By Leo Gura - August 12, 2019 | 3 Comments

Why all worldviews are so skewed

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Hey Leo, I’m a 21-year-old athlete and yea I know you believe competition is stupid and yea I’m well aware it is stupid, but I do enjoy my sport. I was thinking of the moment I finally win a medal and I’m acknowledged as a good athlete, would you believe it would be a good idea to reject the medal? I do believe this would be the more difficult thing to do emotionally because after all, it is something I have always wanted to achieve but I rather choose the truth which is that materialistic items are nothing and you don’t gain anything from it and it will never fix the void in me. Replies would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous says:

Romer, it does not matter whether you accept or reject the medal. You need to actually see that it does not matter. else, your action would be mechanical.

Joel says:

Leo, brilliant as usual. As a New York Yankee fan I will try to reign in my self- bias against the Boston Red Sox, but it may be a losing battle. By the way any chance of addressing again the subject of free will? As we evolve spiritually do we gradually experience greater control?

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