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For those like me that are struggling with finding gf with bad looks. 

Background - I am 25yo male struggling with dating. Phisically I have mega-wide hips and mega-narrow shoulders, have child like face which makes me look like a girl in a way and conventionally very unattractive. Ou, and I started to get bald in a last two months... I feel very insecure and i am aware of those traits. Often when get laughed at or after unsuccessful date I ll use porn to cope with my 'hopeless' phisical situation...

But! Today something marvelous happened. I was riding subway back home and saw simmilar looking dude across the wagon. He was also in his mid-20s, balding, had mega wide hips, quite narrow shoulders, also child-like face. And. To my biggest surprise he was hugging and kissing I suppose his gf. She was very cute, very lovely. They were in deeeeeep affection. And man...

Whem I saw simmilar to me looking dude in this kind of love situation I got really happy and even more hopeful and motivated to drop porn completely as a coping strategy, take more action, not hide my traits and face the fact that finding gf even with such genes is doable ??? Less porn watching and more action towards intimatcy, playfullness and relationships ?❤️?

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Main point is a simple observation: even a guy with bad genes can find love (lol, its cliche, but when I saw this in reality it amazed me)


As a side note i mentioned that I sometimes watch porn, and that it is more of a coping strategy for compensating lack of relationships and unfullfilled sexual needs. When I saw that dude in a subway with his gf, it gave me hope for the possibility of what can happen and in result it motivated me to stop using porn and engage more in social activities and dating :)

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