Understanding Impermanence

By Leo Gura - October 1, 2019 | 14 Comments

Why reality is always changing

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Farzad says:

Leo, I’m fascinated by your videos since 2014 and you’ve helped me a lot. I’m also sharing your videos with my friends

Regards from Iran

Joel says:

You mean LAW AND ORDER reruns will not go on forever?

Jo says:

I discovered actualized.org when you were on your 30 day solo retreat. And funny enough it was the time when you changed your image. Meaning slightly longer beard and going from black T-shirt to white shirt. Nevermind the enlightenment bit. But I do go back to watch your old releases and I can hardly recognize you. Was that really you, Leo?
Where you can take us donkeys?I am not scared I know now that you like animals.

Jimmy Feiling says:

All these geneticalists n victims will never leo

Jimmy Feiling says:


stephanie says:

I had the impression you did not enjoy making this video? Not that I care, just an observation. Lately I’ve been wondering “who” Leo is. Not in a spiritual sense…haha…just who really makes the videos, writes the script?!

Green eyed Epiphany He’s insensitive,smug,blunt,shallow and sexist to her often!
but he insisted to be involved in her dates with boys who truly love her for herself
He mocked her by copying her voice accurately in both male/female to persuade!
Her oldest sister told him she wants him to leave her alone with a boy she’ll date!
In a bath he daydreamed of her telling Ran to not interfere with her date with boy
He’s noticed her plural in her sentence!Unsure suspicious of her not caring of him!
Determined to ensure she & another boy don’t have time alone to love each other
He disobeyed a “private party” sign to kick a boy who’s face was only inches from
kissing her lips.He tried to ruin his reputation with lies of infidelity,Claims to be his
fiance to persuade her not to love him romantically,With convincing lies of his past
She seemed jealous of her.He interrupted him again before he can confess love to
her.Acts as a clingy jealous girl by distracting him with cold water thrown so he’d
be a pig.He tried to split them up after being a real girl to confuse boy from trying

Self-Proclaimed Love Interest He called Akane HIS FIANCE THREATENS TO KILL A
BOY WHO TRIED TO KISS HER LIPS(he never truly had any kiss with her because
Ranma or his fiance hurting him physically to ensure he can never touch her lips!)
He named her macho,manly,flat,fat,thick.dorky,sissy,idiot,savage,sexless,Uncute!
but he’ll tell men who want her as his bride,marry her,kiss her he will not let men
take her away from him.As a real girl He said he wouldn’t lie of her being his But
a man serious to love her as his bride for her authentic personality to help Remind
“her”,”She’s” a woman(1 of the memorable ideas in 1 of best mangas)She called
“her”NO BAKA! but “she” said not to worry about that Told him if he takes her He’l
DIE FROM HER BAD COOKING!”She” told “her” fiance nice to see her taste in men
isn’t changed!Is he mocking her to hide how jealous he’s felt of her being another
man’s bride?Fiance?”She” smugly apologized to “her” fiance her honeymoon with
another man’s over!Must be smug to understand how their mutaul love failed So?

He read Akane ,Kirin are to be married at sunset.He rips the paper invite of her marrying a different man.He planned a challenge to take her before she’s Taken!I
always Love watching,hearing Ranma jealous when a man’s romantically interestd
in her as his girlfriend/wife/bride/fiance! He was jealous of seeing any boy almost
kiss her lips in front of him!He flicked food on a 17 year old boy’s cheek after he’s
moving his lips to kiss her lips(She never had her first kiss before so how jealous
he’d react if he saw her being kissed by another man without tape,distractions So
I truly happy Ranma’s the only man who succeeded in kissing her lips without any
interruptions,One with tape’s funny earlier he kissed same boy who loves Akane I
never was interested in dating any man who wore hair in ponytail or Braid but Hes
1 exception why? he’s unpredictable,athletic,handsome,brave,strong,Successful,
Hilariously clumsy!Passionate,Open minded,Gentlemanly,Adaptable,Misunderstood
Compassionate,A tease,Serious,Worldly,Mysterious,Unparallelled,Memorable Cute!
His 1989 style’s the greatest art style for him,Traditional,flawed,Relatable,Humans

Akane Tendo says:

