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[Online program] The Toltec Legacy - Theun Mares [8/10]

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The Toltec Legacy

Theun Mares has taken off where Carlos Castaneda left off, creating a practical path of personal power, freedom, and heart. His spirituality is of the life-affirming kind - a little like a western Vajrayana. It is a warrior's path, where one goes from being a victim (at the mercy of what happens around us), to becoming a victor through taking full responsibility for our lives, and working with our challenges to strengthen ourselves. Part of the path is learning to re-embody and re-own our repressed feelings and emotions, using feelings and intuition as a guide for our lives. One also learns how to change and dismantle one's view of the world. In a sense it combines Jung's heart, with a warrior's efficacy.


Most of the Teachings have now been made available for free, but it is also possible to subscribe to become a member of a community of Warriors, fighting to become spiritual warriors.



I quote:



Our relationships seem to bring more and more challenges nowadays. Why is this? What can we do to improve our relationships? The Toltec teachings show how, by addressing and improving the relationship that we have with ourself, we can begin to transform all our other relationships and experience true openness, warmth and love.

Conflict is a major issue in people's lives, especially when it comes to difficult relationships. The Toltec teachings show how we can look afresh at the conflicts that come into our lives and deal with them constructively and effectively.

Our tendency to blame others is one of the main barriers to achieving success, fulfilment and joy in our lives. The Toltec teachings show how we can stop blaming others - as well as ourselves - for the events in our lives. By learning how to identify when we are resorting to blame and guilt, we can let go of our past, however bad or difficult it might have been. Through being able to let go of the past and move on - without guilt or blame - we are able to open the doorway to a new future, and to the chance of creating a solid foundation for lasting happiness and joy in our lives.

How much fear have you or your community been experiencing recently? With the onset of terror and war, as well as falling economies, there is a lot of fear permeating to the deepest levels of our lives at the moment. Many people feel extremely anxious and are asking themselves; "What can I possibly do, in the face of all this uncertainty and turmoil out there?"

When we are confronted with any extremes of events or reactions to events, it is easy for us to feel out of control, powerless and victimised. However, none of these options are going to help us very much. The Toltec teachings show how we can learn to avoid feeling helpless, how we can take charge of the events in our lives so that we no longer feel so powerless. The first step is to discover how to handle fear.

The Toltec teachings are about learning to find hope in a world which shows so little hope. They are about discovering value, when it seems to you that you have no value. They are about learning to believe in yourself enough to discover that your life is an adventure, that you do have a purpose that makes you unique, and that once you have found this purpose your life suddenly takes on meaning.


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