The Social Matrix

By Leo Gura - July 26, 2021 | 4 Comments

How society is a mass hallucination

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Max Gron says:

I found out is a scam, I don’t give a shit about logicians, they’re all playing the logical game and they use logic to lie. You’re not a spiritual post-rational man, you’re a logician, why does logic hurt? I don’t want to hear things like strawman, it begs the question, appeal to authority, or anything like that, I don’t want intellectuals like you telling lies!

Ann Brown says:

Leo is brilliant.

Max Gron says:

I’m trying not to think’s a scam, there might be some truth in what you’re saying, I didn’t think you were delusional nor did I think you were lying, the reality is people don’t make up their own beliefs and when they’re non-conformist it’s conformist, conspiracy theorists are all part of one subculture, but I suppose nothing is self-standing, not even you, as we’re all connected making the very fabric of reality.

Max Gron says:

One more thing Leo, I tried your version of “escaping from the social matrix” and it worked, as many of your videos don’t work but I continue trying your methods anyway. In earlier times I had “fake growth” and now I’m on to real growth.
Furthermore about getting out of the social matrix (I know my comment has to be on topic), I saw your video before and saw those disgusting bound feet on a Wikipedia page, and this cruelty is my mind as you said, that’s what society’s done to me, as follows: made complications in my life, medicated all people normal or not whenever everyone is jealous of their success, and simply thinking I’m a narcissist just because I act in a successful way.
Away from the social matrix I found the alternative: independent thinking, inventing my own diet (a bread-, pasta-, noodle-, wheat-, rice-, and corn-free no-meat vegetarian diet of vegetables, herbs, honey, grains, water, wine, dates, figs, berries, cheese, and alkaline digestive enzymes), and being a Scotist instead of a religion with rules or having no religion with no rules.

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