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The Sound of Food and Plants

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Fluctuations in the food’s surface conductance are detected by @instruomodular Scion, which converts them to the usable voltage range of the synthesizer, and I have them patched to define all of the chords/notes/timbre on @qubitelectronix Chord v2, as well as the timing of the delay effect on Ghost.



Fluctuations in the plants surface conductance are detected with TENS cables and connected to the synth, where they are scaled to its usable voltage range. I have these signals patched to select between all common chord types and any notes within those chords. They also determine how often notes are played, the timbre of the sound, and the timing of the delay effect. So it’s set up to become somewhat musical no matter what, but the parameters are very open-ended, and as you can hear every plant definitely shows a certain personality!


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