Becoming A Modern Sage

By Leo Gura - December 5, 2016 | 114 Comments

A new vision for and you!

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Hasan says:

Keep it up man! It is an amazing vision. I am very interested. Thank you for all you do!

Kiki says:

Any topic that requires deep and critical thinking from us is a great topic. Personally, I find there is nothing more fulfilling than pondering about the sense of my life and understanding the meaning of it and how I can make the whole of it an opportunity to evolve my consciousness and maybe raise the vibration around me too
Thanks for all the videos, always a good help. I dont always agree but I love that it spins the wheels in my brain

Sarah Wilds says:

Yes, I am with you, right on. You are so funny, so much still trying to figure it out. I support you in living the sage within you. My aim is to love the sage within me. I would say self mastery is the key. But it is so personal and individual that there is no recipe book except for the full support to be oneself. I do like what you are saying and agree. Bless, bless, bless.

Peace and Love says:

Hi Leo,

You have 100% of my support! I think you hit the mark here. And this resonates with my calling! Ok I’m throwing the Oreos in the trash now. Make me a SAGE!

Get Sage-lized now!

Eezy says:

Lol, I actually have literally spent time watching cartoons while eating Oreos in the not too distant past. I do realize you’re making a metaphor but I don’t do it anymore. My life purpose has something to do with becoming a cartoonist, though, and I believe that it is possible to communicate higher-consciousness values through them. But I also realize that I myself need to embody higher-consciousness first before I start trying to evolve the niche.

Mats says:

Hi Leo, I am a 28 year old man from Sweden,
This sage thing sounds great. I think my vision for the future will be as a sage in some kind of form.
It is almost two years ago since I discovered your videos. has had a great impact on me. I am looking forward for the continuation of

Joe says:

Awesome video – brilliant idea.
for me at the moment I’m not at the point where I want to become a sage.
maybe in 5yrs time – hopefully.

Allen says:


Allen says:


Prabah says:

Go for it Leo. I think it is a genius step. I am ready to commit to the vision.

Christine says:

Yes, Leo!! This is the path. I’m with you.

Gavin says:

I landed on the term “Sage” at one point when trying to define my own life purpose / clarify an archetype to embody my ideal self, but had kind of chalked it off as possibly too lofty a goal and possibly didn’t understand the definition of a sage, fully. I was pretty enthused to see you using that exact term! Needless to say, I am on board.

Do you see the term “Sage” incorporating the understanding of more areas of life / bodies of knowledge than would have existed in antiquity, of the technological, computational variety for example? I guess technology has always existed…

Let the sagaciousness commence!

vlad says:

awesome Leo!!!

Kane says:

Yeah man… interested in this for sure.

Justin says:

Finally, deeper content very excited. I’m glad you decided to document this journey rather than pull the plug. This will be a great help to me and many others. Before you step away forever, do you plan on releasing your journal of all the insights and theory on all the topics you were going to cover? I know it’s a gold mine of knowledge and if possible I would pay a substantial amount for something like that.

Vashist says:

I am in too!

Christine says:

I am also very interested in discovering the sage in me. One of my favourite modern day sage is Jiddu Krishnamurti. One of the discourse he gave, Truth is a Pathless Land, is just awesome. He did not have charisma but the message was truthful. That appeals to me.

Adriano says:

I would be quite interested in joining you for that journey! I’m in!

Oliver Larsen says:

Hey Leo, I have had a vision of myself being a sage since a very young age, like 5 or 6 year old. I have childhood memories of being what you are describing as a ‘sage’ and have had the vision ever since. I have now been following for 2.5 years. With no knowledge on how it is going to happen, the vision has always been there!

Lindsay says:

It’s well documented that Gandhi did some pretty bad things to the women and girls in his life. Supposedly, in his own autobiography (which I admit I have not read), he spoke openly about beating his wife and he seemed to regard her mainly as a servant. Others who knew him say he forced his grand-nieces and other girls to sleep naked with him so he could test his will to be celibate. He also spoke openly about his opinion that black africans were “barely human.” Does this change your view of him as someone who achieved “self mastery”? It’s a really philosophical question actually.

Dr Bones says:

The skeletal forces underneath reality itself shake you on, brother! Count me in.

Wendy Boode says:

Leo, I am on board with you, so exciting! I once called you a modern day zen master, but this defines it further, by broadening it. You are inspiring, and I love the way my life has been transformed by your teachings.

Mikael says:

Yes! Sage niche. Nice!

