How To Discover What's True

By Leo Gura - October 28, 2019 | 22 Comments

A deep inquiry into how we can know anything for certain

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Tayyeb says:

Hi, this is Tayyeb from Iran. I’ve watch more than 50 hours of your videos. Decided to quit med school and start new business in music. I can’t afford your life purpose course. Can you help me?

amirali says:

i can help you , leave your contact information so i can contact you

Max Gron says:

It might surprise even you but I checked under the bed and I found a little space kangaroo which I saw with the mind’s eye, hopping under the bed. Leo must’ve seen a space kangaroo, therefore the supernatural, the non-physical, is real, reality isn’t material.

Rebecca Sinclair says:

I am considering getting you to know me by leaving replies to videos that address major frameworks I have chosen to work at truth from. The only thing I am certain of is that I keep living what I really consider. Years ago I read in a little story to “just change my mind” if I didn’t like what I felt and had. Utterly impossile. Waaaa waaa waaa! But, but, but.
A few years ago I began seriously taking pictures. I began to change my “point of view” to change my pictures. What a joy! And then suddenly I GOT it! Change my mind by changing my fucking point of view! I’m writing as I listen to you. You are mentioning perceptions. Suddenly I got it how limited our perceptions are the same time I learned how easy it is to change my point of view.

It is soooo possible. Knowing what is true I mean.

Once after quitting my 3rd cult (Christianity, Group Dynamics/James Brennan/Palos Verdes/Hawaii, Scientology) I made a deal with God. I said, “I do it my way, you keep me safe from the abyss and I’m your girl, I will never stop knowing you.” This was a bit of a big order because what I wanted protection from was drug addiction, alcoholism, pregnancy, prostitution and prison. I really liked to rock and roll.

So now I’m coiming at it all from what to me is a new direction. I want to know how IT works. Now you are talking about quarks etc.

Cripes Leo, every time I think of something and type it you start TALKING about what I just wrote. Now you are going on about IT and I just wrote that I want to know how IT works.

That’s how I know IT is discoverable. Cause IT keeps happening to me, for me, in me, around me.

Trust me Leo. I’ll keep dropping you ways to fact check as I can. God bless you, Allah is good, may the Force be with you.

Rebecca Sinclair says:

A little bit NEGLIGIBLE? You are hysterical. “I THINK I LOVE YOU” (caps will often denote song titles or lines from songs. They keep popping into my head)

Max Gron says:

I can’t discover the truth based on the supernatural, what if I’m delusional? What if I’m hallucinating? What if it’s a shared hallucination? It might be my imagination. It might be a lie. Reality’s my direct experience, based on my awareness, based on pulling the curtain from the elephant’s arse and not falling asleep and being drunk, without that. Based on my thinking, based on what I did, even though the above video is an accurate way of discovering truth. Truth’s based on ideology, science, philosophy, and religion, for me these are the correct methods of truth, and it’s based on rationality, not one rationality is untrue, I don’t know what the truth is, yet I’m getting closer to being right. It’s not as real as it seems, to believe in “the mind’s eye”, only evil magick is the truth, not “religion”, unless you discover one true religion, only one of any magic (it varies from person to person) is true, only one of the sciences is true, only one or two philosophies are true, only one Taoism is true, only one other religion is true, only one ideology is true, only one of the meta-beliefs is true, only one conformity is true, and only one traditionalism is true, you never know, ultraconservatism might be the one true traditionalism, only one traditionalism of music, in any style (it varies depending on the musical style) is true, truth is simple, only one of each belief is true, perhaps two philosophies, it’s as simple as that.

Philipp says:

A masterpiece!

Teresa says:

Lee Strobel (journalist with law degree –legal editor) was on a similar quest for truth — (as we all are). Consider what he discovered either through his books or through the movie made about the very thing you’re seeking. Consider watching the Case for Christ movie or reading the Case for Christ book by Lee Strobel. It’s a great read and an undeniable testimony of finding truth.
If you’re really open to all possibilities as you say, then you should consider as Lee Strobel did and discover truth.

