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Guru Peter Jordanson

I am dumb but I know something

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So I have finally acknowledged that I am below average on many things according to my age in contrast with other people. (Height, weight, intelligence, strength, success etc.)

Then I know a few things for a fact that will surprise the unexperienced:

1. There is life after bodily death.

( Have exited the body and all my senses were without separation. Seems like the individuated couscioussness is learning from the human body. My bodily vehicle looked very impersonal like a physical object I pass by everyday without noticing)

2. There is such thing as couscioussness that pervades everything in existence.

( Had a satori moment many years ago inwhich i saw this reality. Still am very slowly leaarning the aspects of it)

3. There is a abundant and intelligent lifeforms existing outside earth.

(This is a difficult thing to explain at this point. Probably this will be the next big thing on the news someday in our lifetime. Some occultist acknowledge that every planet is meant to evolution biological/spiritual lifeforms. Thus some of them are way out ahead of humanity and others are still starting to know couscioussness.)


Just posting things that I experienced and now know for a fact. I do not need to prove or give evidence to these claims, as I know someday you will know that this or some similar stuff is the truth. Maybe this should be on the spiritual side of the forum. Happy new year to you.

Clean your mind

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