Motivational Speech - Oct 2021

By Leo Gura - October 19, 2021 | 2 Comments

This talk will motivate you to get serious about building your life

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Jonathan says:

Thanks for your work Leo.
You helped me through some really bad times and even though i am not fully out of it yet, i feel like i am on a good way.
A lot of things you said in this video gave me a lot to think about and i will work on implementing all those ideas into my life.
Luckily i feel better now, but the last year i was held back really bad by some health conditions. I think, even though its maybe some kind of niche topic, that some thoughts around that could also help a lot of people. Because when i watched your video, i often thought ” i can really resonate with, what Leo is saying here, but i am not so sure, if it would be the same, when my heatth situation would be still as bad as it was a year ago.
To the video: i think your thoughts on the spiritual connection you gotta have to build the motivation and engagenment in life is point on. I often wanted to build strong habits to self actualize, but didnt fell really interested, in what the world is offering me material wise. So i think you emphasizing this point moved something in me. I will take your advice and take some days off just to think about all you have said and also life and my life in general. I want to make big changes in my life. I want to feel happy again as i felt in the past. I know i am capable of it.
Again i thank you a lot.

Laura says:

Agreed about the mental masturbation. It’s so easy to fall into that trap. Thanks for the tough love Leo this speech was great.

Action for me means -up at 4am to Meditate, do yoga postures and read before my kids get up.
Stay present and appreciate the moments throughout the day as much as possible by spending time in nature.
Journal morning and evening. Show gratitude for my existence.
10000 steps while they sleep and I listen to a philosophical book or lecture.
Study and add to commonplace book in the evening
No social media at all. I wish I didn’t even need a phone tbh. I don’t have time for distractions.
Eating clean and drinking clean water
Good luck everyone let’s smash it and raise the world consciousness!!! Someone’s gotta do it

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