AL-LAD Trip Report

By Leo Gura - February 27, 2017 | 42 Comments

A powerful new tool for consciousness work

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Jav says:

Cheers for the report Leo. What about love? Were you surrounded by deep love while on the experience?

Leo Gura says:

No, love wasn’t a prominent feature of this experience.

Lots of beauty though.

Michael says:

so happy you got there…finally…but the real question is how to chanel the power of insight into day to day life.

Thank you

Marcus says:

Ah… to have a intimate understanding that we are nothing but layers upon layers of nothing to the point when the mind thinks it perceives something… which is still actually nothing at all. And true consciousness says YES.


Denis says:

Now you understand why enlightened spiritual teachers only use words as pointers. Enlightened state is not something that can be described because it is beyond concepts. Same thing with the experiences you have while using psychedelics. So like you say Leo there is no substitute for experience.

David says:

I must say it is so refreshing to hear you speak on the topic of expanding your consciousness and enlightenment. I’ve been doing consciousness work and inquiry for a few years. Currently I have been using the transcendental meditation technique. I like it because it’s pretty effortless vs the contemplation technique. I’ve read 45 books on the topic so fare. Must people just don’t understand The concepts and some of the insights that I’ve been trying to relate to them. My wife and kids are just not interested. So, except for the limited engagement with the TM community, i do the work alone. It’s great to hear your videos and know there are other people out there interested into the deeper mysteries about consciousness and reality. Keep up the good work.

brian says:

Right on ,

Shinzen young video gets 300 hits and a dancing dog off X factor gets 84,000,000 hits . something wrong somewhere

Nishant says:

Thanks for the video Leo. Really inspiring.

It is a problem to acquire these psychedelics in places like India. I have been trying to look for vendors online, etc. Looks like it takes special skills to score these substances.

Can you record a video showing how can we score 5-Meo-DMT and Al-LAD?


Abhijeeth says:


Most ENLIGHTENED BEINGS do not RECOMMEND Psychedelics. That makes me worried whether you will get enlightened permanently .. ??

Leo Gura says:

Most enlightened gurus have never tried 5-meo-dmt.

Biljana says:

Hey wonderful men!What about ayahuasca?Can it fit into this concept?

Leo Gura says:

I haven’t tried it, but sure.

Flynn says:

Nice video, Leo. Any insight on a trustworthy source for obtaining? Looks like there’s a lot of websites selling it.

walt says:

The problem with human consciousness and cognition can be illuminated and temporarily alleviated with psychedelics. I have used them myself. The problem with physical reality won’t go away, however. I assume this is why so many hippies ended up in India looking for a guru. Perhaps modern medicine will eventually find a way to tweak the brain in such a way so it no longer afflicts humans with fear and identification. The degree of human suffering is immense and tragic. We tend to moralize about this instead of confronting stark reality. The vast majority of us live in a dream we could also call a nightmare. People desperately try to escape this reality with all sorts of things from alcohol to shopping to sex. The diversions are endless and most of us gladly use them to escape awareness, not deepen it. Who are we? What is our essential nature? At best, we’re semi-conscious entities groping in the dark for the key to unlock this cage we’re in.

Sophie says:

Hey Leo!
I love your videos, but most of all this one!
I had a symilar experience in salvia divinorum (just the plain natural leaf not an extract or a powerful compound)
I think once we have one of these experiences in psychedelics, the next ones just add up to that, seem to be the road that our mind takes us to and expands.
I love it!
Thanks for this!

Lee says:

What is death? What is life?. Walk the psychedelic knife. Slice the mind through realities door. Where visions of the nothingness go. Monkey mind is laid to rest, and for our sanity, this is best. Unlock the answers from within, too become the conscious king. Leo I can see a huge shift in your perspective on reality as you now see it. And if I ever had doubts to my pursuit of this, it has been put to rest. Enjoy your new freedom

Linda Klapak says:

Thanks Leo for this beautiful and lucid description. I have read and heard many non-dual speakers on the fundamental nothingness, but your description and understanding brought authenticity and life to this knowing. I want to dive deeper. Linda

Sean T says:

Thanks for sharing Leo! This one was particularly inspiring for me, to the extent that I feel called to give feedback.

Lately I’ve found myself to be frequenting your site to check for updates because I really do value what you have to offer, but I also find myself sporadically distracted by the condescending demeanor that sometimes surfaces in your expression. I see this as an ego block for me to contemplate overcoming in my own inquiry (and I wonder if you may as well).

With that said, I love that segment in this where you humble yourself, and your work -even calling it pathetic. While that seems a bit extreme, I have to say that I was proud to hear that you do recognize the paradoxical nature of “teaching” enlightenment –as if it were “necessary” or even Can be accomplished.

Then, you went on to speak to the listener directly describing them as the naive type of person that may irresponsibly take psychedelics willy-nilly -again condescending the audience in an assumption that we are all sheep simply window shopping for enlightenment on youtube. Although that may be a safe bet -what if you chose to envision your audience as a peer, someone at the same level as you -a friend, even..someone you might have a deep discourse with, just for fun! Hell, what if you even revered your audience as if We were the guru and you were the student expressing what you’ve learned in a given session. Can you imagine the difference in your energy, attitude, and relationship with your work?

