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The Importance of Surrender

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In your late videos on spirituality, you regularly make statements along the lines of "you are consciousness" or "God is your true nature". For me, this statement has had some problematic consequences, which is that it tricked my egotistical self into thinking that it is somehow grande or perfect and that it needs to become the "perfect being".

This notion of being god has kept me stuck for quite a while, and only after carefully reading and contemplating about SantataGamana's stance about absolute non-duality have I come to realize that this desire for achieving higher levels of consciousness was actually just feeding my ego, preventing me from actually spiritually advancing.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall hearing you talk about the importance of surrender in your videos. I'm genuinely curious. What are your thoughts on this topic and do you have plans to make a video about it?

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