Division vs Unity

By Leo Gura - December 9, 2019 | 8 Comments

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Kalamata Rebecca says:

You’ve got balls Leo, great big huge balls. I will probably add to this comment later but I just want to get this out to you now.

D says:

Leo, Why do you only have one or a few comments on your most recent videos?

KAREN says:

After watching this video, I think it should come with a spoiler alert. I feel strangely non-attached (?) to the “Mystery” of life now. Leo makes everything so clear and simple. The mind has nothing more to wonder about. The sign of a masterful teaching for sure!

Kalamata Rebecca says:

Wow Le, (may I call you Le if I am feeling particularly affectionate or compassionate toward you as I am today?),

I knew something was up with you. I am in an ever-increasing process that I, with all my words, can’t always describe. I would say awarenesses come crashing down on me constantly but crashing is not the word at all. Enveloping is better perhaps. But that makes me think of a blanket and this is nothing like a blanket.

Anyway, I have never looked at your blog before but last night there I was, and there you were, talking about your latest adventure. And that’s how it keeps occurring. My intuition, my KNOWING expands and expands I consider and there something is.

So psychedelics… is there an emoji for rolling on the floor laughing? I’m like, “Yea, I want to do that. But how will I ever find any?” I am just not hooked up. And then it hit me! Imagine… I can find a source through the spiritual counselor of my 88-year-old mother’s old folk’s residence. Never mind the details It’s too ironical and funny. It’s just that everything is in reach if I consider. It all keeps me laughing because the solutions are so unexpected.

Here’s the rub though which is the point of this communication.

I am already alone. I am already different. Probably all of the people that arrive on Actualized.com are aware of their same condition. I am not asking anyone for advice here. If anything it would be nice to hear some self-reflection. That’s a reason for my feeling such compassion and appreciation for you. And concern. And wonderment as to how much more different do I want to be? And then what will I do? And you?

I was sure that I have been actualizing all this life long so that I would have choice when I come again. Then I didn’t want to come again. Now I don’t want to come again and have to suffer to remember. Now I am back to the being alone in awareness when I return as actualized. Cause that’s where I see you headed. And you are so young. Yes, you do have to rethink this life.

In ‘Conversations With God’, God told Neale that It was actualizing.
I have to listen to that part again to continue these reflections. Be cool Leo. May the Force be with you.

clem says:

Hey Kala,
Reading your comments has a mirroring effect upon my own path of actualization that brings a smile to my face. While self-reflection is primarily a soul-alone experience, sharing your perspectives makes me aware that your experiences of consciousness expansion are running parallel to my own. After reading Le’s blog, I also felt the excitement of “Yea, “I want to do that!” Our mutual respect for the efforts of Le to be the path-finder dispels the illusion of being alone in awareness. Thanks for sharing. Be well, clem

Kalamata Rebecca says:

Thanks, Clem, and I love Kala. I will use it!

Leo blogged again and I’m absorbing it. I’ll be writing here to him again later. Nobody else is out there, just you and me and Leo. Well, it’s good to know that I don’t have to spend all that trouble wading through all those seminars, workshops and retreats. I’ll read a bunch of the books anyway though. ‘Conversations with God’ is the first cause this somewhat peculiar video popped up in my youtube feed earlier in the week. That’s how I found Leo too, miracles upon miracles. This guy was going on and on, kindof like about the state of the world. Then he started to get funny and caught my attention.

Then he talked about how he fell in upon himself in desperation one night and begged God for a bit of clarity, explanation, and direction. AND GOD ANSWERED. I mean like he heard a real voice, outside of his head, different from my rambling intuitions.

And God told Neale, “It’s not about you Neale.”

Not about me either Clem. Working that, in sincerity, is what I have been gleaning from Leo and everything else that shows up. ISN’T IT LOVELY, ISN’T IT BEAUTIFUL? The algorithm I mean? I am being delivered exactly what I choose before I know I’ve chosen it by Youtube!

Other things are showing up, a kitten I was longing for, money, a paradise in which to live, a viable business idea. Everything can be rationally explained yet it has taken a different point of view to be able to manifest it all. A huge piece has been forgiveness and appreciation and love. Ho’opopono 100 percent responsibility. Anyway, it’s all good. It would have been nice not to have done all the suffering it took to get here. That was a choice in which I couldn’t poor me, choose differently. Anyway, there’ll be more in a reply to Leo here even though it will be in regard to his blog and not this video. Peace be with you.

clem says:

Hey Kala,
Experiencing your acknowledgement has a way of consolidating “me” back into a person. Feels like light shifting from a wave to a particle, just because we are observing ourselves communicating.

Like a shaman with a drum, Leo has away of guiding my mind on a journey into the infinity of consciousness. I was also affected after viewing his last two blog posts. Talk about a contact high! I have no access to the tools of Leo’s medicine bag, but the power of his words continue to open doors of perception. The most beneficial gift that he has imparted is the common understandable language that can be used to describe the undefinable. Before I discovered Leo, it was difficult to communicate the mysteries of the esoteric in a simplistic way in my own voice, so that other people could understand me. It’s the difference in being known as a “babbling idiot,” or a wise old sage. Hugs Leo.

I have hundreds of books on my shelves. Each one is like another piece of the giant LIFE puzzle. One book is ‘Conversations with God.’ Neale’s experiences imparted something more to the process of awakening to the Oneness of God and the joyous dance of existence. I am grateful to all the voices that have contributed to the advancement of understanding the process of consciousness expansion.

May the benefits of manifestation continue to bless. Be well,

Max Gron says:

I think we can all do what we want, that literally means I can go singing “buy my product” if it increases sales, it literally means I can go around paying a dollar to the bum on the street then afterwards enjoy my good deeds in the end. In fact it also means I can make a complete smart guy of myself making unity and not dividing one man or another. You people who follow this ridiculous cult of Leo’s like it’s orthodox! I think it’s rather odd.

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