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This is what I know. That is what I understand.

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I plugged 25mg of 5MEO DMT HCL an hour ago just now and I wanted to share an insight I had. I kept repeating phrases that I wanted to remember until I wrote them down. What I ended up writing down in this order is "we know this but we want to understand" "this is all we know that is what I understand" "this is what I know. That is what I understand" 

"This" that I am referring to is the focus of your attention. It is the present experience. I have a strong desire to understand but all I can know is "this." All understanding is imaginary and can never be anything like "this." The difference between knowing and understanding is really bigger than I thought. This is what I know everything else is my understanding, also my imagination. It seems like the desire to understand can be a good source of motivation to do new things and read, contemplate, meditate. I really want to understand what chakras are, how understanding works, how everything works. I think the best way to go about this is to build my understanding off of direct experience as much as possible. If I learn something that seems to be true, I should try to verify it in direct experience so that I can "know it" and make the understanding aligned at least with the memory of "this."

I pretty much just wanted to write my thoughts down during the end of this trip and I wanted to share in case anyone found it interesting/useful. 

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