Self-Love - The Highest Teaching

By Leo Gura - December 2, 2019 | 13 Comments

The highest teaching in the universe

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Joel says:

Ok. I get it. Trump is just an imaginary aspect of myself, and so I can love and appreciate his unique existence in exactly the same manner in which I love and appreciate myself. Or I can just be unenlightened and hate him, which of course, means hating part of myself. A difficult choice. I think I choose to hate Trump.

Cris says:

I hope you realize how difficult that is. One can’t accept everything as it is. It may take 1000 lives, the process is quite slow and painful and at the end of the day you might ask yourself why would God (you) put yourself through all this nightmare.

You might get to love yourself A LOT!!! but still you can’t love others the same way. The best you can do is become tolerant for your own sake, to avoid unnecessary drama and suffering in your life, but love them?! Nope!
You can tolerate things (objects) you don’t like, cause they’re inoffensive but it’s harder with people they’re not quite inoffensive.
There’s so much drama you can avoid by just eliminating people out your life!!!

Why can’t God just stay in his perfection instead of creating this mess? All this mess is so unnecessary!!

Rebecca says:

No Leo, You’re wrong. The guy just wanted your stuff. He was a fisherman and knew what he was stealing. He was on his way up to one of those gorgeous little glacier lakes and with your gear he had a really good time. Still love him?

We were on our way to spend a month visiting the islands. A car was stopped in the middle of our fast lane. Crash! I got stuck here in Kalamata with nothing to do except swim, collect pebbles and sea glass. get a baby cat, make a best friend, do some paragliding, and meet you and listen to your videos day and night. I could have bitched and whined instead.

My friend is a sound therapist and spiritual teacher. She suffered an illness that robbed her of some of her aural faculties. No doctors could help her. She stopped everything to focus on regaining what she had lost. 2 years of quiet, minimal stimulation, no computers, just sound exercises, and meditation. She will be a formidable healer and teacher when she is ready to proceed, not to mention considerably farther down the self-actualization track.

You mentioned meeting Ram Das in one of your videos. His guru told him to love everyone. Thanks for introducing me to Ram Das!

You’re wrong Leo. I love you every time I listen to you or think about you. I think about your commitment to this work that you do. I am astounded by the preparation that you do. I love the originality of your style of presenting your information. I love your self-revelation. I love your courage and honesty.

It’s possible that if I met you I wouldn’t like you. Maybe you would be too this or that. Unlikely because I like everybody. If they rub me wrong I feel empathy for them because I know they rub most people wrong and I am witnessing the pain they feel all the time. At least I get to go away from them. They can’t and they most likely won’t figure it out for quite a while unless somebody loves them in spite of themselves. Or on the other hand, maybe they are revealing something to me about myself. Ho’oponopono. Thank you, I love you, I’m sorry, forgive me.

Girlie stuff? My God. A guy that gets what you teach won’t be able to get rid of the women!

D says:

You can love anyone you want to love. You just have to want to. The more you choose love over fear the stronger your love becomes. Saying I can’t means you can’t, saying I can means you can. You have to ask yourself why your ego would feel the strong need to reply on here telling someone else they can’t love. Maybe you can’t love, but that does not mean others can not choose love over fear. The very fact that someone tells you that you can should be enough for you to begin to see it is possible. Only you tell your self what you can and can not do as there is only your self to listen to.

cj says:

She has been one of my main models for success. Her articles cover everything from speed reading to meditation to simple living and creativity. Every post is super high quality with ways to make a change. Real life issues with simple solutions. go to /

waited for her to come at one o clock to have our date but she was with a boy with blonde hair after I called her name he took her hand to run with him away from me he cornered her blushed almost confessed his love TO MY GIRLFRIEND!
Before he could kiss her lips I stood between them asked what is the meaning of this you said no one will steal her from me but you fell for my girlfriend after you teased her serves you right you never saw how precious she is before I took her.

Nao Malta says:

Single girl seeks good man I love him after he helped me when I was too short
Helped me play a recorder defended me when she lied about me told the truth.
He told them we kissed to show he loves me I never wanted to kiss a idol again.I
tried to kiss him after he won a race to protect me from a bully but he rejected it.

Nao Malta says:

Hanabi may have been jealous of girls from another school loving her boyfriend to be one of their boyfriends so she said he is my boyfriend jealous angry girls leave

The girl who got away.I did not love her enough before Takao kissed her first truly
I named her short, flat, childish but she wished we met sooner I lost her to Takao.

Max Raoy Gron says:

I noticed what’s incredible, it’s incredible how a spider hangs from a thread, drops in the flower and plucks out of it then the flower eats it, and it’s incredible how a man drives a crane, spins it around and it’s holding a metal bar and then it drops it, it’s not just beautiful, it’s incredible, it leaves you wondering: “why do animals, plants and people do that (the above two incredible things)?”, it’s amazing, especially the way these things work in a clockwork way.

Max Gron says:

I get it, self-love is nothing more than the finding agreeable of yourself and accepting yourself. Is it really true that I don’t love myself? Not possible, I was increasing my love for myself, to not change. I found out what the truth is, it’s not other than the way things are.

Max Gron says:

It sounds like an ultimatum to me, no projection on the teacher, this religion doesn’t want to be questioned. I should question it, Leo is wrong about some things (and right on many things of reality), he’s wrong about reality having no good and no evil, being “neutral”, neutral? Good? How is life good? Wake up and smell the coffee, it’s not pretty. And a congratulations I give to Leo for something so simple you don’t know it works, it is that simple, just accept who you are and don’t change a thing, easier said than done, it’s hard to love a thing everyone hates.

Max Gron says:

What a waste of time, do you think it’s not the fool trusting some bullshit philosophy? Philosophy’s an ideology, and like any ideology you can believe the wrong philosophy, I need a no-bullshit philosophy, the only philosophy and this does teach in a way loving yourself: just banish the misery and suffering from your side, don’t let evil sleep afflict your heart, may your face smile. That’s it, from “Counsels of a Pessimist”, it would be bullshit if you philosophise people into following orders, my housemate’s already convinced we’re all doomed. As for the topic of Leo, self-love is a good teaching and I’m not about to lay the blame, but it’s sickening! I want to spit at the universe for giving me ordered to make me throw up!

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