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Making sense of my life

1 post in this topic i''ll be recalling and reflecting my memories from the most eraliest i can remember. I really hate to writte stuff, but I want to do this so that i can understand and see my life pattern. It might be a bit chaotic since im not very orderly type of person lol

My first memory was when i was small child (idk exactly the age, could be 4 years). Interestingly when i remember myself at that time, i was just as conscious as i am now. I guess in terms of awareness nothing has changed. So i was with my mother, she was taking me for a walk or something i think we were supposed to go by bus somewhere. Anyway i remember i was very thirsty so i asked my mother for something to drink, she had a small bottle of water but there wasnt enough water to satisfy my thirst. I asked for more water, i remember i experienced so much thirst i couldnt tolerate it and started to cry and feel aweful within myself, my mother didnt know what to do, she seemed desperate and angry and told me to be patient, eventually we went to a caffeteria and she bought me an orange juice. So i felt better. 

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