How Your Mind Interprets Reality

By Leo Gura - July 6, 2021 | 5 Comments

A deep look into how your mind confuses interpretations for facts

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Joel says:

A fly entered my apartment. I was about to spray it with RAID, but then I thought that Leo said we should act as if we were GOD. I opened the front door to allow the fly to leave unscathed. Immediately four new flies entered the apartment. Possible interpretations: 1) the five flies are reincarnations of a basketball team in the 1920’s. 2) the five flies are extraterrestrials. 3) GOD hates me. 4) GOD is playing with me. 5) there are five flies in the apartment. 6) since this is all a hallucination, it really doesn’t matter. Joel

Max Gron says:

There’s no reality other than every individual’s reality and not reality collectively, even a fly sees reality a bit differently from you.
Instead of being silly and wasting your time, let me be the first to interpret Leo’s teaching of interpretation. So in reality reality’s subjective and anti-materialist, it makes perfect sense for a teacher who deludes himself into thing god is real, I heard an internet video as to why people are full of shit, god wouldn’t be watching you throttling your poultry if you drop your belief in god.
Acting like god is being angry acting very strange and important, it’s a jealous god. And other people interpret the holy books from a specific religious school, I interpret the holy books as commands and not orders, I don’t have to obey them, but being puritanical requires some obedience. And as for general interpretation, people see things as weird and I see them as odd, my interpretation of names is correcting people who name places and products wrongly, whereas their interpretation is whatever’s easier, it’s not about what’s easier, when I say butter I don’t mean margarine, when I use margarine that’s because I’m spreading my bread with Flora, when I’m using Nuttelex I’m not using margarine, it’s a vegan spread.

Max Gron says:

When I wrote thing that was a typo, I was meant to write thinking.

Max Gron says:

This man doesn’t tell the truth, the truth is religion is the force that prevents spirituals like you from testing us, Satan, and there’s no mystery and awe in a physical thing, it’s just a natural, physical thing. I’ll break all lying beliefs right now: there’s no god, no spirits, no spirit, no soul, no past lives, astral projection or afterlife, you’re talking old wives tales, it’s a lie your grandfather told you, and I thought you were so deep, so into individual truths, bullshit! The problem is you don’t make things up, you believe like your mother and you’re full of shit!

Jules Pena says:

Thats ur interpretation of reality and thats ok. Dont be angry. Just let life unfold. be well

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