Developing Introspection

By Leo Gura - October 2, 2020 | 2 Comments

The solution to the problem of self-deception

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Leo Gura says:

From girl in England”You’re one of most selfless influential men I ever took advice
from since i became 10 years old” I love how open minded,brave,wise,intelligent,
healthy,thrift,thoughtful,relatable,modest yet worthy of infinite praise every life!I
meditate almost ever school day in school thanks to your unparallelled
advice including overcoming addictions I am more emotionally free from all my
emotional problems I love you for who you are leo
we really need more emotionally mature intelligent unpredictable men like you!

Tim says:

Sadly Leo dont practice is what he teaches. He became, or always been maybe, a narrow-minded leftist, a low information voter, a crazy woke person, judgemental and uninteresting. Sad because he used to have interesting videos , not any more.

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