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A Poem by Yunus, a Sufi Mystic

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I am before, I am after

The soul for all souls all the way.

I'm the one with a helping hand

Ready for those gone wild, astray.


I made the ground flat where it lies,

On it I had those mountains rise,

I designed the vault of the shies,

For I hold all things in my sway.


To countless lovers I have been

A guide for faith and religion.

I am sacrilege in men's hearts

Also the true faith and Islam's way.


I make men love peace and unite;

Putting down the black words on white,

I wrote the four holy books right

I'm the Koran for those who pray.


It's not Yunus who says all this:

It speaks its own realities:

To doubt this would be blasphemous:

"I'm before-I'm after," I say.


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