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One Goal At A Time

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I have a question about goals. Recently I just realized I have too much of them. Of course I minimized the list to 3 most important goals for me for now, but that's not actually the question. The question is - should you focus all your energy on just one goal at a time? For example, for now I want to create one source of passive income for myself. I am 20 years old, I'm in relationship, I study psychology and I work. These are my most time consuming activities. In all of these areas I see a lot of room for improvement, but I don't feel and think that in these areas there is the most important goal I should be having now. 

On one hand I would like to improve myself in every area of my life. Financially, socially, healthwise, etc. But I know there's not enough time for it all.

On the other hand I love the feeling of being focused only on one goal. The feeling happens for example right before semester exams - that's when I put 100% of my efforts in the area of education. And it gives me massive results - I have 4.8 grade average after 1 year and it seems like it will happen this year too. It also makes me feel great, as I said - I just love the feeling of razor-sharp focus. Besides that I want to achieve mastery in what I do. 

I'm a very active person and I have million new ideas per minute, that's why I am not so sure about staying focused on just one goal. But I know I won't achieve anything significant without cutting off innecessary activities. How would you deal with that?

For example - now I seriously consider just focusing ONLY on building my passive income stream, but at the same time I have 1 offer connected with changing my job and one offer which is somehow 'temporary job' for 1 month, but I would get paid much more, like 3,5 times more than in my normal job. None of these offers reflect my main goal right now, but they are interesting...

While I know that you should work on just one habit at a time, I have troubles with this rule when we talk about goals. I have plenty of them, there are many things that interest me. But at the same time I want the feeling of razor focus and mastery. What's your advice?

Thank you!


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