Zaid says:

I am All in.

Flynn says:

Awesome – I’m in!

Marcus says:

I like what your saying… but this is going to take 2 or 3 incarnations, minimum!

Robyn says:

It doesn’t have to though Marcus.

About time? I’ve been waiting for you to make that decision for a long time! Now this channel is becoming the big deal!

David P says:

Yes, deeper topics On how one becomes a Sage. Ive always enjoy your work. I’ve been patiently waiting for you to do more work on enlightenment topics. While others tend to beat around the bush you just come out and say it in a thoughtful and intelligent manner. I also found your non-duality explanation helpful. Advita Vidanta study can crush a persons believe systems. Or in my case keep me perplexed and confused. I am learning to Embrace the paradox. So please yes, without question you’re going in the right direction.

Lee says:

I’ve reached the stage, I cannot stand.
Internal rage, be still my hand.
Just flip the page, it will be grand.
Become a sage, this is our plan.

It’s nearly Christmas Leo, and I feel like you have just given the world an early present. And I feel like a child on Christmas Eve I’m so excited. Thank you.

Alex says:

Yaa more advanced stuff, I like it

Paz says:

Loving the new direction, decided to become a sage last year so looking forward to your upcoming videos

Anita says:

Yes please! I have no interest in general self help topics, and always hope your video will be of a more intuitive spiritual nature, each week, when it hits my in box. Recently your videos have got better and better for me, so if that’s the direction you are taking, then I am definitely with you for the journey. Thank you so much, for sharing yourself, and making a difference

brian says:

yes, more enlightenment videos.

Vlad says:

Hi leo,
there is nothing like short time enlightenment,
when it is there – it’s mastery you tried to talk
Best wishes

DANiEL says:


Thank you, once again for bringing up a topic that would not be commonly ‘thunked’ up.

I’m in, and continue to agree with your perceptions.

I can only say thank you from the depths of my being for your ‘being’ who and what you have created yourself to be(ing).

Keep up the good work, and will see you soon.

Oliver says:


Nice! Looking forward to your future videos. Thanks.

Paula says:

Yes!, of course. I’m in.

Gem says:

Enrol me too for Sage University now please!

Suzy says:

This is an AMAZING video, love the idea of you doing more deep insight topics!
All the best Leo!!

Gema says:

I have been very fortunate in my life and have met incredible people. My last Master-Teacher was a sage. She was not famous, yet she fits perfectly the description of a sage you make on this video. She was the embodiment of Divine Love, not the romantic love, the wishy washy love, the powerful Love that quiets the mind and sends to bliss to anyone to comes in contact with it. Her aura, her energetic field was incredibly powerful and it became more and more deeply intense as the years went by. She was in constant transformation and I transformed with her during the time I knew her. She used lots of metaphors, she was powerful and strong beyond measure yet she was emotional and human. She left me her legacy which I humbly look after and honour each and every day. My dream is to become like her… and I know she left me her legacy so that I could realise that dream.

Leo, if it serves your for inspiration, this is her Facebook page: Isis Livingstone -Isis Beloved. Founder of the School of Consciousness under her name and the Shambhala Trust. Her website is still alive, you can find it on her Facebook page.

She passed on April 11th. Every 11th of each month since her departure I run an online meditation, the Opening of the Heart meditation, which she used to gift to everyone she met. Her gifts to the world was JOY and the Opening of the Heart.

In deep gratitude and at your service.

Gema Ramirez

Bas says:

Fiiiiinally Keep up the amazing work!

Aryel says:

Totally in for that!

M says:

I’m in. The idea of becoming a sage somehow reminds me that when I was in junior-high, a classmate asked me if I’m going to save the world.

Roz says:

Music to my ears, excellent Leo, thank you. I’m contemplating what else to call it other than being a Sage, it kinda puts me in mind of people in sack cloths! People need to be turned on or should that be turned inwards, where do I sign to attend

mark says:

yes, i agree. some of the names given (as I understand it ) are:

saint, guru, sage, mystic, sourcerer (ess), shaman, shaman-ka, wise man (wise old or wize-ard), wise woman ( wicce, or witch) or man/woman of knowledge.

be excellent to one another. M

Thabane says:

Now let the deeper inner work begin been following your work for a year now and I somehow intuite that this is a step in the right direction and I should take it thank you for not pulling the plug on Leo

Sevi says:

Whether we are conscious about it or not, that’s the ultimate destination of our evolution as humans anyways. So your question is more about how much awareness your audience have about it.
Well, tuning up with this channel already claims a certain level of vibrational quality.

