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Delayed ejaculation

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Guys, I have upgraded my problems

(if you look up my old posts you would know what I mean)

Here are couple of points:

  • First time we had sex I came in 2-3 minutes. It was nice
  • Second time I did not ejaculate. Felt almost nothing. She felt too wet as if there was not enough friction.
  • Third time same thing happened. She just finished me off by hand.
  • In this state I can have sex for 60-90 minutes or more. Endless penetration.
  • At first I thought it's because of the foreskin position. It isn't- I did some troubleshooting.
  • I used the same candoms in all instances.

If I masturbate, I come relatively fast.

Now I starting to feel a little bit uncomfortable while having sex.

Have you experienced this if so how did you fix the issue?

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