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How to make a change - inner workings and principles of the mind

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Awareness Alone Is Curative - How To Auto-Correct Unwanted Behaviors 29:30 idea

Possible points that can be covered:

+ Importance of change

+ What is change?

+ emotions vs logical mind

+ Repetition of thoughts

+ going from an idea of changing to the realization of it.

+ Contemplation vs thinking

+ Role of the rational mind in the process of change

+ How to sustain awareness

+ Backsliding

+ Taking action and hoping that problems will autocorrect vs doing more passive approach (therapy, contemplation)

+ What determines default actions of the mind?(automatic behavior)

+ Conscious approach(will power/awareness) vs subconscious approach (where you visualize, do affirmations) for change?

+ Misconceptions about how to change

+ Role of goal setting for change

+ What is actually happening when person tries to change?









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