Rebecca Sinclair says:

Thanks Teresa. I just watched The Case For Christ as you suggested. Now I’m watching a conference called Searching For Allah, Finding Jesus.

Did you read or see Life of Pi? The story opens with the main character talking about simultaneously being a Buddhist, a Christian and a Muslim, I find no conflict. Nor do I find a conflict with any of them and what Leo is learning and sharing with us. It all seems rather obvious. I mean what are people expecting anyway? That has always been the big mystery with Judaism, Islam and Christianity. They all stop rather short it seems. It’s just so peculiar that what everyone is doing in heaven/paradise is such a mystery. I mean how does it work for crying out loud. Allah be praised, thank the Lord and may the force be with you!

Max Gron says:

I find it suspicious that Christianity or otherwise some other religion, cult, or sect is true because an authoritative book with old tradition and nothing original or because some freak who’s wrong about wine in animal skins said so. In your location, perhaps USA, Latin America, the Carribean or Canada or Alaska you have the perfect opportunity to be a Christian, I question that, nothing of perfection is true, and I think it’s true that anti-perfectionism in all things is true. Jesus Christ is merely a man teaching a bunch of stories and helping people immorally such as with tax collectors, whores, and soaking his feet with women, which has caused a lot of trouble, to start both a cult and a toolkit for goodwill, that’s a Jesus Christy sort of invention and not the invention of humanitarians and altruists, with the exception that Jesus Christ was an altruist.

Shiso says:

Consider this self-referential statement as follows.

Nothing is true.

Because it is self-referential it turns back on itself meaning that even the statement that nothing is true is not true, thus negating itself. Meaning that there is a truth?

Ranma says:

He gets very angry and jealous when Akane has shown any evidence of interest in another man, more specifically Ryoga or Shinnosuke, has either driven him to paranoia, depression or outrageous schemes. He also gets jealous when another man touches or flirts with Akane. somehow risked to get ‘too close’ to Akane

Ranma says:

He says Akane’s ugly,Sexless,Easy,Flat but he’d rather interfere with her time with
any other man alone than let her leave him out of her affairs 42 He glared at her
with another man outside preparing for their real date He’s funny when is jealous!
He’s offensive to her in public some reasons why she prefers Ryouga betty to him!

74 Love how jealous and threatened he was feeling of another man replacing him
in Akane’s life Akane’s home.He wants Akane to need him in her life why he loves
her romantically.I couldn’t kick Ryouga’s butt with out Dum Dum!Knew he can but
is offended at Akane not believing his truth after she told him she’ll see meaning
she hasn’t seen correctly or is pretending to annoy him.He insisted on Akane not
coming with a dum dum man to bring food in her home to feed her family friends!
He glared at dum dum lowering his face to reach her shortest height he look like he may try to kiss her face.Dom dum blushed as he stared at Akane he’s attracte
to her already since the day he met her in her home.Love how jealous,suspicious
his face showed as I saw him between Akane and Dum dum not to close not too
far!After Ranma heard him ask of her living with a panda he stood as close to her
to protect her from Dum dum’s influence on her!He interrupted Akane’s answer to
prevent dum dum from getting more benefits from her than Ranma does all day!I
Love how jealous and threatened how sounds of her fathwr letting any man live in
her home with her.He’s scared of any men touching Akane flirting with her using a
lot of her precious time for selfish wasteful plans.Hypocritical humor believes him
and his dad deserve to live with Akane but won’t trust dum dum man since first!
Ranma spied on Akane outside alone with Dum dum holding red umbrella heard
her say “that was funny” describing what dum dum said to her in their alone time!
He’s jealous of dum dum closed his eyes claims to not truly care of being replaced
of dum dum to live with akane!He hilariously shouted ” If mr dumb as an ox want
to marry Miss built like an ox(Akane Tendo)Let Akane and dum dum do it they
deserve each other!”Interesting truth Rather than being thankful at Dum Dum for
rescuing Akane Tendo from a umbrella aimed at her accurately(She can avoid that
easily in 1 second but no Dum Dum carried her away for umbrella in 1 second So
Ranma’s irritated at dum dum for using a personal conditioned reflex on Akane So
He groaned out loud glared at dum dum for seconds.He stood close as he can to
Akane Tendo beside her outside alone.He’s hiding his jealousy by showing how he
really cares of what Akane Tendo thinks about him,Acting unimpressed by Losers!
Ryouga and dum dum man who had alone time with Akane under rain He asks her
“who needs them(Ryouga,Dum dum)Anyway?” He looked away from her with his
hands behind his head he glared at Akane for saying Ranma should choose Angry!
He said he thinks she’s believing He can’t kick Ryouga’s butt without dum dum So
insists she’s wrong about assuming that!She doubts his answer told him she’ll see
about Ranma defeating Ryouga independantly.He furiously asks Akane what she’d
said to him with her serious views.He’s completely lost his jealous temper glared
as Akane willingly walked away from him to leave Ranma where he stood,Clenchd
fists body shaking stood opposide direction kicked a can high far away.He shouted
about Akane”Uncute!Unsexy!” almost said another un word before hit by umbrella
behind him without warning!As he ate his meal sitting next to Akane Tendo he did
widen his eyes,clench hid right fist as hard as possible he held chopsticks high So
placed them on table harshly!Asking to be excused away from eating He Insulted
Akane Tendo in front of her family and his dad in her home said Dum dum’s a lot
better than Akane Tendo by a long shot He glared at Akane with his teeth closed
mouth open after she ask what he said about Akane Tendo interrupted by Dumdu

