The 9 Stages Of Ego Development - Part 1

By Leo Gura - September 1, 2020 | 5 Comments

Presenting Susanne Cook-Greuter’s developmental psychology research


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Elvis Noorlander says:

Hi Leo,
The mp3 download link for this video is not working correct. I think that “-part-1” at the end is missing in the link.
The file is downloadable if you change the link a bit in de navigation bar. My simple conclusion: the mp3 file is on the server and the link is incomplete.
I’m sure you can fix this minor problem!

Thank you for all the beautiful work you do! I love it!

Mag says:

Thank you!!!
This is a life-changing gem! Can’t wait to watch part 2 tomorrow.

Houssein Shaban says:

Finally we can move onto another model other than spiral dynamics.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Pfft! Individual with our own kind of values! Come on! There’s three levels of man: normal, weird and in between, and the other three levels: good, evil and indifferent. Everyone who doesn’t fit in this one extreme: normal and good, is wrong and bad and unworthy of the pride of my history, scope and tradition. I used to be at the expert stage and was lowered in the bar to the conformist by my very small society (Oldfield House), what other way can it be?
I’m only concerned with doing the right task, I don’t do things right, I do right things, nor do I do things wrong. I can only, after all the bullshit, follow all my routines like the mainstream. There’s no problem with breaking my routines, and becoming normal in breaking the routines, there’s only mainstream of not breaking a single routine, I’m defined as: mimicking everybody else, average, mundane, usual, typical, not weird, different or special, by 94%.
When I change back to myself exactly the way I was down to all those particular multiple beliefs I had, I’m absolutely the same as I used to be, not with the minutest differingness of myself.
Everything that fits with my traditions is the mundane task of pride of being at the rised above level of a decent reality, it’s so, although I’m not the one who’s a bigoted person. I’m keeping it authentic, I love myself for who I am, being consistent. Normal means it’s regular, thus consistent, it has a system, that system is a structure of regular activities, it’s harmonious, agreeing to its consistent system, with a consistent whole.

Max Gron says:

I’m mostly the conformist, and a little bit the achiever and the opportunist, and even less the impulsive, I fit a little bit into needing care to lay down the rules when I prefer my own rules and autonomy, and independence. As an opportunist I it’s all about me and I don’t think of the consequences my actions have on others, and I double down on continuing to be good only by not getting caught, despite the negative consequences, receiving the blame, and having trouble being accepted, seen as irresponsible, as the achiever I think on behalf of the group and care only for myself, on behalf of my mother, and want to achieve success and achievement, and want to deal with business like a professional, as the conformist I only want my beliefs, my religions and ideologies and anything different to that is a threat to my pride and identity, and I’m very well versed on a strict morality, Puritanism and therefore fundamentalist Christianity. I’m working on staying only at one stage: the conformist stage, just to have my sense of pride of family, music, etc and tradition.

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