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Meaning insight

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I was thinking about meaning lately as I do on and off for the past four years of doing contemplations. A very helpful and obvious insight came to me this morning. Thought I’d share just in case anyone thinks life has no meaning. 

So let’s take something smaller like sports. Your team is in the superbowl. For you it means excitement and entertainment and if they end up winning you also get happiness and a sense of being superior somehow to fans of other teams. In the end it means nothing really, but for a short amount of time it has meaning to you.

Now let’s take a much bigger (in a relative way). Let’s use war. War can give a huge amount of meaning to both the winning and losing side. In the end even whoever wins will cease to be and be conquered by another eventually. So on the end war does not matter. 

Now here was the insight. Life has meaning because just like how your human life has a start, so does meaning. So of course at some point the meaning will end. Meaning is required to make another meaning. All meaning has a start, so therefore it has an end. At the same time meaning always exists to the conceptual mind it just changed form to another meaning. 

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