He’s furious to hear dum dum say It’s not good for them to fight argue but he did
sarcastically ask what gave dum dum that idea of him wanting them not to fight I
saw his eyes closed as he left their eating room He pretends not to care of dum d
stealing Akane Tendo from him asking if he should care he said if they want handy
man they are better off without him and his dad reminded dad they both train to
be martial artists not a couple of suck ups trying to prove what good in laws they
can be because they cook dinner clean windows and sow hems he wants his dad 2
be honest of admitting he worries about himself and couldn’t care less about son!
Ranma fell on his back after his dad said course not.Silently impatient at dad He’ll
throw cold water on dads body so dad becomes a real panda for him fed up at his
voice making Ranma feel jealous,suspicious,Uncomfortable,determined So Ranma
Claims to be too hungry to help dum dum carry food with him to Akane’s familySo
After hearing Akane say it’s ok for her to go to dum dum to help him get food inas
soon as possible she stood up from where she sat closest to Ranma most He knew
it’s like Akane abandoning Ranma to spend more time with dum dum he’s offende
she’d try to persuade her family it’s ok for Akane Tendo to go with dum dum mata
Ranma insisted on Akane ignoring dum dum so she’ll stay physically close to him
and physically away from dum dum as much as possible He insisted on controlling
her without hesitation Just one second for Akane Tendo to pause after saying she’l
help dum dum as soon as she can Ranma bluntly insists to Akane Tendo to ignore
dum dum but not Ranma’s voice saying how he wants her to behave ignore dumb
will she? He uncaringly told her dum dum will be fine without Akane Tendo leaving
Ranma Saotome to help Dum dum who’s more dependant,Naive,Obedient,Polite!!!
Ranma thought as a weakened boy he’ll especially miss Akane Tendo sincerely but
He’ll always try to control her,disrespect her problems in public,Insult her privacy!
Akane Tendo stood exactly where she sat next to Ranma knew he didn’t care of
dum dum being fine or not.Ranma asks Akane is Ranma correct or what of dumbd
Love how many unpredictable ideas Ranma uses to challenge Akane to care of he!
She lost her underwear.Ranma rudely told Akane to stop yelling this early.He wont
touch Akane’s toxic jockeys if Akane paid him clearly offended at Akane thinking
Ranma touched Akane’s underwear.The more time you truly spend on living in the
same comfortable home as any boy mainly your personal home never had boys A
fight between Akane and Ranma Akane’s offended at calling her underwear toxic!

