Holism & Holistic Thinking - Part 2

By Leo Gura - March 17, 2021 | 4 Comments

What is holistic thinking and how to develop it

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Joel says:

Hello Leo. I am a concert pianist, and on occasion I have played recitals and received zero feedback. I know intellectually that ultimately feedback is not necessary or validating; still it just feels good to know that for at least a few minutes I have contributed to someone’s life. When I saw that no one has made a comment about your latest video, I decided to email you and thank you for the wonderful difference you have made in my life. Be well, Joel

v says:

Hello Leo,

I’m watching this video from Uruguay. South America
Thank you very much for your videos. Is so much important the work you do for chance of consciousness in ours societies!


Max Raoy Gron says:

Wow, what a lifesaver! Spiritual shit, and what if I’m a loser and anything of faith does nothing to improve my life? I’m a loser, I may as well drink beer and slag off, then throw the bottle on the floor (not breaking it now), why should I give a shit about that fantasy shit in a world of serious problems?! You have no idea nobody respects life! Nobody cares. I may as well go atheist and a loser with a bad attitude. I can dare to hurt my own feelings but fuck god, fuck satan, it’s a crock of shit. Religion is hopeless, it’s for bad people, I’ll just stick to good old-fashioned being a loser with no god, no spirit and no meaning. Letting go of it for its own sake.

Random College Kid says:

I think when it comes to Stage Yellow systems thinking, there’s a lot of Stage Yellow leaders in activism that is causing a rise in Stage Green type followers listening to these types. That’s where you get terms like “systematic racism,” “systematic sexism,” “systematic homophobia/transphobia,” “systematic poverty,” “systematic injustice,” “systematic responses to climate change,” “systematic violence” and just “systematic inequality,” in general. You can just look up the word “systematic” + the social issue or “systemic + social issue” and “structural” + social issue, and you will often find something like this.

A lot of these Stage Yellow type politics are very recently coming into popular knowledge, and I recommend if you want a specific Stage Yellow interpretation of a social issue, you should search up the term. Though you’re more likely going to see this handled better in depth in books or at least 30-1 hour+ video essays on social activism on YouTube. Chances are if a YouTube leftist activist’s channel has videos as long as Leo, that means they have some kind of Stage Yellow to them, from what I gather. Of course, they’re not as popular as 5-10 minute type activism on YouTube, but chances are if a hippie has more attention span than the average hippie, they’re one of the fewer Stage Yellow leaders hanging about, even if they’re not very famous.

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