Martin says:

I’m on board! I’ve met people dropping in and out of monesteries and then walking away to do stuff in the world, read shit and things like that. It really inspired me, and so do you. Keep it up Leo!

stephanie says:

You are funny, Leo. Sometimes I thrift away from you and then you have me back. Looking forward to what’s coming.

James says:

Trying to post a damn comment and it keeps saying Special Characters Not Allowed. I’m not that special ha ha

I’ve deleted all inverted commas, brackets etc.

Why does computer say no?

James says:

Leo definitely on board with this. At first I was concerned about a lack of subtlety and the huge sensitivity needed to approach this subject. Like How to become a sage was the same as How to become a professional photographer or How to become a millionaire. Just watch a load of videos and Bob is your uncle.

But it is a relief you addressed that later in the video.

James says:

Had to remove all punctuation for my comment to post

Here is the second part without punctuation or grammar

In one of your future videos can you go into much more depth regarding ego or the mind

It is a complete mystery as to why he have it and why it is so damn tricky

Why do we hold on to it so

What purpose does it serve

Why is ego so hell bent on destroying our lives or keeping us from the Truth

What the hell is it Why are we all asleep as a default state in the human experience

Not to serve as mental masturbation but to truly understand what is going on and what we are up against

Does understanding of all this matter

I believe it does

Very much

Thanks it will be interesting to hear your thoughts

And any chance of being able to post a comment with punctuation

Gillian says:

Yes I am excited about this
I have been watching your videos and taking on board your wisdom for a couple of years now
my life is totally different to what it was but in a good way
I see this as the next step
Looking forward to this thank you

Amanda says:


I love this! I have been following your content since 2014 and watching your videos every week. Some of them up to 2 or 3 times to get it all. You have inspired me to take on mentourships and seminars as well as clear out tons of clutter (both mental and physical) to create space for learning and reading. I have made it my life’s work to create and grow. I am looking forward to this new direction. It is an amazing vision and I can hardly wait.

Much love to you Leo,

Rene says:

Hi Leo,
I am very interested in this.
Thank you for good work and inspiration.

Rene, Denmark.

Rene says:

Hi Leo,

I am very interested in this.
Thank you for your good work and inspiration.

Rene, Denmark

infinitesimal says:

I want more of this type of content. Higher level advice and help for the people who are already fully on board. thanks for everything.

Right on! Leo-sages! I’m completely on board brother!

Gabriel says:

Of course I’m all in as we’ll

Gabriel says:

Of course I’m all in as well!

Markus says:

Hi Leo,

what exactly do you mean by saying sage-mystic ? I’m not sure if the aspect of the mystic part of becoming and being a sage is apparent enough while reading through the other comments.

Yes, I agree with your idea. Yes, I agree with developing topics of second (higher) order – not just direct hands-on practical tips. Yes, I agree with the more philosophical topics to come. Yes, I agree with learning how to learn and an approach to self-actualization that requires more initiative from the learner.

Keeping oneself on track with the self-actualization journey will be easier and more difficult at the same time. When topics to come are less practical – the juice is in the practical doings – there may be fewer things one does practically. But doing the things is still very much needed. The good thing about the “getting more juice out of it” approach is that it is more custom-tailored to oneself. But still – getting the juice out of it requires doing – not just watching the video and wisely nodding the head.

I am very much interested in the second order topics and will follow the vision and the work. Becoming a sage and a mystic – I translate that to “becoming a whole human being”. That is motivating.

Have a good day.

Maria says:

Yeeeees. I am into this. Please continue. And thankyou for all your work.

Anook says:

Yes, i am intrested. Go on with that sage topic. I am into it since years. Still learning and improving.

Thomas says:

Yes Leo I am on board, you’ve got my full attention. Looking forward to your future episodes and wisdom!

Jes says:

I am sooooo fucking excited with this new direction!
I’ve hoped and wondered for a while now if your content would become more spiritually focused and this sounds amazing!
This really is something Ive always imagined myself doing/being ever since I was a kid but as you say never really knew where to turn to become it or that there was even a label for it. Being constantly dismissed by those closest to me I almost believed it wasn’t going to happen in this lifetime. Thank you Leo!

