoked toad 2 times. Being Emptiness! Becoming the strange loop. 0 times infinity= any number. The resolution of the One/Many problem. I carry pseudo-infinity in my pocket. Pseudo-infinity is the finite set of DIFFERENT images that a digital camera can take. The images can be generated by a simple binary bit add program.

Kal says:

Appalling how many are falling for this.

barbara says:

wow, i’m shocked how you are selling some of your egos beliefs, like a guru. as if they would be truth and you already knew everything.
did it never occur to you that these things are really really dangerous to people who are not ready for that? that they are just a vehicle but the enlightenment is not the method – the enlightenment is already in the brain or it is not! those methods yes they are extreme, they are russian roulette. don’t you know how close enlightenment and madness are to each other?
if you want to enforce that, even the brain is not ready yet, the brain can be damaged!
sometimes to the point where it can’t be fixed anymore.

you really should take responsibility here leo!
i hope this is enlightening enough

barbara says:

and by the way – the brain does exist as everything else does – and even breaking it down to the point where existence reaching infinity or nothingness or how ever we want to call it – and yes i have seen it too – doesn’t change anything about the fact: that it still is like it is and not different from what it is – the perfection of chaos creating itself until it makes sense in just maybe some dimensions.
but even though an illusion (if you call it an illusion just because there is a point where it is indeffinitely possible) doesn’t change the fact that it is built out of layers and layers of the things those indefinite possibilities form until it is not an illusion anymore – for you, for me and everything else here in our dimension.
and no it is not just you and not just me, and we are not the same (of course we are with everything else the existing versus the non existing).
so do you get it? the only answer is: enjoy it love it make it better and more beautiful show and live compassion and love for all living beings, that is the only answer you will get everything else will lead to deconstruction until nothing is left.

barbara says:

leo, sorry for getting a little aggressive here – i’m just in protective mode, not for myself, i already faced death and eternity in its cruel and beautiful way..
and i did some things without reflection when i was younger, that made me realize that there is a very small separation between a deeper way of understanding and madness.
i just don’t like some developments that you are making – especially those without compromises, they make you seem cold and too much in the theoretical world of your brain, like trapped.
so i’m protective of people who are a little mislead by some topics and also protective of leo because i think he missed some links.
some essentials – i hope you will come back, healthy, after your one month of meditation having experienced them! and work on fixing some of the smal mistakes you might see then.
and because you can’t answer at the moment, it’s unfair to criticize.
somehow i also post here and there, just commenting randomly, almost trolling, so i will go to the forum from now on.
was just so alarmed about many recent topics – not the topics themselves but some of your conclusions, or the way you presented them.
because i feel and see you still miss on something it’s not complete.
for most of your work, i’m either thankful or already had verry similar thoughts or can agree to and some i might not get completely.

saurabh tiwari says:

hey leo, I am interested in taking this substance but I am not sure is it safe to buy from online vendors?

Rebecca Sinclair says:

How does one buy from online vendors?

Rebecca Sinclair says:

Oh cool. Not 6 to 10 hour trips. I can do some minutes of anything without drawing attention. My own death huh? I have been considering focusing on dying
so that it’s not such a big deal this time. A lot of this life has been about resolution of stuff I have been dragging around lifetime after lifetime. Reversing the Pick Up game took a lot of time and I gave myself a lot of collateral damage but it’s good to Know Ego don’t have to suffer emulating any Mary’s anymore. (That’s not a grammatical mistake. To say “I” in Greek we say “ego”. How can I have an I? I is the first person name I call myself in English. Ego is the first person name I call myself in Greek. I don’t have an ego. I am Ego. Ego eme Becky. I am Becky. See?)

This concurrent lives thing I’m onto is pretty interesting. One now, no ego. Total and concurrent illusion of all my choices. Total cause. 100% responsibility. Ho’oponopono. Forgive me for thinking I am effect. I am sorry. Thank you. I love you. Did I think of this point of view by myself? Is anybody else aware of it? Concurrency I mean. Oh please! Lots of somebodies have to be!
Leo! Pipe in on this one even if it is just to suggest a book to read!

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