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How to educate myself in this fields

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I am trying to find my life purpose, so I thought I would commit to learning skills/hobbies for at least 1 month and see if I find something interesting.

My first month has been dedicated to programming, 3h a day, since I am finishing my business degree (studying this was probably the worst decision of my life).

The thing is I am really enjoying it and I want to take my skills further. I have been studying with Udacity free programs and would like to educate myself  in something like: Data analyst, Data scientist, AI engineer... or something alike.

From what I have seen Udacity courses are not as good as they used to be. I'm trying to find an online platform or a boot camp where I can learn about this stuff while building a good portfolio, ideally it has partnership with tech companies and good reputation, so I can get into a job after I finish. The thing is there are many options and I have no idea who is offering the good stuff. 

I can spend some money, so if I have to pay more to get a better education, I have no problem with that.

I am sure some of you know about these topics and can provide some guidance. TY in advance.

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