Let’s be honest, isn’t about Us, the audience, it’s about you, the creator. It’s about you sharing your light. WE are simply the mirrors. We don’t even exist, only You exist. Do you want to continue to engage with the aspect of You that is childish, in Serious need of higher perspective, and into doing “stupid shit” like having fun? Or are you ready for the reflection to evolve into the enlightened being that you want to embody? One that is willing to dance the dance, not out of necessity or obligation, but for the joy of Being in a living creation?

Much love, appreciation, and respect for you Leo! The light in me smiles at the light in you

Alan Travers says:

I think you hit the nail on the head there Sean. I have been studying and working on self development for years which lead me onto practicing enlightenment. One of the main things I learnt and learnt quickly was that you cannot teach it to anyone else, you can only show them the map.

Trying to tell people how to go about there life or judging them for things you might think are ‘stupid’ does not help them and it certainly doesn’t help you. This is the ego at play.

Leo says he tries to be forceful or arrogant on some topics to really get through to the viewer which is fair enough if your talking about some ‘consensus reality’ subject but it does not work for ‘symbolic reality’. His demeanour at times even in this video reveals that there is still a lot of ego there. Still trying to prove himself to the audience and still categorising a lot of his followers as as you mentioned….sheep.

This separation I fear will only hold him back from becoming enlightened himself and i feel the only way he will get there is by putting and end to and treading the rest of the path alone. Should he return if he ever manages to pass through then that would be interesting although as he mentions he may be communicating to us in a different form altogether by then!

Don’t get me wrong, I still watch all your vids Leo and they have been a massive help to me and my life. Keep walking the path. Love to all.

Nathan Millstone says:


I am a big fan of your work. I have been following you over a year now. I just want to ask- do you find it problematic to feel content in “regular life” after going through such beautiful experiences using substances like AL-LAD? Or does it just inspire you afterwards? Would love to hear your insights regarding that.


Leo Gura says:

No, it’s not problematic for me. Of course there is a desire for the higher consciousness states, but that’s fuel for the work.

Joff says:

Fucking make a video on Meditation generated Spiritual Purification, dammit.

Pamela says:

Hey! Just contemplating this humbling notion of nothingness and wondering about it. Would we not be able to experience and know nothingness without something-ness? In other words, how can anyone be in a conscious space where nothingness is all there is, and truly come to understand/experience it, unless they are something? It seems like two sides of a coin. Neither the something-ness nor the nothingness ARE the coin, but together they comprise the coin. Perhaps we cannot know something without the existence of nothing, and of course vice versa. Maybe you addressed this in the video, and I just need to watch it again…

Leo Gura says:

They are, and are not, two sides of the coin.

You cannot experience Nothingness. Nothingness is not an experience at all, and it’s certainly not accessible to a “you”. But you can BE Nothingness, because it’s the only thing there is. Of course a mind is necessary to bring the insight of Nothingness into the domain of consensus reality, or to self-reflect on it in a human sort of way.

Nothingness is the coin. That’s the paradox. Reality doesn’t exist.

Peace and Love says:

Hi Leo,

I’m in a master Reiki course and I would like permission to send you violet light to help you feel better. Would that be ok?

Leo Gura says:

Sure, thanks!

Peace and Love says:

Ok great! I’m taking the second half of my Reiki Master course on this Friday from 10am to 2pm EST time. So you will probably feel an energy shift around that time.

Peace and Love says:

Hi Leo,

Thank you for allowing me to practice reiki on you. You probably felt an energy shift around 9 0am PST this morning. Hopefully your right knee and your tummy have found some comfort and relief.

I wish you well. With Love and Light,
Peace and Love

Jes says:

Hi Leo!

I just heard you mention possibly doing a video on Shamanism… I totally vote yes for that idea!

Please & thank you!

Jessica says:

Hi Leo!!! Do you have any videos on your opinion of the illuminati, “the elite” and the government?

Leo Gura says:

I don’t cover such things. Focus on YOU, not on anything outside you. The real problems are all inside you.

Jessica says:

Ok. What about shamanism? Would love to hear your thoughts

Leo Gura says:

Shamanism in the future.

Marijn says:

Hi Leo, great video, thank you!

Please understand that your work (the ladder) is very importent. Preperation is everything! I think you are helping a lot of people to at least START the yourney. I personaly knew I was looking for something but it was not untill I watched some of your video s that I knew WHAT I was looking for.
Secundly, please do not underestimate your public. There are more of us who have gone deep and for who insanity has become sanity. But not all of us are as good in analysing and implementing as you are so your descriptions are very helpfull. What I am trying to say is don t be to afraid we aren t going deep enough and understand that it s your gift to help us with the work before and after.

I m happy for you that you decided to plan less and see what life has to offer. You don t need anything (wife children) to be happy. If you are quiet and listen, intuition will guide you.

