How Socialization Makes You Stupid

By Leo Gura - September 14, 2022 | 3 Comments

The problems with conformity and group-think

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Max Gron says:

I don’t know who this video’s talking about, probably conformists, do you think I’m a conformist? P’lease! I don’t take conformity as a belief, any philosophy of it is bullshit, most people think in terms of God and religion, that doesn’t mean I’m conforming, I tend to do certain things wrong, I admit when I’m wrong, the problem is people don’t admit it to themselves. As for conformity I’m up for non-conformity, why shouldn’t I change?

Max Gron says:

Being wise and loving, intelligent, yeh, that makes sense. I think Donald Trump’s intelligent, he has loving intentions, he’s not the one hating, but you’re not going to get intelligence with your argument, you’re going to start wars, somebody might hurt you making up your own brain, yes it’s going to work, everything is relative. It’s only too true that intelligent means you understand. My intelligence was never the dumb one, it was always sageness and began with love until people drove me to hate. Everyone puts me down and makes me feel stupid. I mix this intelligence with knowledge, and it’s not stupid things like learning I want, I wanted to already know.

Newton says:

So I was listening to this podcast on spotify, and it made me scared to go socialise now… This is the problem with listening to Leo’s stuff cause it makes you scared. I’m just thinking to what extent am I being submitted to “group think”? I feel like I have a tendency to push my ideologies and workaholic attitude onto others more then they influence me. But as of now, I basically have no friends, cause I just stopped going out with them to focus on my studies, then eventually they know I’ll say no, so they stop asking and yata yata, same old same old cycle. But I’m always on the phone with one dude I know from high school, we banter alot it fun, but the guy is passive and lacking achievement in his life… This is the opposite of what I could ever want… so the philosophical question of the day is… Will interactions have an marginal effect on an individual’s ability to push forward, work hard and achievement the dreams he’s dreamt of? Will it sap his motvations and high standards? I think the answer is, it depends on the individual. It that person a people pleaser archetype? Is he a rebilious type, does not care what other people think, takes things with a grain of salt, but he lives on his own terms. I hope that is me, I’ve always be a social outcast for speaking my mind too freely. I feel like I’m unaffected by my interactions with others in terms of a macro habits and achievement standpoint, but you’re right Leo. It’ll sum up, so best cut them off and stick to hanging with the high achievers, smart kids, muscular gym bros, rich wealthy entrepreneur types or potentials… And when interacting with normies etc just do your social calibration tings, be chill, and see what value they can offer contextually – ie getting sex from women… or brief social cohesion to gain social proof to ultimately get pussy… all links back to pussy lol. but nah, yea idk this shit made me think if I should commit to the lonerism, they could also be potential clients too… like if your selling stuff to them… so does effect?

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