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Homebrew Ayahuasca, Ouroboros & Leaving The Forum

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It's been a ride.

From the first moment I purged to the last breath I experienced. 

My friend and I went to a cold March forest to prepare a homebrew Ayahuasca from caapi and viridis. We had dried 100g of each, and although it wasn't enough for a full-fledged experience nor visions, it was breathtaking. Report.

On 7/3/2020 I was really breathing for the first time. The body took over and showed me the way; breathing for me. It was the deepest and cleanest air intake I ever experienced. I realized that every cell in my body was alive, every microorganism, and I was no more important than them. The word I is merely a control that does not exist. I realized, while I was looking for happiness I would never find it. What I really want, I already have. I don't need passive income and I don't need time to fill the days with nothing. I just want to live with passion and do what I really want. Though I didn't have much visual hallucinations, my mind was seeing clearly. I was connected to a universal tunnel. 

It's been 24 hours and I realized I went full-circle. Now it is time to integrate, work on my life and dissolve my activity here for reasons I have. I may return to writing books or running my old YouTube channel where I wrote stories. I will explore and work towards my life purpose, although more warm-heartedly and appreciative for my present. For running water, for ants, for sun, for seeing the other side. I will continue in spirituality and in developing understanding. In my life purpose, I stated that I am an explorer, and that my purpose was to explore - but now I feel like I have seen the snake and there are no hills, galaxies and visuals to explore anymore, because I ate them all. It's just a matter of where I want to be now, because I can choose. 

I'll hang around for a few days if anyone had questions, tips or something to say.

Take care, much love, see you soon again.



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