Why I like her hort hair’s hard to ruin compared to long hair No long hair issues!
Despite being jealous of Shampoo marrying Ranma She only cut red string becaus
She knew Ranma wasn’t honestly romantically interested in shampoo he acted of
obedience to a red thread connecting their fingers so after red string stayed long
enough to disappear to mind control Ranma to love Shampoo as a wife!Akane she
would’ve accepted their marriage if Ranma honestly wanted her without being any
victim of mind control! or any other blackmail ideas to make him without consent!
She never physically hurt Ranma when he never told her of dragon whisker Hairs!
She cut his hair properly tied his hair to 1 braid she never asked for any payment!
She tried all her effort to help Ranma feel comfortable with his hair when he’s sad
She’s only allowed Ranma to kiss her lips as a boy acting like a cat,1 tape kiss So
men who tried to kiss her either were pushed away by Akane or stoppedby Ranma
She tried her hardest to make her homemade special meal for Ranma She’s not
thrift She never took food for granted even if she failed to cook correctly before….
She forgave Ranma after she saw how he worried of her being lost after searching
just to help her feel comfortable in her home Hopposai should’ve been punished!!!
He pushed Ranma on purpose out Ranma had only his foot to stop falling forward!
my least favourite story because Akane meal’s not revealed to be edible Hopposai
stole his pickles in Akane’s home Ranma had to sacifice sleeping just to find her!A
disapointing ending Akane’s meals inedible for Ranma he ask her to run away!So
I’d prefer for Akane to be kidnapped by interesting villains,not knowing where to
go after living in a place she’s never been to before then She saves herself if can
or Ranma when she truly has no control from being lonely,sleeping,injured,Blind

Funniest 3 wish story Akane was given in her home a accurate stud of Kuno They
heard his recorded message asking Akane Tendo to kiss him,touch his cheek or do
anything she wished to him think of him said she’ll be lonely without his real body
told her to gave lovingly upon it until his real body returns Love how Ranma steps
on his stud as hard as he could on a table after he asks akane tendo to gave upon
lovingly until he returns to try kissing her lips,bestow on his stud loving kisses So
tender caresses Love their manga and anime reactions to his realistic stud maybe
Ranma was jealous of Akane spending more time with other men than him?Japan
voices and songs are unparallelled but most english voices are TSUMARANAI!Bad!

Max Gron says:

Truth varies according to a particular belief, if it’s the same belief it’s the same reality. I should keep believing what I believe because the truth changes by dropping religion. I don’t like realities of being mistreated. A thing is true because I saw it, I perceived it, it’s not proof. It’s frustrating trying to get the good from life. I’ll take my chances and let God be the devil, freezing himself, to me that’s not an evil thing. Puritanism wasn’t meant to be accepted belief, and what Leo says isn’t meant to be anything other than what’s serious.

Max the shithead says:

I think religion should be adopted and should be followed, bastardisation of religion? So I should make a religion up? Considering that religion’s a primitive teaching, I don’t know what to do, not to cling to things, clinging is the devil. It seems like it, but Leo is himself the devil, he clings to God, and he thinks he has the solution not to believe in evil, but he thinks certain things make you evil, that’s probably why evil things happen, I’ll listen to his teachings and not wind up like Leo, having no academic philosophy, he’s not what he could’ve been. If I was the religious person I was I would continue being religious. The reality is you bastardise philosophy if you don’t have a thinking philosophy by some teacher, the armchair type, Leo knows nothing about philosophy, philosophy is a belief to sit there thinking, it’s like that, as Leo put it, because everything’s a mind game. Philosophy’s a mind game to help you remember to see reality and life the way they taught it, what I think about TV is that it shouldn’t be used for drama or entertainment, I think Leo’s right what he said, that things shouldn’t be clinged to, the people who cling are afraid, that’s true, the people who keep believing are afraid, and as for those cowards, they’re willing to die for it. I very much think still, people should have routines.

Max the shithead says:

Why should I listen to such teachings? They’re not true, you can logic it, understand it intellectually, cling to it etc, Leo clings a lot, so he’s full of shit, he clings to God, spirituality, and logic, if Leo’s against being a devil, why is he the devil? Some teaching. He’s a false prophet, what Jesus taught, he did it himself, he loved his enemies and did good to those who persecuted him, but there’s a possibility he was lying, as I might be living a lie all my life, the lie is big, everyone thinks I’m lying, do you see a connection between reality and thinking? I do. As a Puritan I don’t catch myself lying. And about rationality, I have a rationality that doesn’t kill people, killing people is fucking rational!!! Is that good? No so fuck your rationality and this half-truth, it’s not based on fact, Leo won’t admit he’s wrong. Only religious thinking and the attachment of a national ideology are the truth, or are they? People think I lie to them, or lie to other people, there’s nothing more to say, an Englishman who’s a Christian is lying, I know very well of the structure of Christianity, lying is the structure, not the truth, the structure isn’t any different to Hinduism, also a lie, since men don’t have trunks, and the structure is no different to Islam, also a lie, based on a giant bird, and riding a flying horse, I rest my case, the content isn’t a lie but the structure is, so why should I live a life built on lies? The lies are getting bigger and more obvious, religion is ridiculous and out of place, it’s absurd, the founders are sad people if you think about it, Jesus being very different, that’s just sad!

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