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I have been into meditation for almost 6 years now, meditating every day and I love it.

Meditation practice changed my life in a way I would never imagine.

I became a more grounded, observant, stronger and less reactive person.

It really made me realize how neurotic I was and helped me deal with that tremendously.

I'm about to start helping people as a Life Coach, Therefore I am trying to find out what kind of problems people face when it comes to inner groundedness.

I would really appreciate if you would like to share your experience ?

My questions are:

  1. What are the 2 biggest obstacles you see regarding maintaining a healthy, low-stress, balanced lifestyle? (Meditation related or not)
  2. Regarding your inner peace, and life-balance what would you wish for more than anything else?


Let's discuss!

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I'd say not being grounded in yourself, that is not knowing who you are or what you want to achieve, is a big obstacle because most people sort of rush through life having forgotten one critical question that is who are you. Otherwise you're left wandering through life because you don't know your place in this world.

Not doing introspection is definitely an obstacle. 

Regarding peace, that comes from within. Most people don't have it because their lives are grounded on fear. 


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