Kaspar Jon Jensen says:

Hi Leo.
Thanks a lot for this video! I have watched quiete a few of your videos but it’s a long time since the last time I saw one. But when I got your email about this video and your new vision it instantly pulled me back. And I must say, this video and the hold idea of evolving actualized and it’s content in this direction appeals a lot to me. I look forward to seeing what new videos will come from you, and I believe I’m about to start spending more time with your videos again!

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Sujit says:

“Truth for truth’s sake!”

Leo this is legendary stuff! Please do continue on this path of the modern sage and please do continue to share your experiences and insights. Some of your recent videos have been profoundly helpful to me and for that I will remain eternally grateful!


Andrew says:

I’m intrigued…Absolutely can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this topic, Leo. I’ve always been fascinated by the lives and perspectives of the great sages and mystics. One of my favorites, just for the sheer intensity of the dude, is St. Simeon the Stylite who sat atop a pillar in the middle of the desert for close to 40 years. I’ve always had a similar desire to connect with reality on the same plane as those guys…Also very curious about the reasoning behind your decision to take in this direction. I really hope we get to hear more about the evolution of your thought process, i.e. what motivated you to pursue becoming a sage?

CAJAC says:

Im in bro!

Thomas says:

I am interested mate. Look forward to it

Ragnhild says:

I just wanna point out something, that may inspire your new project. I know that you have given up the need for having a woman in your life. But I have a theory that an awoken man like yourself, can speed up the process of becoming a sage if you open up your heart for unconditional love from a enlightned female, who has a strong feminin energy to bring to the table.

I really belive this.

Mats says:

I have a video request: How to avoid Cupid’s arrows. I am not going to be any Gandhi if I am falling in love all the time, right? Or should I just embrace the fact that love is the greatest power?

Ragnhild says:

Mats: The key to reaching enlightment is following you heart. Your heart knows what your Soul needs, and are trying to wake you up so can learn how to love every aspect of yourself. Maybe you need a broken heart to see whats missing in your journey.

Majdi says:


Jen says:

Sage express!
At 60…I realize it’s all there really is and I am excited!

Uldis says:

Too early for me.
Maybe next life

Maria says:

Yes! Yes! Yes Leo! Thank You

Justin says:

Glad you’ve listened to your intuiton on this one. I’m so looking forward to this!

Gene pfeifer says:

Hello Leo
Very good talk; but of course I like all your subjects talks.
I don’ think that a person wants to be a sage but rather a person needs to be what he chooses to be. When I was around 10 years old;I was reading the Bible, don’t remember what book it was but I realized I did not understand and at that moment I wanted to. I resided I would seek knowledge and devote my life to finding Understanding. I started reading everything I could get my hands on; what was really strange to me then; was My Dad bought a set of Encyclopedias.I was reading everything of interest and it’s funny now but everything was interesting. I am still the same. I could not figure out what I wanted to be throu all my schooling. My family was very poor and my dad never got more than a third- grade Education.I am the oldest of eight siblings and there was nothing on the Horizon for me to see but Wisdom and it has already been my life and I have been persuient of that I did not peruse money Directly. Being a sage is a lonely life so is a Writer and an Artist. Your right about enjoying life to a sage; the Truth is more important than money but not many people would believe that. There are a scared number of sages in the world at one time. It goes to what Jesus said ” Many are called but few are Chosen.”

Hue says:

Leo, I just want to say you make my soul leap for joy. I am totally vibing out right now. Where were you when I was a kid!? And to you other listeners/learners/travelers, especially young people, it’s so encouraging to me to see such intense interest in this on your part. I’m so freakin’ pumped I’m quite certain I could shit out The Madonna even as I type!

I got started late in life on this path and it’s been a real challenge. I’ve had to run up against every error and work my through them more or less alone and still have such a loooooong way to go. I understand it’s my path and it’s all ok and it’s been worth everything it’s cost me, but, having said that, if you can find a quicker way in this sense, JUMP ON IT! I began with only a very hazy vision, but even just that mere SENSE of a vision alone was so powerful it kept me going. Leo is dead right about that. If you got it, don’t let it go! It’s so much more important than the how.

Anyway, I just want to thank you, Leo, for all you do and especially for sharing this most important vision and encourage you and all others who choose to follow it, or any other life vision, to keep struggling and have fun doing so. Becoming a whole person is such a bitch and such a blast at the same time. I love it! Looking forward to traveling with you all.


Bjarke says:

Cool. Im in

Matei says:

I heard your words and I resonate with you. Looking forward

Darius says:

It’s been such an awesome journey for me during the last two years since I was exposed to and self development in general.

