Holism & Holistic Thinking - Part 1

By Leo Gura - March 8, 2021 | 6 Comments

What is holistic thinking and why is it so important?

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Dewey Campbell says:

Leo, here are some recommendations for you :

YouTube : Quartz Crystal, MeniThings

Book : Alien Interview by Lawrence R. Spencer

Websites : mythi.com.br , askthealien.com

Movies : eXistenZ, Mr. Nobody, The Truman Show, Dark City,
Groundhog Day

Max Gron says:

As loving as it is what you just said, and as cold and mean as the following may sound, the people in business don’t give a shit about your sound advice, beliefs or recommendations, he teaches love but you must be a fool if you love and are holistic and contradictorily are divided from him. It’s not logical, do you think Leo cares about the selfless message of Groundhog Day or those YouTube movies of the minority like MeniThings? Due to all the holistic thinking in the world I’m supposed to blow smoke up this man’s arse and love you while Leo is sitting there drinking water thinking of buying batteries for his camera, yes it’s a thing. Religious thinking is all the same, you’re a believer thinking he’s a messenger from God when in his absence he’s a normal person. Religious leaders don’t care about you, they care about followers so they can sinfully enjoy money!

Max Gron says:

Leo, there’s too many videos about the truth, I don’t want the truth, nor the lies, I want to learn to live better, success, money, and to hear that money, success and luxury is happiness, I’m sick and tired of pseudo-truths, the whole thing in general, do you think I want to cling to my beliefs? It’s a belief war wherein the one who sustains a belief is the winner. And I don’t want this fantasy world of magic, elves, fairies, God, Satan, aliens, ghosts, that devils exist or anything like that, and I don’t want post-rational or trans-rational, pre-rational, a-rational or irrational, and I don’t want paradox or contradictions or religion or spirituality, just tell the truth!

Max Raoy Gron says:

Love is only in full force as “God” to religious believers, to an atheist there’s the love of their mothers but no God, reality’s objective, but it varies to a delusional person who sees things with the mind’s eye. I think God is way more popular than it deserves to be, you’re afraid to die alone. What you have Leo comes from fear, you’re pessimistic of the Devil and you’re not one of him? It’s laughable, preaching sacrifice is the Devil, doing the sacrifices is the Devil, the Devil tempted Jesus to kill himself on the cross, do you see how utterly ridiculous religion is? It’s ridiculous religion! No it’s not a compliment for the religious ego, getting killed on a cross is part of the ego, Jesus was very silly, very bizarre. How do we know he’s not crazy? This spiritual stuff is silly, it’s nonsense. You can be a cult leader and think you’re so innocent in denial of a cult all your life, or you can be honest and proudly call yourself a cult. The anti-cults are all the same, by promising you’re so innocent, it’s not a cult, it’s a cult! You’re the one who’s singular, you want us to do serious stupidity without fun, I think doing drugs is fun whether you like it or not, drugs is fun because it’s intellectually lazy, it’s hippie shit, it’s not a normal consciousness like people in the straight world who don’t take narcotics. All this you say of consciousness is a lie, if you’re soooo damn conscious you wouldn’t need drugs to improve it, that’s artificial, what do you need accompaniments for knowledge for? Why don’t you just know?

Max Gron says:

I’m not going to get the paradigms I want, however putting a frog in a blender to study its molecules makes you a naughty scientist and vegetarians should protest against you, there are better ways to study a frog, what happened to kindness, mercy, and humanitarianism? That’s what science should be, not a crude meaty study! What you do is cut a rat in pieces to study its organs another naughty thing of a scientist, why couldn’t a long time ago a scientist invent x-ray photos to study a rat? Does that disgusting creature, also a frog, have to be killed? I’m a vegetarian and I’m against it, if God lets a scientist kill a frog he’s letting them destroy his creation. What world are we living in? It’s certainly not a chaos of harmony and disentanglement. It’s disillusioning reality, if you want the real be disillusioned, reality is disillusionment. I’m struck by the falsity of this reality, yes, it’s false, filled with lies and deceptions. My mind doesn’t allow a liquefied frog, thank you, the herpetologists should know better. Very narrowly I’m only interested in botany and no other science of natural phenomena, the problem with scientists with their very narrow technical expertise really is they think God changes from not playing dice to God playing science, no he doesn’t, God doesn’t play science, God is mythology, it’s a different category, the scientists have a lot of explaining to do because they’re trying to prove reality’s not objective, bullshit! Objectivity has been accepted as reality in the first place, it’s verifiable and observable, it can be verified by a line of academics, through elimination one can come to the conclusion of the bare facts, holistically, but it’s based on reducing estimates, not on expanding theories on reality as a whole, it should be reduced to the one thing of the whole reality, but if you’re talking about a monkey likewise it should be reduced to the monkey, not the other way around, I’m an eliminator, and not an anti-reductionist.

Max Gron says:

I’m not going to bother caring about manufacturing things nicely, it’s manufacturing, I’m an industrialist, I do things based on my building ad engineering, the spark of fire, do you think the director is shit? They make movies properly, Star Wars even from Disney is for people who like that stuff, Leo has no business watching Star Wars. I’m not going to bother doing things in a magical way, I’m not a holist.

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