Leo Hits Rock Bottom

By Leo Gura - August 14, 2017 | 14 Comments

EVERYTHING understood. An update on my journey.

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Sevi says:

Thank you very much indeed for shifting the attention back to Truth when it is hypnotized by the life illusion. I appreciate your efforts.

Ryan says:

Leo, really good video again. A most beautifully concise expression of all this, for me, is “Dream Operator” by Talking Heads. Also check out the film version with the fashion show and notice the outfits, especially the “walled-in” outfits…

awhatever says:

Very good, bro. Just take your time, watch your health and almost certainly it’s up up up the stairway to heaven for you, congratulations.

From what I gather, would you say it was fair to describe your experience as, seeming to be on the surface of a sphere having all within yourself and yet to be at each point of it simultaneously? or
A feeling of having become that which is pure Unity, containing all multiplicity though not showing any separateness?

Imo Leo IS an enlightened wiseman. Perhaps not capital-E Enlightened like some master teacher yet nevertheless anyone who can readily distinguish a mere wannabe from a genuine sage possess the same basic intellectual understanding as his mentors (and therefore as veracious about ultimate reality) although lacking full integration which normally takes quite some time, though it seems fair to say nature provides tools that can hasten the process (incidentally do you really think E.T. sat out on those park benches in oh-Canada consuming nothing more potent than mere bread and water! It’s no wonder he refuses to answer drug related questions, afaia, feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken).

To anyone disappointed or taken aback by our hosts concentration on so-called spiritual endeavors in contrast to the relatively more worldly pursuits addressed in earlier videos, try not to waste your time seeking who or what to blame, as what transpired I assure you was/is inevitable. Someone with that kind of brain/mind can only find satifaction as a son of God, the pinacle of human challenges and the answer with-in-which all other answers abide. So dont let me see any of that!

More seriously, as usual one’s love of Truth is to blame and clearly this was part of the man long before actualized.org was birth (And I thought I was lame– first shag at age 26, holy toledo, must have gone through a hell of a lot kleenix!).
Ok well I tried to stay serious anyway, but being a comic at heart buys me a pass.

What else…well only that this message is a version of a previously atempted one that failed both the lemon test and a few special character checks, so this time no asterisks, no hearts or other cool symbols.
I’d love to know why the program, after the final no-go, sends out a full size copy of my text with an accusation related to spam, wtf? anyone, thanks,
Signed: Sinking in New England

Elisabeth says:

Leo, thank you very much for sharing your journey with us!

Gary K says:

It seems meditation is about reducing the higher brain functions to that of the lower brain.. Scant “Peace and Happiness” is the goal.. A recent meditation of mine was to imagine existence as an iguana.. Perched on a branch, nose upturned, sensing the warmth of the sun.. That’s it.. And that’s a good meditation.. It turns off All but the reptile brain.. But This Video?? Complete opposite of reptile brain stuff.. Yet, as peaceful and happy as that iguana.. Poor Adam and Eve.. Once they Knew (of the knowledge of good and evil) they knew (thru reason) that they never needed to know (what they learned).. But that’s human nature, or Higher Mind.. Always seeking more, and never happy.. Until it is.. The happiness of the sunrise on a branch.. Thanx Leo, the mind you’ve expanded is not your own (only).

Steve says:

Fantastic video, very inspiring, thanks for sharing your experience Leo

Abhijeeth says:

Leo , You are not enlightened . You experience great things only when you consume a chemical substance.
My question is If u keep doing this all us life , will you get enlightened ? Or will u only have TEMPERORY EXPERIENCES and DIE ond day ?


Then isn’t it sensible for us to Listen to a PERMANANTLY ENLIGHTENED BEING ( Like SADHGURU ) who knows HOW TO MAKE PEOPLE enlightened PERMANANTLY ?

Jaosn Goldberg says:

Sadly your shallow understanding comes from taking psychedelics through which you dont experience awakening. They only give you a simulation of it and project whats already running in your thoughts. There is enough evidence to prove that psychedelics cause permanent damage to the central nervous system. Yet its sad to see so many people ignoring the warnings and destroy their life.

Javier says:

Jaosn, your beliefs are understandable given gov’t efforts in the 1960’s and 70’s to seed fear of psychedelics. The real mounting scientific evidence is that psychedelics reduce inflammation and improve neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. Not to say that psychedelics are the solution, but they can be a useful tool for introspection and mind expansion. It is naive to say that the insights gained through chemical induced altered states are less valid than those gained through other means. When properly used and integrated into daily life, they are powerful catalysts for spiritual growth and self-actualization. These are real, permanent improvements, not just the temporary high that non-serious dabblers assume is all they can expect. But, like with any tool, it all depends on the work, intent, and persistence the individual brings to it.

A beautiful articulation my friend!

You have been concise and eloquent with your descriptions and generous in your sharing… really excellent work!

I endeavor to accomplish my own similarly clear presentation, although, my primary vehicle is the terribly illusive and tedious application of direct experiencial observation via the brush and paint (ala plien air)… and very limited access to psychedelics!

A slow and constant pressure,
transforms effort into pleasure,
and our work… becomes our leisure.

Be well. Thank you.

Aditya says:


stephanie says:

I appreciate all the work you have done that is also a big apart of my “awakening” journey. Even though I’m watching you melrely on a screen I notice big dark cirlces under your eyes. And as with so many spiritual teachers I have started to listen to and eventually stop, I feel this is what’s about to happen here as well. Almost a bit sad here on my end, but it’s ok, because even that has it’s purpose for my journey. All the best to you, Leo, and much love.

Harry says:

I have found your video worth a watch, since one can sense the nothingness of everything and still breath, live and create.

There is a long way ahead, but one day this quote reached my eyes and I think its the right time to share it with you. I hope you will understand it soon.

“Naivety is a force the astute should not despise.”

Gen says:

Yes, Leo.
Ambiguity is at the seat of everything. There is order in the random chaos as much as there is lack of order. Reality is a fallacy, and so is the lack of reality. But then again, fallacies don’t really exist either. Perhaps only in a manner of speaking.
Now, forget what you think you know about your experience and start again.
That is all there is.

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