I was so glad you are growing so fast as to always stay ahead and keep on revealing new horizons to me.

And now that I finally got serious about spirituality and found 2 other awesome sources (Ashtanga Yoga and Eckhart Tolle) here you go again and announce that you’re not done with me either!

You are a true hero Leo!

KathyGermany says:

Wow…is it also two years for me now? Yeah, you hire and I’d love to sail further with you and the others here! You say it, sage is a word and you numerate some… I think if one follows a special track and way of living this labeling will follow automatically besides you will always have people on the other side resisting to call the lable.
Who of you knows the book “Flatland” of Edwin A.Abbott? I am into this idea of other dimensions and I think people will call us the way they will call us.

I’m joyfully excited!

Italo says:

Interested. I’m in!

Kim says:

I’m in. Hit the sweet spot for me. Growing as well and ready…

sharon says:

This is the best stuff on the internet. I love that you have no limits and just keep stretching the hell out of everything. You have opened up a lot of doors for me…I can’t wait to see what we find next.

Loui says:

Hell fuckn yeeehaa boy!

Lynn says:

thank you for sharing. Listening to your perspective helps me move through memories with love and compassion.

Andita says:

Hi Leo,

this is such a great vision and a great start of the new
I am definitely interested to become a sage and I have been developing myself for some years now and since some months with your videos as inspiration and guidance. I hear them 1 hour per day on my way to work in the car and watch the videos before I go to sleep. After hearing and seeing lots of your great videos where you gave practical examples, now I feel ready to move to the next step to get in to more abstracts and philosphical content. I am very exciting to seeing and hearing your future contents. Best Regards from Germany.

ste says:

Sounds good to me. I’m looking forward to it

Merry Christmas. I have recently been calling myself Ambassador. Though I know that is to ease the unenlightened. Which in this day is unfortunate.i have a library of about 4500 book’s many read more than once even twice. No TV,though members of the house schedule their lives around. I a touched I have been touched since my run around the sun healing arts as a professional since mid 90s.the better part of seven years, actualizing how far and fast we have come since our founding.i am concerned that we are perhaps it is age and not quite sage yet. I Love the incredible amount of understanding that,well,if a cat has nine lives, I’ve been through 7 cats all ready..911 happened in 1492 .so say all side’s are half of what all other side’s believe.We had better as a nation and world start to focus on the halal other have have wrong. Looks like I’m going to soon in some way, I have many and then more. I am so proud of you.listening a couple years now I know happiness is breathing to me..Stay Well my brother.
Beneath the Armor by ole Carlson just one of the books that fell off the shelf tonight.

Randall says:


I look forward to your future videos, although becoming a sage is a path only few among us should take; it is very worthwhile for those few.

This video resonated with me and I can see some of the basic sage-like qualities in myself.

I know what you mean when you say you can recognize a true sage, or someone who has reached a certain level of life-mastery.

It’s great to connect with an individual like yourself, and I wish you the best of luck on your journey for Truth.


Brian Batz says:

I am interested in becoming a sage because I trust your realizations and it does sound like a fulfilling life.

Sidonia says:

I love the way you speak and the passion you put into your work. It is inspiring. Great job! this is the feedback from a beginner in this path. Not sure where I will get to but I am sure I want to go as deep as possible.

neil byrne says:

I want to become a sage

mark says:

Hey Leo, this vid bought a huge smile to my face. BUT, I still think you should do some of the old self development stuff still. I am totally on board with this direction as it fits so very well with what i’m already doing with my life. however we need both inner and outer, left and right, ego and not, nagual and tonal, consensus and non-consensus topics/excersises and balance comes in here too. audience vs self etc, etc, etc.
just my opinion.
Be excellent to one another, Mark.

Frey says:

Please keep posting on this topic.

Jimmy Feiling says:

Leo, in your opinion do you think religion began as an arrogant attempt to meddle or manipulate nature? And if that attempt is arrogant, assuming “it knows best” in virtually every or any possible situation or presumes to be that way…then
Do you think that it be destructive to human life rather than creative? And once again im talking about religion here meaning ritualized practice distinguished from meditation. But i also once heard “enlightenment” described as a destructive process. Would you agree?

Dave says:

I strongly encourage you to dedicate as much future content to “Sage development” as you feel you can offer. My own journey is along those lines , leaving home as a teen dropout, to traveling and living around the globe, an executive,engineer, a massage therapist for hospice to vegetarian, the experiences open receptivity but philosophy, practical daily cultivation ideas and practices are the core ingredients.

