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Ivan Dimi

Creativity and the Path to Creative Flow in Business

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Hello everyone! As I run a creative business, I often face the challenge of balancing creativity with the everyday tasks of running a company. I've found that these two worlds often contradict and even work against each other. To manage both, it's almost as if you have to be two different people. Nonetheless, I want to share my insights on how I create a creative atmosphere for myself, even when it's not always easy:

The elusive source of inspiration, the Muse, cannot be forced. On the contrary, the more we try to force it, the more mechanical our ideas become and the Muse moves further away.

To foster creative flow, we should create optimal conditions for the Muse to feel welcome. A creative "bubble", a space without stress, material motivation, and distractions, is the ideal environment for the Muse to arrive. In this almost spiritual, timeless, and meditative "flow" state, we merge with our work and enter a world beyond the boundaries of the familiar.

There is no foolproof recipe for attracting the Muse. Instead, we should focus on avoiding conditions that repel it. These include material fears, greed, egocentric values, everyday stress and worries, and dealing with negative people. Another aspect I've discovered is the role of social media as creativity killers. The algorithms of social media reduce our consciousness to an almost animalistic level and awaken existential fears. The next generation may laugh at us for the impact we've had on the general consciousness of our civilization through social media. For me personally, this is one of the greatest disasters of consciousness ever.

Creating a creative atmosphere among creative people promotes the presence of the Muse. Inspirational places such as university libraries, lively cafes, or working on a train, where you can feel the dynamism of the world, can help. Personally, I find working at night to be the most creative. My mental state during the night is extremely calm, without any fears. It feels almost as if I am a different person at night. I believe this is because society is less active at night, and I feel less burden and energy from trivial societal problems. The night is, at least for me personally, an absolute creativity booster.

It's about elevating our consciousness beyond the trivial. There are various methods for this:

  1. Change places and atmosphere - work in a library, be on a train, or travel to other countries.
  2. Adjust your surroundings - avoid negative people, even if they are good friends or close relatives.
  3. Physical challenges - long meditations, hikes in nature, or cold exposure (e.g., cold baths, showers, the Wim Hof Method) can shake up our consciousness and invite the Muse.

Although I haven't tried any psychedelic substances yet, I can imagine that their responsible use could also raise consciousness and create an environment for creativity.

In conclusion, creativity, insights, and brilliant ideas cannot be forced. By creating the conditions that attract the Muse and avoiding those that repel it, we can unfold our creative potential and succeed in our creative business. This also means distancing ourselves consciously from harmful influences such as social media and focusing on inspiring environments. By taking the time to work into the night and enjoy the silence and tranquility, we can create an atmosphere where creativity thrives, and we can unleash our full potential.

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