Burning Through Karma

By Leo Gura - November 2, 2021 | 7 Comments

How to deal with and exhaust material cravings and desires

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UniverseStrikesBack says:

leo gura quote: what I teach is not what others teach.

but the real outcomes of his teachings are exactly the same, a bit underwhelming in subtotal. in that sense, he most definitely is teaching what others teach, just adapting what others teach to teach sth, again others teach.

UniverseStrikesBack says:

like all despots he does not get critizised much. or if, he can not use it in a selreflective way.

UniverseStrikesBack says:

what the guy is teaching is an attempt to consciousnes without conscience, there is no empathic or emotional understanding, which in a spiritual sense means there is no understanding at all on his side of consciousness in an expanded view, his perception is narrow and technical and unfortunately turned egoic. which is laughable regarding how he used to psychologically abuse on pointing out ego, almost demanding others to forget about self. he does not understand karma, or why karma talks about epochs and not individual lives. he does not understand anything a lot of people tried to teach him for years, because of selfcenteredness and a survival bias.

blablabla says:

well…the guy is a loner, maybe depressed, and has some illness he’s been fighting with for years, he’s an INTP quite a robot, and suffers from God complex. that must be his own karma who the hell cares anyways? one should never take anyone as a role model in life so there’s no point in criticizing anyone since we’re all flawed and ultimately life itself is so fucked up so let him be! and let everyone just be!

blablabla says:

Are you parenting your inner child here Leo?
Leo you’re not spiritual, you were just raised in a very strict Russian style family and you learned from a very young age to suppress your cravings and maybe some of your personality traits or astrological aspects whatever…..that’s not spirituality…
suppressing is fucking dangerous and sooner or later will explode in destroying ways!
Man, go for sex, food, money, whatever shit you’ve been crapping on all these years and judging people for! let the ugly truth come to the surface before it ends up destroying you.
If you’re afraid of yourself and your demons exploding in your 60s when you’ll be a libidinous disgusting old man that’s just fucking scary to me!

ignoring a need is just CRAZY! Schizoid. actually the body is directly connected to your soul, so one should never ignore their body in their spiritual ascension journey. more so, you could develop serious diseases since your emotions somatize into your body, maybe that’s why you struggle with your health issues.

if you were Jesus level you wouldn’t even had these cravings, it’s be like craving to eat mud or some fucking nonsense. You thing that if Jesus got to live to his 60s he would have turned into some libidinous old man? )
man go for SEX and whatever you lack and suffer for, and stop misleading yourself and others. it’s delusional.

those you judge for chasing billions or whatever haven’t yet reached their point of saturation man. That’s all. Why are you so triggered by that? Some need more rides on the rollercoaster, let them have their fun
what you’re doing here is trying to convince people to get off the rollercoaster when you yourself don’t wanna leave the amusement park )
your very triggering and suffering tells me how unconscious you are and struggling with your own shit and I’m not judging you, as I have compassion for myself I have for you too.
I personally am not triggered by others’ greed who need to earn more hundreds of billions, I don’t waste my time with studying their lifestyle, their business or whatever they’re doing as I’m not bothered with what your country’s insane president is doing today in the world….I’m just not playing the fucking game

Shari says:

I don’t think he has the capacity to understand what karma really is. It is about imprinting your life’s actions for further discloser and acceptance, so that you may learn from your actions and move further as a sentient being. You have it all surrounding the ideas of suppression and denial. That’s what I think. I still watch your videos though… they are very entertaining!

KuboF Hromoslav says:

Hi. The link to mp3 download is wrong.

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