Acceptance of Now vs doing something about it

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So , I am currently confused about a spiritual teaching, maybe someone else ran into a similar situation, the two schools of thought kinda contradicts each other in my understanding and I am confused what should be done here, 

firstly, as Ekkart tolle says acceptance of the current moment , as is, is the key 

secondly, lets say if you feel , you need to get better at something and then, u think u might be happier , being ‘that’ way. You could make a plan and work towards it.

The situation could be applied at any part of your life( money/ relationships) etc

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Accepting the now is not the same thing as doing nothing.

You can accept that you will read a book for 2 hours or that you will work on a project for 6 months.

Or else "accepting the now" would be distorted to fully engaging in toxic behavior like eating whatever, saying what you want to everyone, sleeping all day long, playing video games and stuff like that.

As we all (should) know, those things are usually done to ESCAPE from something.

Do you have to write some report? 

Step 1 - Imagine how painfully boring this will be.

Step 2 - Resist by engaging in some sort of procrastination.

Step 3 - Lie to yourself by believing you are being "Zen".


In reality, "accepting the now" should work like this:

Step 1 - Focus on what you have in front of you.

Step 2 - Do what you have to do (like writing the report) without resisting it.


If you are fully present, you won't even have painful visualizations of the future or past.

You are here. If you feel some discomfort, you accept it, breathe, let it flow through you, and keep doing what you are supposed to do. 

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