Sam Post says:

I have been online for 20 years now, since 1997. I have been continually searching for the best sources of high quality information that will assist me in my mission to fulfill my potential as a human being. This is the best in terms of inspiring me to believe that I actually will find a way to fulfill my potential. Thank you for the work you are doing and making available here Leo. It far surpasses anything else I have found in the subject of self-help and personal development.

Qsai says:

I,m new here and the video dosen,t play. Why is that?

Leo Arruda says:

Sages Leo mentioned between 8:37-9:31 in historical order.
Mahavira (VI ACE)
Siddhartha Gautama / Buddha Shakyamuni (563-483 ACE)
Confucious (551-479 ACE)
Heraclitus (535-475 ACE)
Socrates (470-399 ACE)
Diogenes (412-323 ACE)
Pyrrho (360-270 ACE)
Jesus Christ (4-33 ACE)
Marcus Aurelius (121-180)
Epictetus (55-135)
Rumi (1207-1273)
Gandhi (1869-194
Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950)
Paramahanasa Yogananda (1893-1952)
Nasargadatta (1897-1981)
Osho (1931-1990)
Tenzin Gyatso (Dalai Lama) (1935)
Jaggi Vasudev (Sadhguru) (1957)
Ravi Shankar (1956)
Ken Wilber (1949)
“Peter Raws”?

arun says:

25:53 strong energy body. Loved that!

Ken says:

I’m all in let’s do this! Man you are such an inspiration for me, I am literally listening to hours and hours of your content and rewatching and taking notes on everything! I wish you all the best and love!

Phoenix says:

I am relearning what gave me motivation years ago. Closer to death than birth. Older but still searching. I learned the hard way what I can and cannot control. I wish you luck in your search for the path, Leo. It has been and always will be there waiting for you to find it.

Joonas says:

Thank you for producing this content. Hope to meet you one day. Peace and love

Dave says:

Thanks for this, Leo. I’ll be watching more of your videos because of this shift. It’s really helpful to hear you clarify some of the intuitions I’ve had, and provide a structured path that channels these intuitions.

One point I’d like to hone: the function of a sage is to see clearly, then convey that sight to others. They gather the seeds of fundamental truths, which other people plant and cultivate. So sages like Jesus and Lao Tzu had little immediate dramatic political impact. They’re like engineers who perceive a power system and tell other people how to connect with it. I’d argue Gandhi was enough of a sage to hook himself up to the power system, but was substantially also a transmission wire.

The implication for people with some awareness of this power system is to determine whether their primary relationship to it is as an engineer, or a conduit. A conduit can fully perform its intended function if an engineer joins them to the power source. They shouldn’t feel their role is any less important than the engineer’s, but do have the responsibilities of finding good ones to guide them, and skillfully integrating that guidance so they remain connected to the power source.

Daniel Saenz says:

I’m sold. I didn’t know a modern sage was something one
could aspire to as a layman. But watching your videos have showed me otherwise, that there is another way. I can’t find this
sort of info anywhere else. Amazing. Honestly, just moving in the direction of a sage, i feel like correlates with the improvement of life.

jalene says:

Leo, At the end of the video you mentioned maybe your viewers don’t want that and you would have to figure something else out. Don’t do that to yourself! so what if other people are interested or not. Do it anyway. Your life, your vision, your work, your topics. If others don’t want to follow the same path it’s not for you to change what you are doing, but time for them to find something else that supports their vision. Besides… it’s not like you haven’t already done so much work that would change every person on the planet if they gave it an honest try! Keep on with your own vision, keep sharing what you are doing (you are great at communicating the finer points, the process, the connections, the bigger picture, healing is in the details … all of it… you are great at communicating and unapologetic about it – sometimes the slap in the face that is needed in a “trigger”-sensitive, entitled world).

Most of the world isn’t ready for the things you are sharing… share them anyway. As you share your stuff… others will come alone and pick up batons you have dropped. That’s the beauty of all this work you are trying to help people with. As more and more people wake up, we can all work together to wake up the rest of the world…. like mychorrhizal fungi growing in the underworkings of life above.

Max Raoy Gron says:

I’m interested, I wanna be a sage, it might mean dropping my religion and following the Zhuangtze. You never know if you don’t give it a go. I think the truth however can save you a lot of work with figuring out what things are.

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