Good luck. O I almost forgot. You don t have to have one set of core values. You can have a set for every layer of reality. So BEING can be your priority for the layer of nothingness and helping people can be your priority for the layer of illusion. All the layers are truth (within nonduality exists duality) but you need to experience the deepest level to understand the other levels. It is great that you feel drawn to the deepest level and want to focus only on that. But eventually you ll be able and content to live in all levels and give expression to your different sets of core values at the same time.

With love and thanks,

Yann says:

Dear Leo, I really wanted to experiment what you did. I’m 43, never took any substance in my life. I’ve got a rather stable existence. Married, a child. Steady job. A strong taste for philosophy (I studied that in high school, and I recently came back to it, even published two articles in french philosophy journals). I’m a rather comtemplative type of person, and, like you, be happy to know what reality ultimately is. So I tried two days ago some alad bought on the internet (a site beginning with c and 3 other letters), and it went really wrong (although I was perfectly alright the morning after). I first tried 75mg, but after more than an hour, nothing at all happened, so I took the other half, and then 40 min later, I could feel something. A bit nauseous, agitated. A few interesting distortion of things, though (my drying clothes were like dancing a little, and in rhythm, the fabric of a shirt was ondulating pretty nicely. But philosophical question: if you say that reality is like that, you’re back in naive realism, aren’t you? Anyway, all in all, my body could not hold it (although 150 is not an excessive dose, but perhaps it was more, or less than that. I’ll never know), and soon It started to feel oppressed. No psychological fear or anything, no vision of hell. Just physically oppressed. Then I called emergency number and went to the hospital. They checked my tension and heart beat (both high but not alarmingly). At that moment I felt very opprressed, with distortion of sense of duration, and some people faces ressembling people known from TV or else (I think this is common under these substances but ressembles lsd more isn’t it?). Funnily enough, they put me in a drunk tank (but left the door semi open, and the manners were nice) but this increased my sense of isolation and weakness. I was lying on a bed, but had to walk just to convince myself that I was still in regular reality. I also prayed because I felt in danger for my integrity, and ready to faint. Then they finaly gave me some valium (they could have given me this earlier, but I think they mistook me for drug addict and waited a bit for public morality purpose). The anditote finaly took effect and I could go back home. And, as I said, perfectly fine to get back to work the next morning. So my advise for first time users like me: check any contraindication (I think I didn’t have any), start with 75mc or less, do not redose if no effect. And most importantly: have some valium or equivalent with you, just in case. All the best to all of you

Leo Gura says:

A good example of how NOT to take psychedelics.

You failed to follow proper protocol, you played around with it like it was a toy, you didn’t surrender to the experience, you weren’t really interested in having truth revealed to you, and so you got what you got.

You’re lucky it was AL-LAD and not something more wicked, like mushrooms or LSD.

These substances will rip your reality apart. If you’re not excited about that prospect, don’t take them. You should be ready to have the entire universe disappear and to face death. You’re not doing existential inquiry unless your very existence is at stake.

Yann says:

I find your answer mostly unfair. Psychedelics are not only for people who have nothing to loose. You saw the words wife, kids, job, and you thought, ah, ah, this guy is just playing. I do not care about drugs and pleasure associated with them. Not in the need for that. I was ready to immerse and let go. Granted, it may be easier to let go when you have already abandonned wife and kids like your 5meo guy in a previous video, and so many others with a stone in place of heart and a very selfish thirst for illumination. But anyway I was ready, had no particular fear. Simply, in the first minutes of the experience, I could not PHYSICALLY hold it. It was not at all about letting go or not. Had you felt the same, you just could not have the chance to even choose to let go. Just like when you are seasick, you do not care about anything but recovering. Simple as that.

Rogi says:

Hi there
Just one tip
Please inform yourself about anything you take, study a lot the stuff you want to take, patience is the key with psychedelics.
Because of things like this that you made governments ban these beautiful tools

nina says:

hey leo! can you do a video on how to be more loving? you say in this video that 5meo helped you to become more loving in ways that would have been impossible without it. could you please do a video on that, your insights on love/unconditional love..what it is and how to embody it. how to be more loving towards ourselves and fellow humans. profoundly, genuinely loving. i feel like that would be really eye-opening.

Amir says:

If you investigate those thoroughly (& deep), you may kill yourself out of the pressure of the truth, specially when mixed with substances. BTW, welcome!

Daniel O Keeffe says:

This video is hilarious and insightful. I’m taking some AL-LAD next month to get information on the 12 chakras and energy bodies. I remember taking pure MDMA, pure mushrooms, and LSD together with zero knowledge or experience (but this was a ‘divinely’ authorized trip and I was basically in a trance during the order process).

What followed was the best and worst trip of my life, and I am still trying to make sense of it. it’s now almost 5 years later, but I knew coming out of the trip that it would take about 20 years or so to get back to that level. I bi-located to a future lifetime where machines harvested my group-consciousness species and I then reincarnated back on planet earth in the present time. And that’s just one element.

Daniel O Keeffe says:

Holy shit, I had been wondering for the last couple of days what practice to complement my TM as I needed to develop outside of sitting meditation. I was considering that mindfulness might be a good fit, but had no idea what it really was and whether to do it. Then (for some reason?) mindfulness was mentioned heavily in the last couple of minutes of this video. It’s great when things are made clear.

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