The Wanderling, Unknown Zen Master?

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Hi everyone:)

Have any of you gone on the website ""?

If so, what is your take on it?

I find it to be quite a maze, and I believe it was made so on purpose by this "Wanderling" :P

Anyway, this website is still a real mystery to me.

But I still find myself pulled by it somehow and was wondering if any of you guys were familiar with the website :)


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The Wanderling played a big role in my quest. Some things he writes resonate more than others in my personal interactions with his material. Nevertheless, some dramatic changes occurred because of this.

His unmatched elusiveness brings even more credit to the vast web of experiences he relates to.

For those who may be interested in knowing more about this, please click on the following link. It's a clear example of his style and overall approach to things zen and not.

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