He rudely asks Akane to ask the “freak”Happosai the oldest smallest male hentai
He rudely but justifiedly demanded freak to return girls underwear He impatiently
insisted they return called underwear stupid anyway!Surprisingly they saw a ball
made of real underwear giant compared to most humans Who the heck would do
this hilarious yet wasteful underwear robbery?Ranma calmly said ok that’s it he
gives up he can have it all (proberly not meaning Dumb can keep Akane Tendo)So
He turned his head right to look at Akanes face stood close as he can to her asks
her if she wants Dum dum to take over her dojo huh?Akane embarassedly shook
her head meaning no.He didn’t physically move away from Akane Tendo,closed his
eyes looked left away from Akane Tendo Hands behind head seeming uninterested
in Akane Tendo’s feelings and ideas of whether to prefer Ranma despite rudeness
or Dumb despite him claiming Akane Tendo gave him courage to steal underwear!
He smugly opened his left eye to look at Akane Tendo then thinking Akane guesse
Akane Tendo needs Ranma Saotome more than she thought she did before this so
he’s completely proud of him being necessary for Akane Tendo’s health He wins so
Ranma choked after he heard the truth Genji cooked his meal and Akane’s meal a
conversation of Akane dumping Ranma for Genji offended Ranma,Akane Kasumi’s
agreed with Nabiki of Genji being better than Ranma but Akane angrily disagreed!
Akane Tendo admires a man with a correct fulfilling sense of responsiblity Ranma
clearly wants Akane’s family have have correct fulfilling standards for who to have

Akane Tendo says:

How she’s simlar to Shinobu Miyake from Urusei Yatsura When angry at teen boys
throws tables or just physically hurts them just with her own body.Were truly in
love with main male protagonist who were poor are fast runners brave deny being
jealous of men getting close to the girls they truly love romantically usually won’t
hurt a girl willingly unless she’s too dangerous to be trusted.Hypocritical attitudes
Ofter physically hurts their love interest if he’s close with another attractive girl
close to his age both usually have short loose straightly cut hair reach shoulders
with fringe covering most of their foreheads

Max Gron says:

My comment is simple, just one comment in a row, editing the fluff and fat of my comments to reduce it to the juicy bits of my writing, and that I’m to say that it isn’t from your or my culture, but of course religion’s “true” if you see it and convince yourself, through your testing that it’s true, if you haven’t investigated into non-imaginary things, like science, and that would be true. Do you see it’s dangerous to be involved in religious truth? Of course it’s your truth if your truth is magical mumbo jumbo and voodoo becomes your science, that stuff’s easy, anyone can believe in spirit and call it true, religion’s just another of thousands of religions that all say they’re true, what if you’re wrong? What if your whole life of studying religion you wasted your years studying imagination not in reality, but inside your head? It can be 50 years of life’s work into bullshit but it’s still bullshit. But be careful what you deny, voodoo might be true, Taoism might be true, science might be true, it’s through at least 3 avenues.

Max Gron says:

Truth is as it was years ago, as it’s not a simple thing, the truth is a bit complicated, religious belief simply isn’t true, I know what the truth is, only antitheism, antidisbelief, asceticism, pessimism, my own personal anti-perfectionism, my own personal professionalism, traditionalism, ultranormalism, science, Darwinism, vitalism, verism, culturalism, kingism, quasi-vegetarianism, the belief that being myself attracts the right people, that people are asleep at night, phenomenalism, and my morality are true. I know from direct experience of what I thought in the first place!

Max Raoy Gron says:

I think the extremist beliefs are true, what’s needed is ultraconservatism. Also ultraperfectionism, ultranormalism, antidisbelief, anti-capitalism, anti-Australianism, pessimism, and and hyperrationalism (being rational, not believing in the supernatural, gods, religions, etc, no ghosts, and also only believing truth based on proof, using science).

Max Raoy Gron says:

This time I’m 100% sure of the truth and as I found out Puritanism’s true, I found out my original beliefs have been true in the first place. I saw God therefore it cuts off every opportunity of disbelief.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Observing the history of my religion and the atrocities of other religions, and the science involved in solipsism, and pessimism, antitheism, Pyrrhonism, ultratraditionalism, anti-Australianism (if believed right it’s nothing but the truth), pragmatism, I tested such beliefs as solipsism, it was true before, and so was antitheism, so that means giving up my old religion.

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