How To Fall In Love With Life

By Leo Gura - June 6, 2022 | 5 Comments

How to avoid falling into depression, nihilism, and wasting your life

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Max Gron says:

The essence in my life is that very thing I’m unconscious about, it could be that I’m following the wrong religion, or that I shouldn’t eat red meat, or the need to let a belief go. Whatever it is it’s something I’m unconscious about, like believing nothing but Leo’s teachings, my beliefs don’t feel right. I’m not tied into spiritual health, I’m tied into mechanically following my tasks, my beliefs. It would be healthy if I was an antitheist and had no god but a spirit, it’s about balance. I respect stage orange things, but I prefer green since I just want peace, I’m trying to move to green. The fool is the one on a low-carb diet and thinks they’re losing weight. It’s complicated, when my life could’ve been simple, people make things difficult.

Max Gron says:

Why is Leo obsessed with avoidance of a house of cards? I thought he “cured” perfectionism, that means you shouldn’t have perfect intentions (unfortunately everyone has perfect intentions, I should reinvent imperfection myself, based on your mistakes, and bleeding for something isn’t a mistake, it’s done consciously, knowing what you’re doing, dying on purpose!!!), I don’t mean that as an honour, you’re not being honorable by dying, you’re being disgraceful. I’m living my life, not doing tasteless things like the bum on the street, I can’t help but be tasteless in my bankruptcy, it’s just like the homeless guy, wasting money on unnecessary things, but to say the least I’m biting the bullet and sacrificing my bankruptcy, sacrificing my joyless life by living a life of a million dollars in over a year, it costs money to live your life, you don’t wanna be the lazy bum who’s thin and takes heroin and goes at night to the convenience store for a pie or burrito, that’s an unhealthy life. And you don’t want a penniless life of living in the streets begging for money, acting as an unwashed tramp or vagabond, drinking soup at the shelter, buying cheap foods like Hungry Jack’s because you can’t use a stovetop to cook your food. If you want a quality life you have to buy quality things, go to the Central Market to get olives, cheese, even coffee and you’ll live a quality life, quality costs money, if you want a cheap life then do things for free, make no money and eat low quality food with harmful preservatives, newsflash, I’m not happy with either of these things, I’m happy with an average life getting average things, like brand name products and supermarket items, nothing particularly titillating.

Dacia says:

This is a cult, stay away

Andreas says:

What makes you think that way?

Gregory says:

In your video “how science makes you stuck in life” you said that being obsessed with the truth makes you stuck in life. Obviously you should never have done drugs. Your brain is now stuck in solipsism which is what psychedelics do. You look worse in every video now.

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