Life, It's All A Mind Game

By Leo Gura - September 14, 2021 | 3 Comments

Bias, mind, love, and God explained

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Jevon says:

Just str8 up callin out his mom ahah

Jevon says:

I appreciate you Leo thank you for being vulnerable enough to share parts of your personal to help get a point a cross.

KAREN says:

LOVE IS. For it to appear to move or flow imaginary point of reference “I” is created, then “other”. The seeming separation creates time and space which mind games rely on. If “I” collapses LOVE IS. When “I” comes back mind games have resumed. LOVE IS with or without “I”. “I” exists only with LOVE. LOVE does not need “I”. That is the hardest realization for I(me) to accept. Mind games distract me from this TRUTH, but also make LOVE appear to flow in time and space.

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