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The truth is you're in control of your state of being & how good you deal with any situation - no matter what is is. 

You can mislead yourself - using your infinite intelligence to believe something is true - that is not really true. You only choose to believe it or trick yourself to believe it.

I literally made myself believe all kinds of stupid stuff, that I had not reason to believe & I was just buying into it, tricking myself into believing some crazy shit.

Become aware of your stupid or crazy beliefs or simply beliefs that don't serve you in any way & just actually go for the best beliefs possible beliefs you can - those are the most true bliefs & that's gonna reflect the best possible version of yourself & the best possible life.

On one of my acid trips - I actually felt that intelligence so intense and took it for god/reality - I just now realised, I was actually talking myself into the worst beliefs - so if you can do that and actually belief it - why not do the opposite & just have crazy positive beliefs about anything - and that will get your mood and life quality to a whole new level.


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